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kamisama              hanayome              unmei              tatakai              hitori              ichizoku              kiseki              himitsu              hajimari              koibito              inochi              susume              tsukiyo              tenshi              taiyou              yakusoku              futatsu              yoake              kodomo              hajimete              tasogare              yakata              nazo              chikai              kimochi              nanatsu              wakare              danshi              kioku              kakera              otona              mayonaka              shinjitsu              itoshi              naisho              kanashimi              tameni              jikenbo              onnatachi              omocha              fukkatsu              kannazuki              okurimono              hoshizora              hanazakari              darake              hitotsu              tsuma              kisetsu              hitobito             

Examples of "maboroshi"
Three months before the release of "Sanmon Gossip", Sheena collaborated with Maboroshi on the song "Amai Yamai" from their third album "Maboroshi no Shi".
Genji's beloved Murasaki dies. In the following chapter, "Maboroshi" ("Illusion"), Genji contemplates how fleeting life is. Immediately after "Maboroshi", there is a chapter entitled "Kumogakure" ("Vanished into the Clouds"), which is left blank, but implies the death of Genji.
In March 2006, a video was released for the song's B-side "Koi wa Maboroshi (Get It Up for Love)", much like how videos were created for past singles' B-sides. This was an edited version of the song entitled "Koi wa Maboroshi for Musician".
"Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora" is FictionJunction's second single. The title track was used as opening theme song for the anime Ookami Kakushi.
A handsome male classmate of Susumi's, Tsutomu is also opposed to the new Principal's vile practices as well. After Maboroshi Panty rescues him from the clutches of the enemy, Tsutomu repeatedly assists her when she runs into danger.
One Woman Show: Amai Maboroshi () is the 41st single by the Japanese pop-rock band Porno Graffitti. It was released in November 5, 2014 and reached the 4th place in the Oricon Singles Chart.
"Maboroshi"/"Okaerinasai." (Illusion/Welcome Home.) is Jun Shibata's 11th single and second recut. It is also her first double A-side single as well as her last with Dreamusic. It was released on May 8, 2005 and peaked at #30.
In 2010, Ōta published his first fictional literary work, a collection of short stories, ""Maboroshi no Tori"" (マボロシの鳥 / Legendary Bird) which he followed with a novel ""Bunmei No Ko"" (文明の子 / Child of Civilisation) in 2012.
A sequel titled "Mystic Ark: Maboroshi Gekijo" (まぼろし劇場; Phatom Theater) was released for the PlayStation in 1999. Akihiro Yamada returned as the character designer.
It is armed with the Dai Javelin, and the sword, with which it performs the attack. Another attack is the , "Maboroshi KiriGakure" (Illusion), DaiHouDen ("Great Discharge"). It resembles a classical Chinese heavily armored soldier from the Ming Dynasty.
"Ameagari ni mita Maboroshi" (A vision seen after a rain) is a 29th single released by the pillows on September 2, 2009. It appears on their 20th album OOPArts (2009). It reached the 7th place on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart.
In 2010, Ayami and Suzuka became founding members of Sakura Gakuin, an idol group formed by the same agency. Yuika became a member of the idol group Maboroshi Love. Suzuka also is a founding member of the metal idol band Babymetal, taking the stage name Su-metal.
The melody of "A World to Believe In" was re-composed and the Japanese lyrics were added for the film "Maboroshi no Yamataikoku", which stars Sayuri Yoshinaga. Celine Dion re-recorded it for the movie, which premiered on 1 November 2008. The single and the soundtrack were released in Japan on 22 October 2008.
When working as a comic writer, he usually takes yet another pen name, that of Hiroshi Koenji. He wrote several comics for both his brother Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa, such as "Maboroshi Panty", "Haru Ichiban" and "Shinrei Tantei Occult Dan", among others.
The song featured an arrangement produced by Masayumi Hiizumi a member of jazz ensemble Pe'z, and the former pianist for Tokyo Jihen from 2004 until 2005. Fellow Pe'z members Kou and Masahiro Nirehara also perform in the song. The two members of hip-hop group Maboroshi feature in the song: rapper Daisuke "Mummy-D" Sakama, and guitarist Tomoyasu Takeuchi.
In Japan, an educational game based on the show was released for the Sega Pico entitled "Pecola no Daibouken Maboroshi no Aisukurīmu wo Sagase! (ペコラのだいぼうけん まぼろしのアイスクリームをさがせ!)"
Two direct-to-video live-action films based in the manga have been created, "Bishōjo Tantei Maboroshi Panty" (美少女探偵 まぼろしパンティ) in 1991 and in 2004, which was also based in another of Go Nagai's manga, "Henchin Pokoider".
Ruins of the ancient palace were found by a local archaeologist Tokutaro Yamane in 1957, although no obvious trace is found to date that there was a city formed around or close to the palace. When the ruins came out, Yamane left a saying "Ware maboroshi no daigokuden o mitari!", "I saw the shade [i.e., ghostly or illusory] daigokuden [main palace building]!"
Garnet Crow released their debut album, "" in 2001 in Japan, where it reached number six. "Mysterious Eyes" was their first single and it went to number twenty. Subsequent singles "Kimi no Uchi ni Tsuku made Zutto Hashitte Yuku", "Futari no Rocket", "Sen Ijō no Kotoba wo Narabete mo...", "Natsu no Maboroshi" and "Flying" reached the top fifty in Japan.
Susumi's widowed father, and the local Police Department's Chief Inspector. Inspector Fuji finds it difficult dealing with the area's high crime rate. Eventually, he receives help from the masked superhero, Maboroshi Panty, not knowing that she's his daughter, Susumi! However, he eventually does find out her identity, and this allows father and daughter to collaborate on their respective cases.