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Examples of "lushy"
Kuzhimattom is filled with lushy green vegetation, beautiful paddy fields, brooks and streams. The Kuzhimattom Thodu (a stream) is famous in the locality.
The initial "Billboard" magazine review from February 6, 1961 commenting that "The indomitable tenor stylist performs in front of a full bank of strings and with a robust rhythm section on this set of lushy blues standards."
The Peruaçu river runs throughout the internal area of the cave and is also a major attraction. The vegetation outside the cave is lushy with trees measuring up to 60 meters tall.
St.Mary's Higher Secondary school is situated amidst the lushy green paddy fields of Vickramasingapuram, in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu, close to Papanasam and Lower dam. It was started by the brothers of Sacred Heart of Jesus (SHJ). The school was founded by Rev.Father Caussanal. The brothers also run various schools in the Tamil Nadu .
Working with Diverse Media Group, LLC, SB1 Clothing has increased their media visibility and online presence. The StrictlyBumpOne Radio Show began in March 2009, hosted by Darryl "Bump" Bumpass, Ms. Suzzie, Lushy Lush and MJ. The StrictlyBumpOne motto is "It's not just fashion, it is a lifestyle."
Lugarno was named after Lake Lugano, Switzerland by surveyors Major Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell (1792-1855) and William Govett (1807-1848) in 1843. An extra 'r' was added for the suburb name. Thomas Lawrence was granted of land in 1831, on the western side of the peninsula near Salt Pan Creek. Land grants to the east and north were made in 1856 to T.G.Lee with , Frewin Sleath with , John Lushy with and J.P. Henning with .
There are many hamlets surrounding the place. Few of them being: Sankainakodige, Saraluthota, Sakrebailu, Malligemane, Haralugodige, Kaginolli, Ambalike, Guddekoppa. This Malnad village has lushy green, idyllic environment. Large proportion of the population is reliant on agriculture and other allied activities. Arecanut , a cash crop, is the main crop grown. Other cultivated crops are paddy, Banana, cardamom, Pepper, rubber, vanilla, coconut. The families with more agricultural land are the prominent ones & they are the ones who enjoy both economical & political power. However, no caste discrimination or economic exploitation of severe degree is observed in the village.Vokkaliga community has the highest population followed by Brahmins & lingayath Community.The village also has sizeable Muslim community. The village has great communal harmony. People of all faiths gather together in celebrations of village fair and other festivals. Furthermore, all caste groups and communities are interdependent on each other.