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Examples of "lutz"
Prize Bertha Lutz (Diploma Woman-Citizen Bertha Lutz)
Chow was born Bettina Louise Lutz in Lakeview, Ohio. Her father, Walter Edmund Lutz, was an American of German descent, while her mother, Mona Lutz (née Furuki), was Japanese. Walter Lutz met Mona Furuki on Christmas Day 1945, while serving with the United States Army in occupied Japan. Chow's sister is actress Adelle "Bonnie" Lutz.
Lutz was born in New York City, the daughter of a Japanese mother, Mona Lutz and a German father, Walter E. Lutz. Her sister is model Tina Chow. Lutz was married to David Byrne. Together they have a daughter, Malu Abeni Valentine Byrne, born in 1989. Lutz and Byrne divorced in 2004.
Ramsahoye married Phyllis Gwendolyn Lutz, the daughter of Richard Benjamin Lutz of South Australia.
Vera Constance Lutz, Smith, (1912–1976) was a British economist. She was married to German economist Friedrich Lutz.
The specific name "gualteri" honors Gualter Adolpho Lutz, brother of Bertha Lutz who described the species. Lutz thanks him for collecting many of the specimens as well as color photographs.
The specific name, "lutzi", is in honor of Adolfo Lutz of the Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, who collected the type specimen, upon which Miranda-Ribeiro based his new species description. Adolfo Lutz was the father of Brazilian herpetologist Bertha Lutz.
Lutz was the kickoff specialist during the 2012 season and became the placekicker after four games. At the end of the 2012 season, Lutz made 4-of-7 (57%) field goals and was a perfect 18-for-18 on extra points. Lutz attempted his first field goal against William & Mary. Lutz kicked a season-long 40-yard field goal against Rhode Island.
With the assistance of an NYPD officer, Chief Stone interrogates Lorrie in her apartment and records the interview. She confirms that she was once married to Lutz. Stone asks her if Lutz could have held onto resentment concerning this and led him to kill Weeks. She seems to ponder it and then confesses that she believes Lutz could be the killer. Back in Paradise, Jesse confronts Lutz with the tape of his ex-wife’s accusation, and Lutz leaves the station without a word.
Lutz was named the punter as well midway through the 2014 season. Phil Steele named Lutz to the Midseason All-Sun Belt first team. Lutz finished the 2014 season kicking 7-for-8 (88%) on field goals and 35-for-35 on extra points. Lutz averaged 39.0 yards on 16 punts. Lutz kicked a 26-yard game-winning field goal with 4 seconds left to lift GSU to a 38–37 victory over Abilene Christian in the 2014 season-opener.
Lutz was born November 9, 1915 in Freeland, Michigan to German immigrants Friederich Georg Lutz and Margaretha Sybilla Lutz from Gunzenhausen, in Franconia, Germany. Lutz grew up bilingual, a native English and German speaker, which would later maker her an asset during World War II.
Lutz was born in Milan, the daughter of Elliston Lutz (b. July 1, 1959) and Maria Licci (b. January 26). She has an old brother, Martin Perry Lutz (b. January 18), and a young half-brother, Alexey Lutz (b. August 6, 2001).
After returning to Knoxville, Lutz taught painting out of a studio located in the Kern Building on Market Square. She married entrepreneur John Edwin Lutz (1854–1920) in a large ceremony at Knoxville's Second Presbyterian Church on February 10, 1886. Their home, Westwood, which stands on land given to Lutz by her father, was completed in 1890. The house's design incorporated a studio and gallery for Lutz, which she would often open to visitors in subsequent years. The Lutzes had two children, Louise Lutz Holloway and Edwin Rowland Lutz.
Sesganov is the first European skater to have landed a quadruple lutz jump in a sanctioned competition. He has also practiced quad lutz - triple toe loop combination.
The Fantastic Ordinary World of Lutz Rathenow: Poems, Plays & Stories, by Lutz Rathenow, is a book of poems, plays and stories written originally in German.
Alois Lutz (1898-1918) was an Austrian figure skater. He invented the Lutz jump. He performed it for the first time in competition in 1913.
The specific name, "lutzii", is in honor of Brazilian physician and herpetologist Adolfo Lutz, who was the father of Bertha Lutz.
Lutz and his wife were long-time members of the Mont Pelerin Society, and Lutz was its president from 1964 to 1967.
Arthur Ashe and Robert Lutz were the defending champions, but Ashe did not participate this year. Lutz partnered Stan Smith, losing in the semifinals.
What is today the "Spessart-Brauerei" was founded in 1809. In 1884, the Lutz family took it over. "Lutz-Brauerei" received its current name in 1975.