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Examples of "maike"
The original German show was created by Maike Tatzig who is also the show's executive producer.
The brief was to embody music stars, like Elvis Presley, Madonna etc. Maike was deemed the weakest while Anna Maria and Sabrina are the best. At the casting for Maybelline Luise, Anna Maria and Maike reach the second round. Luise wins the job while Anna Maria gets told she was second in the casting. While Luise shoots the campaign the other girls go to a casting for a music video of the song "Whithout you" from Blue (English band). Anna Maria is booked for the main role. With Sabrina, Maike and Marie booked for supporting roles Lovelyn is the only one without a job this week what makes her burst in tears. At panel Marie and Maike land in the bottom two. Although Marie had a better week, Maike had a better past performance. Marie placed sixth.
Maike Stöckel (born 6 March 1984 in Bielefeld) is a German field hockey player who competed in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics.
After Uecker left the show, producer Maike Tatzig became the game master in autumn 2005, officially due to schedule problems of Uecker.
Anja Maike Hegenauer is a German football midfielder currently playing for SC Freiburg in the Bundesliga. As a junior international she won the 2011 U-19 European Championship.
The girls do a sexy photo shoot in lingerie. Lovelyn is deemed best again. When Heidi goes shopping with Jacqueline because of her bad outfits, the other girls felt treated unfair. At a casting for German Cosmopolitan Maike, Marie, Leonie, Anna Maria and Carolin reach the second round with Maike, Carolin and Anna Maria booked. At panel, Alessandra Ambrosio was a guest judge. The decision came to Leonie and Jacqueline, once again. The episode ended with a cliffhanger.
Franciscus de Neve was born in Antwerp as the son of Guilleaume de Neve, a sculptor, and Maike or Anna Vermeuren. He was baptized in the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp on 11 June 1606.
The show was created by Maike Tatzig who is also the show's executive producer. In September 2005 she took over the task of the game master, after Georg Uecker left or had to leave the show for unknown reasons.
Martin Gould won the first ranking title of his professional career, defeating Luca Brecel 9–5 in the final. German referee Maike Kesseler officiated at her first ranking final.
The script was originally written by Maike "Mike" Johansen and Yurtyk (Yuri Tiutiunnyk), but eventually Dovzhenko heavily rewrote the script himself and removed Johansen and Tyutyunnyk's names from the screenplay and did not include them in the film credits.
Maike Nollen (born 15 November 1977 in Berlin) is a German sprint canoer who competed in the early to mid-2000s. She won a gold medal in the K-4 500 m event at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.
The final starts with the girls walking as Superwomen. After that they have to pose with different objects and Robin Thicke. The girls third challenge is to walk as the four elements with High fashion dresses and poses. Maike embodies fire, Sabrina is water and Luise is earth what leaves air to Lovelyn. After the walk Sabrina is eliminated. The remaining girls do a photo shoot on stilts where Maike is deemed best. Afterwards they have to walk in futuristic outfits. Surprisingly Luise is second eliminated what only leaves Maike and Lovelyn. Anna Maria is chosen to open the Top-20-walk after online voting between the girls who didn't reach the final. The final two have a second photo shoot where they have to dance. Lovelyn impresses once again. In the end, Lovelyn becomes "Germany's Next Topmodel".
At the casting for Gillette Luise, Lovelyn and Maike reach the second round. Luise wins the casting and Lovelyn is disappointed for only placing second. Anna Maria struggles at this week's photo shoot for Cosmopolitan cover. At panel the girls have to walk in Prêt-à-porter, Sexy and Haute couture outfits. Luise is the first girl to reach the final. Anna Maria is eliminated before Lovelyn also reaches the final. Maike and Sabrina land in bottom two for struggling on the runway. Surprisingly both reach the final.
Maike Vogt-Lüerssen argues that the woman behind the famous smile is Isabella of Aragon, the Duchess of Milan. Leonardo was the court painter for the Duke of Milan for 11 years. The pattern on "Mona Lisa's" dark green dress, art critic Maike Vogt-Lüerssen believes, indicates that she was a member of the house of Sforza. Her theory is that the "Mona Lisa" was the first official portrait of the new Duchess of Milan, which requires that it was painted in spring or summer 1489 (and not 1503).
In New York, the girls do a photo shoot on a bus. Maike and Lovelyn were deemed best; they were allowed to go on the gala. Maike had a few issues with the dress which didn't matter Heidi. Later, Maike kept complaining about the dress. Then, the girls head to go-sees. Marie and Anna Maria both walk in two shows, Lovelyn, Maike, Luise and Carolin are booked for one show. Luise and Marie walk for a famous designer. Luise also gets certified a million dollar face. Last year's winner Luisa is also seen walking in one of the shows the girls walk in. At panel, Veronika and Jacqueline were the weakest in their shots. Jacqueline's walk is worse than Veronika's but Veronika seems not to be motivated enough which caused her to be the next girl sent home what annoys some of the other girls who are angry because Jacqueline isn't the one to be eliminated although the judges told her the week before she would be if she didn't improve. The girls started to question Heidi's objectivity, because Heidi seems to like Jacqueline more than the other girls.
Julia Görges was born in Bad Oldesloe to Klaus and Inge Görges, both of whom work in insurance. She has one elder maternal half-sister named Maike, who also works in insurance. She attended the Klaus-Groth-Schule and Theodor-Mommsen-Schule in Bad Oldesloe from 1995 to 2005, and completed the mittlere Reife (Realschulabschluss).
In 1994 Kürten married Eckard Kürten and moved to Hünxe in the German Rhineland. She has twice represented Ireland at the Olympic Games, 1996 Atlanta on "Diamond's Exchange" finishing 26th individually and team 8th and in 2004 Athens on "Castle Forbes Maike" finishing 18th individually.
In April 2007 she won the prestigious British Open Show Jumping Championships title at the NEC, Birmingham, UK. In 2007, Kürten's horse "Castle Forbes Maike" was found tested positive for etoricoxib, after a competition in La Baule in France. She then challenged the result. The judgement was upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport and Kurten was suspended for two months
"Schillerstraße" first aired on 3 September 2004 on the German TV channel Sat.1. The episodes originally only lasted 30 minutes were aired in the later evening programme and were a big success. For this reason, the run time was extended in January 2005 and moved into a prime time slot on Thursdays. On 26 January 2007 "Schillerstraße" got a new slot during Friday evening prime time and started with a special 90-minute 100th episode broadcast in which the actors and the game master Maike Tatzig looked back at the previous 99 episodes. The former game master Georg Uecker was not mentioned once; instead they decided to make it look like Maike Tatzig had been the game master since the beginning of the show.
The episode starts with continuing the cliffhanger; Jacqueline was revealed to be sent home. The week starts with a casting for German Joy. While Luise, Marie and Sabrina reached the second round Carolin was the only one to struggle. In the end Marie is booked for her fourth job. The brief was transformation. Luise, Lovelyn, Marie, Maike, Anna Maria and Sabrina got great feedback with their photos, while Carolin, Christine and Leonie struggled. At the casting for Opel Lovelyn, Anna Maria and Luise performed best what leads to Lovelyn's second job. At panel Maike states that she didn't mean to offend them and that it wasn't meant racist and that she just didn't think about what she said. Leonie is sent home for her weak performance at both; photo shoot and runway. Christine and Carolin are also heavily criticized.