Synonyms for lwiza or Related words with lwiza

msyani              nathandra              kibowen              easker              agyepong              charvetto              manioru              byabagambi              mokoka              kwalia              anzrah              rwamuhanda              chappory              dadzie              sigei              magut              ngeno              kapmatana              morapedi              eunson              yambasu              spainhour              brizzell              greaux              ertzgaard              dondertman              kasinda              bagalay              caverly              wartique              shanieka              shabangu              dipuccio              dossetor              iroga              naliali              molisingi              ahey              fibbens              imhoaperamhe              fennessy              owoeri              hencken              lahnsteiner              kwofie              mwathiwa              nausien              mwesigwa              isabirye              ogola             

Examples of "lwiza"
Lwiza Msyani John (born December 19, 1980 in Dar-es-Salaam) is a Tanzanian athlete who mainly competes in the 800 metres. Her personal best is 1:59.58 minutes, achieved in 2000.
On 18 February 2017, the "Grand Séminaire de Malole" (Great Seminary of Malole) in Kananga was ransacked by Kamwina Nsapu militants. It was the first time they attacked a Roman Catholic target. Shortly after the attack, both Félicien Mwanama Galumbulula, the Bishop of Lwiza, and Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya, the Archbishop of Kinshasa, condemned the violence, and Justin Milonga, the vice governor of Kasaï-Central, called for the Kamwina Nsapu fighters to negotiate with the government. MONUSCO troops also toured Nganza and Malole in Kananga to calm the situation.