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chrey              boeng              pongro              sangkae              preaek              ruessei              samraong              kouk              trapeang              andoung              angk              thmei              stueng              thlok              thnal              knong              khpos              chrum              kbal              chhuk              kaoh              paoy              khnar              chambak              phnum              veaeng              damrei              krouch              kraom              kaeut              beung              kaev              rumduol              tuek              trabaek              sambour              praek              damnak              tnaot              tumnob              tbaeng              kakaoh              slaeng              kandaol              krasang              khvav              khsach              srey              tboung              thnong             

Examples of "lvea"
Lvea is a khum (commune) of Bavel District in Battambang Province in north-western Cambodia.
Lvea Aem District () is a district ("srok") of Kandal Province, Cambodia. The district is subdivided into 15 communes ("khum") and 43 villages ("phum").
Many Cambodian farmers weave baskets (Khmer: tbanh kantrak) for household use or as a supplemental source of income. Most baskets are made of thinly cut bamboo. Regions known for basketry include Siem Reap and Kampong Cham. Mat weaving (tbanh kantuel) is a common seasonal occupation. They are most commonly made from reeds, either left a natural tan color or dyed in deep jewel tones. The region of Cambodia best known for mat weaving is the Mekong floodplain, especially around Lvea Em district. Mats are commonly laid out for guests and are important building materials for homes. Wicker and rattan crafts (tbanh kanchoeu) made from dryandra trees are also significant. Common wicker and rattan products include walls, mats, furniture, and other household items.
The Japanese government granted the appeal and the construction plan and environmental impact study were estimated to be completed by the end of 2007. Construction was scheduled to begin 12 February 2011 and cost $118 million. Later it was slated for completion by 2012. The Neak Loeung Bridge, spanning over 2 kilometers, will become Cambodia's longest bridge once completed in early 2015. The bridge is set to be ready for traffic before the Khmer New Year in April 2015. It will link two provinces: Kandal and Prey Veng provinces, and is only 61 kilometres southeast of Phnom Penh. Transport Minister Tram Iv Tek said that originally, the government had a plan to send the ferries to the Lvea Em dock [near Phnom Penh]. "It seems that it would not make a profit, so if there is a private [company] that wants to rent them, we will do that,” he said.