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pourtant              calme              dessinateurs              vont              stupeur              tremblements              belpuig              chailvet              hartennes              endroit              damary              guerriers              humanisme              clanlieu              vantoux              cendres              manigance              cuire              mangez              quarante              chiere              mourir              alors              vaurseine              mensonges              larians              trompettes              romantique              messigny              eeventyr              oppuers              mythes              aricie              carlencas              chantefleurs              bergamasques              lamerey              vestric              capitler              luctor              vouloir              joue              acteurs              vuchin              romantiques              triomphale              echanges              fosteau              soudain              trahisons             

Examples of "maintenant"
12. Et Maintenant (Gilbert Bécaud)- Khánh Hà & Tuấn Ngọc
À Partir de Maintenant is an album of the French singer Johnny Hallyday.
Her Duo Maintenant performance on YouTube has received over 10 million views.
The singles released from the album were "Je Me Fâche", "Venez Vers Moi", "Pas Maintenant", "Toujours" and "Gloria".
The album, "Maintenant" (the French word for "now"), was recorded over three years and released in 2010.
As a highlight to her career as Duo Maintenant, Shenea had the opportunity to perform at the Wedding of the High Commissioner for the Sochi Olympic Games.
Camara L. "La democratie et l'unite decront voir le jour ici et maintenant", dixit Dr. Sekou Benna Camara. Horoya. January 29, 2010
Il joue maintenant au foot en salle pour le conseil département de l'Aveyron. Et il est toujours affuté comme on dit dans le pays !
He was one of the founding members of the "Nouveau Parti Socialiste" (New Socialist Party). Along with Arnaud Montebourg, he left this party to create a new movement within the Socialist party called ""Rénover Maintenant"" ("Renew Now").
2000 Luc Ferrari. "About the publication of the CD: Chansons pour le Corps et si Tout Entière Maintenant" by Ryosuke Shiina. In "Musée – sacrifice fly" – Tower records – Vol. 23, Japan, January, p. 93 – 107
Between 1987 and 1997 Philippe Baqué wrote for journals such as "Le Monde diplomatique", "Politis", "Nouveau Politis", "Témoignage chrétien", "Campagne solidaire", "Faim développement magazine", "Maintenant" and "Cahiers de l'Iremam".
Anne died of pneumonia on 6 February 1948, aged 20, at Colombey-les-Deux-Églises. Upon her death, her father said: "Now, she's like the others." (""Maintenant, elle est comme les autres."")
Tout de suite maintenant is a 2016 Franco-Luxembourgish drama film directed and co-written by Pascal Bonitzer. It stars Agathe Bonitzer, Vincent Lacoste, Lambert Wilson, Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Pierre Bacri and Pascal Greggory.
In 2004, he introduced "Ici et Maintenant" (Here and now), an encyclopedia like collection of large scale portraits of Lebanese citizens aged 18–30, all posing in the same position and looking directly at the camera.
June, 1999: In an interview with L'Équipe, Roussel alleged that when he told Virenque of Voet being arrested, Virenque replied "mes produits, comment Je vais faire maintenant?" which could be translated as "my products/stuff – what am I going to do now?"
Russian pop singer, Sergei Penkin, recorded a live version of the song covering it in Russian language. Also existing is "Pars maintenant", a French cover version by Kate Julien. The classical crossover duo Pharos recorded Josh Groban's "Aléjate" for their debut album "Only Love" in 2007. Dutch pop singer, André Hazes recorded a Dutch version, "Als Je Gaat", released in 1997.
Mathias is the main songwriter and frontman. He has also written three books - "38 mini westerns" (Pimientos, 2003), "Maintenant qu'il fait tout le temps nuit sur toi" (Flammarion, 2005) et "La mécanique du cœur" (Flammarion, 2007) - with inspiration drawing between the albums and the novels.
"Ça n'a aucun intérêt de vouloir choquer à tout prix pour qu'on s'interesse à vous. Il se trouve que j'aborde des sujets qui sont peut être un peu épineux voire tabous. Ç'est un risque... Maintenant, la censure, spécialement en France est un peu sévère et s'attaque à tout et n'importe quel sujet ce que je trouve vraiment regrettable!"
In 1998, she play in Let There Be Light by Arthur Joffé, an ensemble comedy. She play in three TV Movies : "Théo et Marie" with Véronique Jannot, "Qui mange qui ?" with Julien Guiomar and "Maintenant et pour toujours" with Marisa Berenson, Marlène Jobert and Agathe de La Boulaye. She also appeared in one episode of "Chercheur d'héritiers" with Bernadette Lafont.
· Various books of prose and poetry, published in French or English, the most recent being "La Genèse maintenant, suivi de La Théorie de l’amour", Bordeaux : William Blake & Co., 2010 et Fluvial, "Agnose et autres poèmes", Coll. Poèm(e), Edns de la revue NU(e), Nice, 2014.