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byeon              kyong              ryeon              yeop              kyoo              myong              myeong              deuk              seol              ryeol              pyung              haeng              hyon              gwak              eung              ryong              poong              kyoung              hyong              cheon              hyeok              heon              gyeong              kyeong              yeom              gwang              keum              ryang              chulpark              byong              jungkim              hyang              chon              yeong              yeob              yook              ryeong              hyeong              baik              weon              jeok              youngoh              ssang              sangwon              seong              jeung              nyeon              gwong              gwon              jinho             

Examples of "maeng"
In the northeast region of Thailand, eating insects is common. This species (known as "malaeng da na" or "maeng da"; or ) is a popular dish, eaten whole and fried, and as an extract. Maeng da is used to make "Nam phrik Maeng Da", a type of chili sauce used as a condiment.
Maeng Sang-hoon (born October 29, 1960) is a South Korean actor.
The government asked Maeng Yeongjae, a Confucian scholar, to conquer Cha's 'crowd of roving thieves'. Maeng, who was suppressing the rebels of Yicheon at the time, gladly obliged. In October 21, Maeng and Cha battled in the Jangya Fields, in which more than 30 rebels were killed. The rebels fled to Seoseok, into a pass called 'Seonang Pass'. It was so named because there was an altar to the deity Seonangshin in the pass.
Intensive, 3- to 7-day long retreats called 'Yong Maeng Jeong Jin'.
Mr. PARK, Maeng-ho elected as the 45th President of the Korean Publishers Association
Koy Maeng is a khum (commune) of Mongkol Borei District in Banteay Meanchey Province in western Cambodia.
Maeng Se-chang (born November 13, 1991) is a South Korean actor and singer. Maeng started his career as a child actor. In 2011, he revealed his hidden ambitions as a singer. In July 2011, he debuted as the leader of the ballad group "BoM" with a single album "Without You." However, BoM was disbanded in March 2013.
It also sponsored a Driver in Formula D Joon Maeng along with the Bergenholtz Racing crew, as well as Taylor Barton Racing
In January 2013, the court ruled against Lee Maeng-Hee on the basis that there was not enough evidence to prove that the dividends and proceeds of Samsung was part of the inheritance.
Operation Left Jab was the first of a number of military operations waged against the Trail in southern Laos, including missions such as Operation Maeng Da, Operation Honorable Dragon, and Operation Junction City Jr., that originated in Laos.
Bak Maeng-woo (; born December 6, 1951) is the current mayor of Ulsan, South Korea. He is currently serving in his third, four-year term as mayor of Ulsan.
In 2004, the National Drama Company of Korea launched the ‘Restoration of the Representative Repertoires & Re-creation Series’ project and has performed "Thunderstorm", "Attachment of Life", "Wildfire", "Spray", "Merchant of Venice", "Celebration at the Maeng Jin Sa".
The Tingguians are composed of sub-groups known as the Itneg tribes which includes Adasen, Balatok, Banaw, Belwang, Binungan, Gubang, Inlaud, Mabaka, Maeng, Masadiit, and Muyadan or Ammutan.: Their places in Abra are as follows:
The American Embassy planning team for the Laotian Civil War met in the embassy in Vientiane on the afternoon of 17 July. When the air attache briefed the meeting on the progress of Maeng Da, the CIA was humiliated to discover he had not been previously informed of the attack. He furiously reminded his subordinates that his MR 3 staff was supposed to seek approval from him for any multi-battalion operations. After threatening to relieve anyone and everyone responsible for Maeng Da, he cancelled the scheduled insertion of White Battalion. Instead, on the following day, Black Battalion was helilifted back out of combat. The other two battalions began to recede toward Vang Tai. Mobile 1's commander was killed by communist fire; then the battalion lost all unit cohesion. The Maeng Da stragglers reached Vang Tai on 26 July.
Although Maeng Da had ended, military activity in the vicinity did not. South of Maeng Da, Orange and Green Battalions moved southward into Military Region 4. This move was supported by a melange of forward air controllers of the 23d Tactical Air Support Squadron and the Ravens, as well as Laotian forward air guides. On 3 September 1970, they occupied Ban Houei Mun, which was stocked as a forward airstrip for the Raven FACs. Beginning 9 September, the two battalions pushed 28 kilometers southeastward into low ground west of Tuomlane. Black Battalion joined them there. Meanwhile, White Battalion, joined by Mobile 2, spent 4–7 September 1970 combing the nearby Route 23 valley.
The inhabitants belong to the Maeng tribe and speak the dialect of the same name. There is however one barangay, Tabacda, that speaks a different dialect. This is because they are believed to have originated from Kalinga and Mountain Province. Everyone can however understand and speak the common evolving dialect called Maeng together with those of Luba and parts of Villavicioa of the Province of Abra and likewise in the other municipalities of the Province of Ilocos Sur, who refer themselves as the Bago tribe.
The municipality's population consists of the Cordillera sub-tribes, namely Masadiit of the Tingguian Tribes, Belwang of the Igorot and Balatoc of the Kalinga tribe. Descendants of the other Tinguian sub-tribes are also represented in Boliney such as Binongan, Banao, Maeng, Ammotan (now called Muyadan of Manabo).
On Moon-seon's orders, Mu Maeng-dal goes to East Gate to collect repayment of his loan. He shows the loan agreement that left open the date for repayment and orders the staff to leave the property since Senior Chairman Go is in custody and unable to make his payment.
Gang Hui-an and his younger brother Gang Hui-maeng were the sons of Gang Seokteok (1395–1459) and cousins of king Munjong (1414–1450–1452), king Sejo (1417 –1455–1468) and Prince Anpyeong 이용 안평대군 (1418–1453), that were the first three sons of king Sejong.
Pyongyang Nalpharam () is a 2006 North Korean film directed by Phyo Kwang and Maeng Cheol-min. It is a martial arts film set during the Japanese colonial rule of Korea. One of only two North Korean films released in 2006, it received ticket sales of 6 million cinema-goers in North Korea. Critics describe the film as "routine" and "adequate."