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paumen              maaike              ineke              annelies              janneke              aafke              mieke              nienke              marjolein              moniek              lieke              imke              marije              marijke              maike              annemieke              carlijn              lisanne              evelien              hendrika              hanneke              couwenberg              grietje              lonneke              pepijn              lidewij              paulien              kristien              tineke              willemijn              annelie              ewout              gretha              katrien              hurnet              wikkerink              keulstra              myrthe              niek              veerle              marijn              achtereekte              carien              keijzer              marieke              berghmans              floortje              schopman              kamiel              manouk             

Examples of "maartje"
Boudeling is the creator and namesake of the culinary competition for the "De Zilveren Oester/Maartje Boudeling Trofee" (Eng.: The Silver Oyster/Maartje Boudeling Trophy), awarded since 2006.
8. Vanwege Maartje ("Because of Maartje"): a female politician tries to obstruct her colleague when she is invited by the TV show "Nova".
- 1998: "Koken tussen de Scheldes". Recipes Maartje Boudeling, text Fon Zwart.
"Maartje Theadora", a large fishing trawler, was retrofitted with a kite rig in 2010.
New Babylon visually captured by Constant's son Victor Nieuwenhuijs and Maartje Seyfert.
Carlien is lesbian and had a relationship with her national team-mate Maartje Paumen.
Kees and Maartje Boudeling sold the restaurant in 2001 to Claudia and Jannis Brevet, formerly owners of Helianthushof in Uden.
1353 Maartje (1935 CU) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on February 13, 1935, by Hendrik van Gent at Johannesburg.
Maartje is a Dutch feminine given name, a diminutive of the names Maria and Martina. People with the name include:
Maartje Offers (27 February 1891, Koudekerk (aan den Rijn) – 28 January 1944, Tholen) was a Dutch contralto classical singer.
Maartje Boudeling (Yerseke, 29 January 1939) is a retired head chef, known for her cooking in the Michelin starred restaurant Inter Scaldes in Kruiningen, Netherlands.
Maartje Nevejan (born in Utrecht, Netherlands) is a Dutch documentary filmmaker, best known for multimedia productions like "14 and one stations", "Couscous & Cola". and "The National Canta Ballet"
- 1998: "Zilt en Zoet. Zeeuwse zaligheden uit de keuken van Inter Scaldes". Recipes Maartje Boudeling, text Jan Lagrouw, photos Kees Hageman.
The asteroid was named after Maartje (Nin) Maria Lindenburg Mekking (1924-2007), daughter of B.C. Mekking (1903-1971), a calculator at the Leiden Observatory.
Cor Wijdekop was married to Maartje Wijdekop-Stokkink. Together they had a daughter, Joke (1942), and a son, Kees (1947). Kees Wijdekop was a pitcher for the Dutch national baseball team at the Baseball World Cup in Havana, Cuba, 1973.
Venus in Furs is a 1995 film by filmmakers and independent art-house Dutch film producers Maartje Seyferth and Victor Nieuwenhuijs and it was their first feature film. The film has been shot on black-and-white 35mm film.
Maartje Scheepstra (born 1 April 1980) is a Dutch field hockey player. She was born in Papua, Indonesia, and grew up in Almere. She won a silver medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.
Restaurant Inter Scaldes earned its second star in 1984 under the leadership of head chef Maartje Boudeling. In 2001 the present head chef Jannis Brevet (ex-Helianthushof) took over.
In 1942 he married Massy Dawson and together they went on to have one son and two daughters before she died in 1953; in 1953 he married A.L.S. Shields but the marriage was dissolved in 1969; then in 1969 he married E.H. Balfour who died in 1982 and in 1983 he married Maartje McQueen.
Inspired by multiple visits to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and this type of relation between architecture and nature, Boris Zeisser decided to study and practice architecture. After graduating with an honorable mention from Delft University in 1995, he worked for the Dutch office Erick Van Egeraat Architects (1996-2000). On January 1, 2001, he established 24H>architecture, together with Maartje Lammers.