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Examples of "mainsail"
The Astus 14.1 is equipped with a self-supporting mast for the 6-square metre mainsail version. On the 8-square metre mainsail version the mast is secured by spectra halyards. The mainsail is footed on a boom.
Mainsail: 75msq (upwind and downwind sailing)
Mainsail Partners is a growth equity firm with over $750M in committed capital raised from leading institutions, endowments, executives, and entrepreneurs. Mainsail is focused on growth equity, recapitalization, and management buyout investments in rapidly growing companies with the potential to be market leaders. Mainsail has extensive industry experience in technology-enabled services, software and software as service (SaaS), and healthcare IT. Mainsail invests exclusively in growing and bootstrapped companies in the United States and Canada.
There are three common methods of reefing the mainsail:
LOA: Length Overall, LWL: Length of Waterline, Beam: Width, Draft: Underwater Depth, Disp: Displacement, Ballast: Leverage Weight, Ratio: Ballast/Displacement, I: Headsail Height, J: Fore-Triangle Length, P: Mainsail Height, E: Mainsail Length, Main: Mainsail Area, Gen: Genoa Area, SA: Working Sail Area, Spin: Spinnaker Area
It is sailed doublehanded with a jib and mainsail.
Sails - Mainsail, mizzen and jib, Dacron. Running rigging, Dacron.
Although designed as a two-person boat, a Sunburst can easily be sailed by a single person in light to moderate conditions using just the mainsail only, or mainsail and jib. The Sunburst is usually rigged with a mainsail, jib and spinnaker. Construction is of wood or fiberglass, with a minimum hull weight of 77 kg. National Regattas are held annually
The boat has a 3:1 purchase downhaul (upgradable to 6:1) to tension the mainsail and an outhaul (standard 1:1, upgradable to 2:1) to flatten the mainsail along the boom. Both the mainsail and jib are fully battened.
The Astus 20.1 is equipped with a dacron furling jib and dacron mainsail as standard. The mainsail is fully battened and has one reef as standard, and a second reef can be specified as a factory option. A Pentex jib and mainsail can be specified for enhanced performance.
Allowing the boom to rise increases the twist in the mainsail, which spills wind higher in the sail while keeping power in the bottom of the mainsail to maintain the effectiveness of the rudder.
A mainsail is a sail located behind the main mast of a sailing vessel.
"claims that in his hey-day with mainsail and spanker" / "He outsailed all vessels";
Mainsail furling systems have become increasingly popular on cruising yachts, as they can be operated shorthanded and from the cockpit, in most cases. However, the sail can become jammed in the mast or boom slot if not operated correctly. Mainsail furling is almost never used while racing because it results in a less efficient sail profile. The classical slab-reefing method is the most widely used. Mainsail furling has an additional disadvantage in that its complicated gear may somewhat increase weight aloft. However, as the size of the boat increases, the benefits of mainsail roller furling increase dramatically.
Sail Area: summed upwind surface area of mainsail and headsails in square metres
By reducing the mainsail in size or eliminating it altogether, the aft mast rig squarely minimizes or completely solves the problems associated with battens. Battens enable designers to increase the size of mainsails by pushing the mainsail away from the mast. However, the forces of the battens pushing against the mast make it more difficult to raise or lower the mainsail. On larger rigs, "batten cars" are needed to overcome these forces.
An aluminium mast and boom are used to set a bermuda rig of mainsail and jib. To keep things simple, the jib sheets lead to fixed fairleads and cam-cleats, the mainsail is loose-footed, and the mainsheet leads to a rope horse across the transom. ClamCleats may be present to allow this mainsheet traveller to be adjusted. The standard mainsail has three fibreglass battens, and can be shaped using a kicking strap and Cunningham.
Sailboats often have a jib that overlaps the mainsail—called a genoa. Arvel Gentry demonstrated in 1981 that the genoa and the mainsail interact in a symbiotic manner, owing to the circulation of air between them slowing down in the gap between the two sails (contrary to traditional explanations), which prevents separation of flow along the mainsail. The presence of a jib causes the stagnation line on the mainsail to move forward, which reduces the suction velocities on the main and reduces the potential for boundary layer separation and stalling. This allows higher angles of attack. Likewise, the presence of the mainsail causes the stagnation line on the jib to be shifted forward and allows the boat to point closer to the wind, owing to higher leeward velocities of the air over both sails.
It is sailed with a Mainsail and Jib and performs very well, remaining balanced in all conditions.