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Examples of "luminary"
Ancient astrologers divided all astrological factors into day and night groups: essential dignities, Arabian Parts (or "Lots") and all planetary characteristics. Even each of the Starry planets themselves "belonged" to one luminary or the other. The luminary "in charge" of any given chart was called the luminary of sect. (See sect.)
He was honoured by Indesign Magazine as a luminary.
Otunba Sir. Olu Awotesu - Federal Minister of Agriculture, Legal Luminary
Other Luminary Group clients included Johnny Unitas, Josh Gibson, Art Donovan, Raymond Berry and Sam Snead.
In 2011 Mark hosted the first annual NATPE Digital Luminary Awards in Miami, Florida.
In 2010, Parr was named a "Technology Industry Trendsetter, Luminary & Chronicler" by the Public Relations Society of America.
In 2013, Margulis received the Leadership Luminary Award from the Radiology Leadership Institute of the American College of Radiology.
Luminary Group's executives have also provided expert witness testimony, valuations or consulting in relation to lawsuits concerning the following:
On July 23, 2013, Misery Signals released "Absent Light", with the first single "Luminary" being released twenty days earlier.
Tolentino engaged in the practice of law after passing the bar in 1934, and was a recognized legal luminary.
In addition, Insigniam partners and consultants were recognized with the 2014 HBA’s Luminary and Rising Star awards.
The Sun was also the "sect" ruler—or the "luminary of sect" for all charts of events and individuals born in the daytime, when the Sun was over the horizon; and the Moon was the "sect" ruler or "luminary of sect" for night charts, when the Sun was below the horizon.
The Sun is the luminary of sect in a day chart (where the Sun is above the horizon) and the Moon is the luminary of sect in a night chart (when the Sun is below the horizon.) This distinction was crucial in determining the location of the astrological Lots--especially in Hellenistic astrology.
Park's newspaper was raided by a pro-slavery mob on April 14, 1855, and the printing press was thrown in the Missouri River. Park was in Polistra at the time closing a deal to turn over the town into a newly named Boston, Kansas to be run members by members of abolitionist New England Emigrant Aid Company (who in turn would rename it Manhattan). The "Parkville Luminary," a newspaper based on the original "Luminary", began publishing again in 2004. The newspaper's first issue contained unpublished letters from Park's last issue and frequently reprints Park's own editorials from the original "Luminary".
In September 2015, Meyers was honored with a Luminary Award by the Pasadena Symphony for her long-standing support of the Pasadena Symphony.
Kelley also appeared in at least one radio drama, "Suspense", where series producer William M. Robson introduced him as "a bright new luminary in the Hollywood firmament".
MonashHeart became a luminary site for the 320-slice Toshiba Aquilion One CT scanner in September 2008, the first health service to do so in the southern hemisphere.
On May 17, 2010 he was presented with the very first Luminary Award from the New York Innovative Theatre Awards for his work Off-Off-Broadway.
"ControlTV" was awarded Digital Luminary Award from the National Association of Television Program Executives (NAPTE) and receiving an Honorable Mention during the 2011 Webby Awards.
In its history, Atlanta has had many other daily and weekly newspapers, starting with its first weekly, "The Luminary" (1846), and its first daily, the "Daily Intelligencer" (1849).