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Ammayum Makalum is a 1980 Indian Malayalam film, directed Stanley Jose. The film stars Jayabharathi, Jose, Ambika and Ravikumar in lead roles. The film had musical score by Shyam.
He started writing poems from the age of twelve. "Kiratha Satakam" and "Vyasavataram" were his earliest published works. He won "Bhashaposhini" magazine's poetry award in 1894. His poems began appearing in "Bhashaposhini", "Kerala Sanchari" and "Vijnana Chintamani" magazines. His first major literary ventures was a rendition of Valmiki's "Ramayana" into Malayalam, the work of which started in 1905 and took two years to complete. Unlike some of his contemporaries, Vallathol did not have any acquaintance with English language. He earned the title "Mahakavi" after the publication of the "Mahakavya" "Chitrayogam" in 1913. "Chitrayogam" conformed to all the principles of a traditional "Mahakavya" and was divided into 18 "Sargas". The story of Chandrasena and Taravali, taken from "Kathasaritsagara", was the theme of this poetry work. Vallathol portrayed the protest of Parvati against Siva in the work "Gangapati" (1913) and of Usha defying her father for the sake of her love in "Bandhanasthanaya Anirudhan" (1914). In 1917, the first of his eleven-volume work "Sahitya Manjari" ("A Bouquet of Literature") was published. These volumes, published from 1917 to 1970, contain his collected short romantic poems dealing with a variety of themes. Many of these poems earlier appeared in P. V. Krishna Variar's "Kavanakaumudi" magazine. His "khanda kavya" on Mary Magdalene titled "Magdalana Mariam" paved the way for a new tradition in of Christian symbolism in Malayalam. The poet's own struggle with deafness from his early twenties features in the work "Badhiravilapam". Other celebrated short poems of Vallathol include "Sishyanum Makanum", "Virasinkala", "Achanum Makalum", "Divaswapnam" and "Ente Gurukulam".