Synonyms for lyrikk or Related words with lyrikk

bryllup              samfunn              frihet              firmaskovturen              diktning              politisk              widstrand              nogle              poesi              enligt              efterretninger              vitenskap              dikt              perspektiv              utvalg              testamente              naturen              historisk              teori              handbok              dagbok              hundre              boktryckeri              historien              forlag              gyldendalske              poeten              blandt              skjulte              omkring              filmen              bonniers              magiske              hvorfor              julefrokosten              fransk              samfunds              hvordan              hemmelighed              forlaget              nathansens              filosofiske              historiske              psykologi              joakims              samfund              stifts              myter              udvalgte              norstedts             

Examples of "lyrikk"
Among his books are "Dagen og natten" (1939), "Oslostreif" (1949) and "Oktobernetter" (1971). He edited the poetry anthology "Norsk lyrikk. Mellomkrigstiden" (1966).
Ustvedt took his examen artium in 1946, and after studies at the University of Oslo, he became a cand.philol. in 1955. While being a student, he chaired the Norwegian Students' Society, in 1954. He lectured on Norwegian language and literature at the Sorbonne from 1958 to 1961. His doctoral thesis was a work on Henrik Wergeland, "Det levende univers: En studie i Henrik Wergelands natur-lyrikk" (1964). He was a literary critic for the newspaper "Dagbladet" from 1958 to 1978, and for "Verdens Gang" from 1987. He worked for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), sporadically from 1949, and regularly from 1965 to 1987. He mainly produced programs on literature, culture and contemporary history. He wrote more than seventy books, including a series of four volumes on the history of Norway, "Det skjedde i Norge" (1978–1993). He wrote several books on the history of the labour movement, such as "Opprørere" from 1973, "Karl Marx" from 1976, and "De store anarkister" and "De utopiske sosialister" (both from 1977). He wrote books about World War II, both on everyday life in Norway, and the fate of mentally disordered people in Nazi Germany. He published a biography on Henrik Wergeland in 1994.