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Examples of "madchild"
Lawn Mower Man is the second studio album by Canadian rapper Madchild, released on August 6, 2013 by Suburban Noize and Battle Axe Records.
Switched On is the sixth EP by Canadian rapper Madchild. The EP was released on September 30, 2014 by Battle Axe Records.
Dope Sick is the debut solo album by Canadian rapper Madchild. The album was released on August 28, 2012 by Suburban Noize Records and Battle Axe Records.
Swollen Members was founded in the mid-90s by Vancouverites Madchild (Shane Bunting), Prevail (Kiley Hendriks), and Moka Only (Daniel Denton). Having begun a solo career while living in San Francisco, California, Madchild returned to Vancouver to work. There he met Prevail and Moka Only, who had been working together. They joined together. The group had to decide on a name and Moka Only suggested Swollen Members as a joke and it stuck.
Shane Bunting (born October 21, 1975), better known by his stage name Madchild is a Canadian rapper. He is part of the Vancouver-based hip hop group Swollen Members. In 2009, he released a solo EP entitled "The Madchild EP". In 2012, he released his first album, titled "Dope Sick" followed by "Lawn Mower Man" in 2013 and "Silver Tongue Devil" in 2015. In 1993, he was named a member of the legendary 'Rock Steady Crew'.
On August 21, 2012 Transit released a free EP titled "Public Domain", which featured Madchild from Swollen Members and Kyprios (formerly of Sweatshop Union). He organized another DIY headlining tour of Western Canada following this release.
Silver Tongue Devil is an album released by underground rap artist Shane Bunting, also known as Madchild. It was released on July 24, 2015. The cover art for the album was designed by street artist L'Amour Supreme.
In early 2012, Diablo founded his own independent record label ILL-ROC Records and released his third album, "The Blood Of Eden", which featured Madchild, Bizarre, Adil Omar, and the ILL-ROC roaster among others. He went to Paris, France and released his fourth album "Dollerz Make Sense" in 2016 via Knives Out Records.
Producers on the album include T-Stoner who did most of the production on "No Filter" and Phil Bogard, Sonny Paradise along with Doobie. Guests on the album are B-Real from Cypress Hill, Doobie, DJ Paul, Insane Clown Posse, Madchild from Swollen Members, Jackie Chain, Ace from Thug Therapy, Struggle and Bernz from ¬°Mayday!.
April 20, 2014 marked the release of his new group "Godpawn" with partner Mulligan and their album "I.M.M.O.D" (an acronym for 'I Make My Own Destiny') which was put out by Anti-Authority Records and Freedom Union Records. The album features appearances by Strange Music's Ces Cru, Esham, Cali G, Twisted Insane, Madchild, Delusional, and Kung Fu Vampire.
King of the Dot Entertainment, also known as KOTD, is a rap battle league founded in Toronto, Canada in 2008. The company's HQ is based in Toronto, Ontario, from which it gets its name. Successful music artists such as 360, and Madchild have battled in King of the Dot.
In mid February 2015, Madchild was listed on the King of the Dot BO5 card against the battle rapper by the stage name of Daylyt. Footage of his trailer for this event can be found on the KOTD Entertainment channel on YouTube. The footage of the battle can be seen on the KOTD YouTube channel.
At the 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos, Young Wicked announced that he began recording the album on the ShockFest Tour (Insane Clown Posse, Da Mafia 6ix, Mushroomhead, JellyRoll, Madchild and guest Big Hoodoo) with the song "Dope" on the tour bus. Also at the GOTJ he said that the album was done. In August 2015 Psychopathic Records released the "Slaughter Sampler" as well as preorders for the album.
It was announced during ICP's 2014 GOTJ seminar that they would be doing another Psypher, this time featuring artists who were not on the label. ICP threw out a name to see the fans' response, and it was then confirmed that Swollen Members artist and solo artist Madchild would be featured on the Psypher. ICP said that it should be out sometime before Halloween 2014.
In August 2014, it was announced Insane Clown Posse and Da Mafia 6ix would be going on tour to promote the album, but doing their own respective sets. They will be going on tour with Mushroomhead, Madchild and JellyRoll titled ShockFest, starting on September 25, 2014, and ending on October 31. On August 14, 2014, the track listing was released, the album features guest appearances from Young Wicked aka Otis of Axe Murder Boyz, Big Hoodoo and Boondox.
Transit has released 6 albums, and has collaborated with Rhymesayers recording artist Grieves, Sims of Doomtree, Astronautalis, Madchild of Swollen Members, and 8-time Juno Award winner Jann Arden. He has received national media coverage including features on Global TV, CTV, CBC TV, Shaw TV, CBC Radio One, in Maclean's Magazine, and regular MuchMusic rotation of his music videos, which have also gotten substantial support online with over 1,000,000 views on YouTube.
Swollen Members is a Canadian hip hop group from Vancouver, British Columbia, consisting mainly of Madchild and Prevail. Frequent collaborators include vocalist Moka Only (who was actually a member of the group for a short period of time in the mid-1990s when the group was formed, and then again from 2002 to 2005) along with the other former members Easy Roc & Zodak who were only in the group for a few years and producer Rob the Viking, an official group member since 2002. Swollen Members has released nine studio albums, one greatest hits album and 2 compilations, as well as numerous other singles.
The Brimstone Sluggers is the third studio album by Crazy Town. It was released on August 28, 2015 and was Crazy Town's first album in 13 years since "Darkhorse" in 2002. According to Mazur, the album is a stylistic follow up to their 1999 debut, "The Gift of Game". In comparison to "Darkhorse", which was more rock oriented, "The Brimstone Sluggers" focuses more on hip-hop, and features collaborations from rappers Madchild and Bishop Lamont. Former Crazy Town member DJ AM, who died in 2009, is a featured artist on the track "Born to Raise Hell", and No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont provides guitar and vocals on the track "Ashes".
In 2005, Moka Only decided to break off from the group for a second time and continue work on his solo career. The following year, Swollen Members released their fifth full album, "Black Magic". It is understood that Madchild and Prevail made an attempt to return to their previously critically acclaimed style and method. Their previous album "Heavy" was unlisted on their official site discography. A single from the album, "Put Me On (feat. Everlast)", was released in August 2006. Later that year, Nettwerk Management dropped the group due to Madchild's affiliation with the Hell's Angels.
In early 2011, it was reported that Bunting was banned from entering the United States, due to alleged links to the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Bunting said that he was detained at an American airport for approximately eight hours before being told he could not enter the country, and had been working with a lawyer in San Diego, California, to rectify the situation. On July 11, 2013, it was announced via the Swollen Members Facebook page that Madchild was once again allowed to enter the United States.