Synonyms for mahime or Related words with mahime

mahatme              bhagyada              veliye              thumbolarcha              muthuchippikal              magalukku              virunnukari              paadum              tharum              puzhayozhukum              thilakam              theerpu              hennina              sookshikkuka              sooran              thampuratti              nyayavidhi              sukham              nirangal              sphodanam              haalu              savaal              aniyarayum              raasa              iruvattam              sambhavam              puthri              sonnal              monagadu              aparaajitha              aathi              poocha              idanilangal              kodalu              makkalu              rajayogam              sididedda              poguthae              sowbhagya              manthrakodi              pillalu              vachina              kaattu              gauravam              kodallu              sigamani              kudumba              thamburan              parivarthanam              bandhangal             

Examples of "mahime"
– In 1979, he had also composed music for a Kannada movie called "Sri Raghavendra Mahime" that was also dubbed into Telugu.
Manikantana Mahime (Kannada: ಮಣಿಕಂಠನ ಮಹಿಮೆ) is a 1993 Indian Kannada film, directed by K. Shankar and produced by V Swaminathan. The film stars Vishnuvardhan, Sarath Babu, Sreekanth and Srinivasa Murthy in lead roles. The film had musical score by M. S. Viswanathan. The film was dubbed in Tamil as "Varuvaan Manikandan".
Supernatural phenomena and strange occurrences are no sweat for the Nanami Paranormal Investigation agency, headed by Asagi Nanami. As "freak" activity grows to a terrifying fever pitch, Asagi's assistants—Naoki, Tokiko, and Mahime—help to solve several major "freak" cases. Freaks are creatures with the ability to possess humans and prey on their weaknesses. However, Asagi and his gang are no ordinary humans; each is equipped with a special power to vanquish Freaks.
"Sri Raghavendra" was Rajinikanth's 100th film (including his other language films). The film featured Rajinikanth in the role of saint Sri Raghavendra Swami, different from the larger than life characters which he is known for and portrayed. Rajini who is a fan of Kannada actor Rajkumar, had seen his film called "Mantralaya Mahime" where Rajkumar portrayed Sri Raghavendra. Rajini approached SP Muthuraman to direct the film. Muthuraman was initially reluctant to direct a devotional film. Balachander encouraged and convinced him to take up the film thus in order to prepare himself to direct the film, Muthuraman watched various devotional films of A. P. Nagarajan who was known for such films. Muthuraman told that during the 90-day schedule all the cast and crew of the film undergone the ritual of fasting on Thursday in reverence to lord's presence considering it was the mythological film.