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kilimani              ruiru              makadara              mjini              makongeni              kahawa              ngara              londiani              gatwekera              mariakani              limuru              kisauni              mbare              mashimoni              shauri              githunguri              kaloleni              malaba              magomeni              huruma              mwiki              asikuma              kongowea              dagoretti              awassa              mumbwa              mukuru              bissil              dandora              korogocho              kinondoni              mtito              bwaise              githurai              mavoko              ramotswa              thabong              bondeni              bugarama              kitale              kawangware              techiman              kitengela              nyahururu              elburgon              nsuta              musoma              kimilili              magharibi              amuwo             

Examples of "majengo"
Majengo is a slum in Kenya. It is on the outskirts of Nairobi. Majengo makes part of Pumwani District.
Eric Khasakhala is remembered for the tarmac road from Luanda to Majengo.
Mohammed was born on 1 May 1981. He was raised in the informal housing sector in Majengo in Nairobi, Kenya.
Majengo is a neighborhood of Mombasa, Kenya, located on Mombasa Island. It had a population of 40,241 in 1999.
The town is made up of the wards Itigi and Itigi Majengo. According to the 2012 Tanzania National Census, the population of these two wards combined was 21,777.
Majengo is a town and ward in the Moshi Urban district in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. Its population according to the 2012 census was 9,006.
Majengo is an administrative ward in the Dodoma Urban district of the Dodoma Region of Tanzania. According to the 2002 census, the ward has a total population of 6,901.
Majengo is an administrative ward in the Singida Urban district of the Singida Region of Tanzania. According to the 2002 census, the ward has a total population of 18,061.
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Majengo is an administrative ward in the Mbeya Urban district of the Mbeya Region of Tanzania. According to the 2002 census, the ward has a total population of 3,475.
Plans are underway to celebrate Khasakhala's myriad of contributions, to Bunyore and Kenya, by renaming the tarmac road from Luanda to Majengo in his honor—the Eric Edward Khasakhala Memorial Highway.
Moshi also has several secondary schools. The government schools are Mawenzi Secondary School, Moshi Technical School, Moshi Secondary School, and J. K. Nyerere Secondary School. The private schools are Majengo Secondary School, Northern Highland Secondary School, International School Moshi, and Kibo Secondary School. In addition, each ward of Moshi has a community-established secondary school, such as Rau Secondary School and Kiboriloni Secondary School.
Embu forms a municipality that has seven wards (Blue Valley, Itabua, Kamiu, Kangaru, Majengo, Matakari and Njukiri). All of them belong to Manyatta Constituency, which has a total of eleven wards. The remaining four are located within Embu County Council, the rural council of Embu.
When he came back from Saudi Arabia, he became a high school teacher and taught in a couple of schools in Moshi, Tanzania, Tanzania. The schools include Weru Weru girl's high school, Kibosho girls high school, Old moshi secondary school and Majengo secondary school.
Mwangi later moved with his mother to live in Nairobi’s low-income suburb of Ngara, then a highrise in Majengo, Githurai 45, before finally settling in Pangani. Mwangi dropped in and out of school during this period and helped his mother vend books.
Awadh started Swaleh Nguru Garage, repairing and selling second hand vehicles. He later, invested heavily into real estate, construction and ranching. At one point he owned a third of Mombasa Island, mainly the town of Majengo. He later subdivided the land into sub-plots and sold them.
Kidero was born in Majengo as the eldest in a family of 7. He attended Mangu High School where he eventually became Head Boy, also known as prefect. He graduated from the University of Nairobi in 1983 with a Degree in Pharmacy and went on to obtain a Masters in Business Administration at the Kenyan United States International University in 1990.
On 29 August, Kenyan Coast Regional Prisons leader James Kodiany announced that two more prison officers had succumbed to their injuries from the riots the previous day. Security officials argued that their control in Mombasa was restored. However, it was also added by security officials that tensions were still high. There were reports of unrest in the Majengo and Kisauni districts of Mombasa and four policemen were badly wounded in the late hours in the city. Protests continued for a fourth day.
There is a number of Muslim communities in Central Kenya.Almost all Majengos in Kenya(Embu,Nyeri,Meru,Kitui,Eldoret,Kisumu,including Nairobi) are dominated by Muslims.In Embu there are many Muslims spread in Embu Dallas,Majengo,Stadium,Matakari,Majimbo and the Embu town. Islam was spread in Embu by the late Maalim Ali Njeru whose origin is Chuka,Eastern region of Kenya aided by some Arab traders who traded tobacco and other commodities in the region.
The next day clashes continued in Mombasa. Two prison officers were killed in the ensuing riots. Anti-riot police fought against stone-throwing youths as police fired tear gas and warning shots. The protesters barricaded streets with burning tyres in Majengo, which is predominantly Muslim. The mobs also taunted police who arrested protestors and marauded around the city centre, while shopkeepers reported looting in certain areas.