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Examples of "maheux"
Louise Maheux-Forcier (June 9, 1929 – February 5, 2015) was an award-winning Quebec author.
Maheux was the communications director in John Nunziata's unsuccessful campaign to become mayor of Toronto in the 2003 municipal election.
Expedibus is a package shipping and courier company, operated cooperatively throughout Quebec by Orléans Express, Intercar, Autobus Maheux and Limocar.
Expedibus is a package shipping and courier company, operated cooperatively throughout Quebec by Orléans Express, Intercar, Autobus Maheux and Limocar.
Expedibus is a package shipping and courier company, operated cooperatively throughout Quebec by Orléans Express, Intercar, Autobus Maheux and Limocar.
Winner of the Prix Goncourt in 1972 for "L'Épervier de Maheux", published by Jean-Jacques Pauvert, success (2 million copies, translated into 14 languages).
Line Maheux is a Canadian communications consultant and political strategist. At different times, she has worked for Preston Manning, Stockwell Day, Mike Harris, John Nunziata, and Stephen Harper.
In April 1998, Maheux became communications director for the office of Progressive Conservative Premier of Ontario Mike Harris. In accepting the position, she cited parallels between the Reform Party and Harris's right-wing government in opposing employment equity and distinct status for Quebec. In the same period, Maheux supported efforts to unite the federal Reform Party with the more moderate Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.
Maheux later joined the Canadian Alliance, a successor party to Reform, and worked as a strategist and communications director for Stockwell Day in that party's first leadership election in 2000. Day won the party leadership, and Maheux was hired as Day's media spokesperson. She left after the 2000 federal election, but returned on a temporary basis in mid-2001 when Day faced a challenge to his leadership.
She was a spokesperson for Reform in the 1997 federal election, when the party ran advertisements that were widely regarded as anti-Quebec. After the election, Maheux became Manning's top adviser on national unity issues.
On February 29, 2016, Autobus Gatineau, a subsidiary of Autobus Maheux, began operating between Ottawa Central Station and Grand-Remous after Greyhound reduced service to Fridays and Sundays only. Greyhound later discontinued offering this service altogether.
Line Maheux received 517 votes (1.38%), finishing fourth against Liberal Party candidate Denis Paradis. She later became a prominent strategist in the Reform Party and its successors, the Canadian Alliance and the Conservative Party of Canada.
She was a spokesperson for Harper in the 2004 federal election and ran communications sessions for party candidates. Maheux has been described as a personal friend of Harper and, since 2004, she has assisted him in preparing for political debates.
Maheux was hired as the Reform Party of Canada's first Quebec organizer in July 1994, after the party ended its practice of not running candidates in the province. Newspaper reports from the period describe her as a 32-year-old bilingual single mother. A former sales representative, she left university to take the position.
In 2003, the Canadian Alliance merged with the federal Progressive Conservative Party to form the Conservative Party of Canada. Maheux joined the new party and worked for Stephen Harper in its 2004 leadership election. During this period, she said that Harper was more skilled at communicating his message than Stockwell Day had been.
These disputes didn't prevent Huard from rising in visibility, mostly thanks to his work at the "Naturaliste" and textbooks. He became curator at the Musée de l'Instruction Publique, the Parliament's museum, in 1904, and would keep the post until 1927. In 1913 he was appointed Provincial Entomologist, a nomination that surprised other naturalists, as Huard himself, despite his affinities, was not a particularly competent naturalist and never followed college-level classes. He would last two years at the post before being replaced by Georges Maheux. He was also editor of "La Semaine religieuse de Québec" ("Quebec Weekly Religious Courier"), another periodical founded by Provancher, between 1901 and 1913.
Marleau returned to Laurentian University as a mature student, and completed a Bachelor's Degree in Economics (1976). She worked as an accountant, managed an office for a firm of chartered accountants (Thorne and Riddell and then with Collins, Barrow-Maheux Noiseux), and operated a restaurant she co-owned with her husband. She also served on the boards of Laurentian University and Laurentian Hospital. Marleau worked on Judy Erola's campaign in the 1980 federal election, and later credited Erola as a role model for her own career in public life.
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Maheux was the Reform Party's first nominated candidate in Quebec, for a by-election in Brome—Missisquoi held on February 13, 1995. She acknowledged that she had little chance of winning and said that she was trying to counter a perception that the Reform Party was sexist, racist, and anti-French. She received less than two per cent of the vote, finishing fourth against Liberal Party candidate Denis Paradis. After the election, she was hired as an advisor to party leader Preston Manning on Quebec issues.
The Iconfactory is a small software and graphic design company that specializes in creating icons and software for creating and using icons. The company was founded in April 1996 by Corey Marion, Talos Tsui, and Gedeon Maheux. Lead Engineer Craig Hockenberry joined the company in 1997 and Artist Dave Brasgalla joined in January 1999. The company incorporated in January 2000. The Iconfactory gained popularity through the creation of packages of free icons for download, but quickly grew to become one of the leading studios in commercial icon design. The Iconfactory also publishes software for creating, organizing and using icons as well as general GUI applications.