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maduve              thayi              hennu              hoovu              bangarada              kaattu              gejje              vendum              kanasu              hrudaya              devaru              nooru              iniyum              neenu              haalu              mangalya              kondu              kodalu              eradu              kanike              magalu              illada              neralu              devara              swargam              bangaarada              premada              belaku              pareeksha              ezhai              gaali              daari              varam              neeku              andamaina              sonnal              huduga              pooje              theerpu              thaai              naanu              rahasyam              kaaval              bhagyada              yudham              thaayi              gelathi              monagadu              vandha              varavu             

Examples of "makkalu"
1996 - Annavra Makkalu Naavu from Annavra Makkalu (Kannada)
1996 - Aadabeku Raja from Annavra Makkalu (Kannada)
1996 - Hogabeda Hudugi Nanna Bittu from Annavra Makkalu (Kannada)
Gandhi worked in "Krishna", with "Comedy Time" Ganesh, her co-actor in "Mungaru Male". She has since acted in several Kannada films, such as "Manmatha", "Geleya", "Hani Hani", "Accident", "Kaamannana Makkalu" and "Nee Tata Naa Birla".
The film was among the highest grossing Malayalam films of 2005. Shafi remade the film in Tamil cinema as "Majaa" (2005). and in Kannada as "Kaamannana Makkalu" with Sudeep.
Following its success in Malayalam, the movie was later remade in Tamil as Majaa, starring Vikram and Asin Thottumkal. It is also remade in Kannada as "Kaamannana Makkalu" with Sudeep.
Annavra Makkalu is a 1996 Indian Kannada-language action drama film directed by Phani Ramachandra and produced by Y. R. Jayaraj. The film features Shivarajkumar, in triple roles for the first time in his career along with Maheswari, Reman Singh and Suneha, all making their debuts, in the lead roles.
Devara Makkalu () () is a 1970 Indian Kannada language drama film directed by Y. R. Swamy and based on the novel "Meena" written by Ma. Na. Murthy. It stars Rajkumar along with Jayanthi, Kalpana and Rajesh in other lead roles. The film features a soundtrack from G. K. Venkatesh and is produced by Bharath Enterprises.
Apart from acting Harini tried her hand in film production too. She along with her brothers Vadiraj-Jawahar produced some meaningful films under the banner names Sri Bharathi Chitra and Vijaya Bharathi. Some of the films produced by Harini are Nandi, Nanda Deepa, Nava Jeevana, Namma Makkalu, and Seetha.
Some of Rajesh Ramanath's notable works are "Annavra Makkalu" (1996), "Thavarina Thottilu" (1996), "Veerappa Nayaka" (1999), "Yajamana" (2000), "Huchha" (2001), "Swathi Muthu" (2004), "Aishwarya" (2005), "My Autograph" (2006) among others. Rajesh ramanath nominated for Filmfare Best Music Director award for Vaalee And Huchcha.
Namma Makkalu (Kannada: ನಮ್ಮ ಮಕ್ಕಳು) is a 1969 Indian Kannada film, directed by R. Nagendra Rao and produced by Harini. The film stars K. S. Ashwath, Pandari Bai, Chandrashekar and Amarnath in lead roles. The film had musical score by Vijaya Bhaskar.
He played a prominent role in Shyam Benegal's Telugu film "Kondura". In Mrinal Sen's "Oka Oori Katha" and Mani Rathnam's "Nayakan", "Bombay (film)". he played prominent roles. Maithri, Dangeyedda Makkalu, Dorai, Kalasapurada Hudugaru, "Muttu ondu Muttu" are some of his popular Kannada films.
Some of his popular tracks include "Hogabeda Hudugi nanna bittu" (Annavra Makkalu), "Sumsumne Nagthale" (A), "Usire Usire" (Huccha), "Nuru Janmaku" (America America), "Kariya, I Love You" (Duniya), "Ondhondhe Bachitta Mathu" (Inthi Ninna Preethiya), "Prema Chandrama" (Yajamana), "Onde Usrirante" (Snehaloka), "Nagu Nagu" (Aramane), "Let's Dance Jothe Jothe" (Ee bandhana).
Kaamannana Makkalu () is a 2008 Kannada action-comedy-drama film directed by Chi.Gurudutt and produced by N.S. Rajkumar featuring Sudeep, Rockline Venkatesh, Deepu and Vaibhavi in the lead roles. The film is a reamke of the Malayalam blockbuster Thommanum Makkalum. The Telugu dubbed version of the film titled "Eela" was released on 26 July 2013. The movie was dubbed in Hindi as " Aandhi Aur Toofan" by Wide Angle Media Pvt.Ltd. k
Jayagopal entered the film industry by writing the lyrics of "Tribhuvana Janani Jaganmohini" for the 1957 film "Premada Putri" produced by his father. From then on, he wrote script, dialogue and lyrics for hundreds of films. He had directed eight films, including "Dhumaketu", "Kesarina Kamala" and "Avala Antaranga". He won the State award as best dialogue writer for "Namma Makkalu" and "Pallavi Anu Pallavi", which was Mani Ratnam's first film.
Madiga (also known as Maadiga, Maadara, Adi Jambava, Maatangi, Makkalu, Madiga and Madigaru) are artisans group part of dalits or Scheduled Caste that is found primarily in the southern Indian states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. excellent skilled workers especially they are known for making leather items. Before invention of metal, they invented usage of leather for water transportation like pipes, water lifting vessels.
She continued to be among the highest paid actress in Kannada and Telugu films. She was cast opposite the leading actor Dr. Rajkumar in several Kannada films, including "Mallammana Pavada" (1969), "Nyayave Devaru" (1971), "Sri Srinivasa Kalyana" (1974), "Babruvahana" (1977) and "Bhagyavantharu" (1977). Her other successful films from this period include "Thande Makkalu" (1971), "Papa Punya" (1971), "Gunavanthudu" (1975), "Katha Sangama" (1976), "Sri Renukadevi Mahathme" (1977), Chiranjeevi then with Vishnuvardhan in "Shani Prabhava" (1977) and "Rudranaga" (1984).
After passing out from Ninasam, Darshan worked as a lightboy in various films, before entering the mainstream filmmaking as an assistant cameraman to veteran cinematographer B. C. Gowrishankar. Then he was recognized by director S. Narayan who offered him a role in his television soap. Narayan then offered him a supporting role in his 1997 film "Mahabharatha". Darshan consecutively was featured in films like "Devara Maga" (2000) as the son of Ambareesh, "Ellara Mane Dosenoo" (2000), "Bhoothayyana Makkalu" (2000) and "Mr. Harishchandra" (2001) mostly in insignificant supporting and uncredited roles. This period saw him play minor roles in television soaps as well.
Srinivasa Murthy became a producer of Kannada films quite early. He started off producing films with his friend Jai Jagadish. He made films like "Maathru Devo Bhava" and a comedy film "Thaayigobba Tharlemaga" with Kashinath. Struggling actress "Chandrika" became a heroine through Kashinath's film. Then he start to produce films as an independent producer "Nambidare Nambi Bittare Bidi" directed by Umesh which introduced Shruthi as the heroine - and "Hosamane Aliya" with Anant Nag and Bhavya. He also became a film director producing and directing the children film "Devara Makkalu" which won lot of appreciation from critics. It also won an award for Best Children Film from the State government of Karnataka.
He was doing what Chi Udayashanker famous cinema writer was doing in the office. In the ledger books he was keeping the famous novels and reading. Chi Udayashanker was sent out from office for that. Even he also faced the same situation. After he became hero as Rajesh he have acted with Dr Rajakumar again in Devara Makkalu, Prathidwani, Kranthiveera. In ‘Devara Gudi’ he was with Vishnuvardhana in an important role. From 1975 he got various good offers. Devara Duddu, Badhu Bangaravaythu, Beluvaladha Madilalli, Mugiyadha Kathe, which all one after the other became hits. It was a lifetime role for him in ‘Beluvaladha Madilalli’. Kaliyuga, Pitamaha. Satyanarayana Pooja Phale, Karna, and the recent Bhimoos Bang Bang Kids of SV Rajendra Singh Babu he played important roles.