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pjesme              zapisi              knjige              djelo              srpskih              istoka              pesme              pesmi              ptice              pesni              listovi              zemlje              povijesti              lirika              knjiga              zgodbe              gospodina              bajka              slike              starog              pozdrav              akademije              vrane              proze              pisma              stvari              rapsodija              povodom              prvih              putovanje              nolit              dalmacije              eseji              srpskoj              beogradu              portreti              bosni              smrti              cankarjeva              beograda              sudbina              umjetnost              jesen              poezije              spomen              kolekcija              pjesmarica              muchy              filozofija              hrvatskog             

Examples of "lutanja"
Their debut single, released by PGP-RTB in 1971, featured "Zvuk tišine" as the single B-side, whereas the A-side was yet another Simon & Garfunkel cover version, "Cecilia". At the time, they had also established a good relationship with Radio Belgrade, often performing live in the studio during the evening program, as well as the television shows "Serija koje nema" ("A Series that is Gone") and "Pozdravite sve kod kuće" ("Say Hello to Everyone at Home"). With Marković's songs, the duo also appeared at the major Yugoslav popular music festivals: the 1973 Opatija festival, with the song "Dok te gledam" ("While I am Looking at You"), the 1973 Festival Omladina, with the song "Lutanja" ("Wanderings") and the 1974 Belgrade Spring festival, with the song "Novi svet" ("New World"). Following the release of a four track EP "Dok te gledam", the songs "Lutanja" and "Novi svet" were released on single by PGP-RTB in 1973.
The Society has launched its newsletter "Pozornica" (Позорница, English: "Stage"), which was published periodically since 1975. It also launched the editions "Tribune of Poetry" (Трибина поезије / Tribina poezije) and "Mass culture and arts" (Масовна култура и уметност / Masovna kultura i umetnost), in which the most important published book was the university textbook "Mass communications" (Масовне комуникације / Masovne komunikacije) of Dr. Petar Ljubojev (in 1996). In the edition "Tribune of Poetry", the collections of poems of Mladen Dražetin the "Dream Sorrow" ("Туга сна" / "Tuga sna") (1974) and "After Vagabondage" ("После лутања" / "Posle lutanja") (1981) were published.
In 1994, the band released the album "Verujem ti jer smo isti" ("Very Similar Indeed We are so I Believe You"), in a new lineup featuring backing vocalists Danica Milovanov "Daca" and Jovanka Ilić, guitarist Dragan Knežević, bassist Ljubomir Pejić (a former Vrisak Generacije member) and drummer Vladimir Cinkocki (a former Goblini and Generacija Bez Budućnosti member). With an effective cover done by Talenat and the production done by the band themselves, the band continued working in the same musical direction as on the previous releases. Important songs from the album were "ABCD avioni" ("ABCD Airplanes") and "Ruža lutanja" ("Rose of Wandering"), the latter featuring a recitative by the conceptual artist Miroslav Mandić, the creator of a project of walking around Europe on foot. During the same year, the song "Nebo, nebo plavo je" appeared on the various artists compilation album "Radio Utopia", released by B92.
In 2002, the album "Ako nisam dobra, šta ćemo onda?" ("And What Do We Do If I Am Not Good?"), beside the new songs, featured another miniature done by Miroslav Mandić from his book "Ruža lutanja" ("Rose of wandering"). The album received a special critical recognition by the famous disc jockey John Peel who had included the song "Uživaj u ludilu nekih malih stvari" ("Enjoy in the Madness of Small Things") on the BBC Radio playlist. During the same year, the song "Reforma u vašoj glavi" ("A Reform in Your Head") appeared on the Metropolis Records various artists compilation "Metropolis vol. 2". The following year, the band performed as an opening act for Placebo at the Belgrade Sports' Hall.