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Collected Poems (1960 - 2008), Malgas Publishers, 2008;
Fireflies Facing The Moon (Children's Poems), Malgas Publishers, 2008;
Couzyn has authored two books for children. With Julie Malgas, she produced a study of Koos Malgas, the sculptor who helped create "The Owl House", a museum in Nieu-Bethesda, Eastern Cape, South Africa, noted for its visionary conception.
In May 2006 Morocky released his third album, "Introducing TeeDee". The Dogg co-produced the entire album with Jay Malgas.
Malgas is a settlement on the right (southwest) bank of the Breede River in the Overberg region of the Western Cape. It is situated 25 kilometres north-west of the Breede River mouth at Witsand, and 30 kilometres south-east of Swellendam. The name "Malgas" is probably an adaptation of the Portuguese "mangas de velludo", "velvet sleeves", referring to the Cape gannet ("Morus capensis") with its black-tipped wings. According to the 2011 census, Malgas has a population of 44 people in 20 households. It is well known for the "pont", a man-hauled pontoon cable ferry across the Breede River, which is the last of its type in South Africa.
If the sentencing court finds that "substantial and compelling circumstances" are present, it may impose a lesser sentence. As to what constitutes a "substantial and compelling circumstance," and how courts should approach the issue, see "S v Malgas".
The album also saw The Dogg take a substantially more predominant production role, most of it was self-produced, with collaboration from Lucky Mereki and Jay Malgas co-producing half of it.
Holiday resort west of Malgas River mouth, some 24km south-west of George and east of Guano Bay. Named after the first Dutch Reformed minister of George, Tobias Johannes Herold (1812-1823).
Malgas was subject to guano removal in 1845, an activity which also resulted in the presence of low retaining walls, paths and, on the eastern side, several buildings and a jetty. Since 1986 it has been part of the West Coast National Park.
Bailey has a history of close collaboration with other artists - most famously musicians. He has done work with David Bowie, Brian Eno, Dave Matthews and Arno Carstens. In addition he has worked with photographers Adam Letch and Zwelethu Mthethwa and sculptor Koos Malgas.
On Malgas Island, the population is mostly seaweed and rock lobsters. Rock lobsters act as predators, preying on mussels that try to settle. The lobsters also prey on whelks, except for one species, "Burnupena papyracea", the shell of which is usually encrusted with a commensal bryozoan.
In June 2011, the Swellendam Municipality area, which includes Barrydale, Suurbraak, Malgas, Infanta and Stormsvlei, re-declared itself a Republic. This republic is dedicated to the principles of the New South Africa, and celebrates rural life, racial harmony, respect for nature and wildlife, and aims to promote sustainability and an "unplugged" way of life for all to enjoy.
Malgas Island is a small, , uninhabited island lying in the northern part of the entrance to Saldanha Bay, in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It lies about from the mainland in the Benguela upwelling system. It is circular in shape and flat, with the highest point about above sea level. It is known for its large breeding colony of Cape gannets.
Following her travels in Australia Gillham traveled to South Africa, arriving at Cape Town by boat on 1 May 1960. On 8 May 1960 she moved to Saldanha, from which she took an expedition to three of the Saldanha Bay Islands; Jutten, Malgas and Marcus. Gillham headed back to Cape Town on 13 May 1960, where she spent time at Compton Herbarium and visited Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve.
The Southern Spears originally had a core squad of 22 players, and are widely recognised as The People’s Team throughout the Eastern Cape and are drawn from, 6 players from Border, 4 from SWD and 12 from Eastern Province. Of the squad of 22, three were in the Springbok under-21 squad that took part in the under-21 World Championship. These were the Captain Ashley Johnson – No.8, Warren Malgas at No.9 and Isma-eel Dollie at flyhalf.
With the arrival of British settlers in the early 19th century the Overberg boomed, and Swellendam was soon the heart of the mercantile empire of Barry and Nephews, created by Joseph Barry, which dominated trade in the area up until 1870. The Breede River is the only navigable river in South Africa and ships sailed 35 km up river to Malgas to unload and load merchandise.
As per her wishes, the Owl House has been kept intact as a museum. In 1991, the Friends of The Owl House arranged for Koos Malgas to return to Nieu-Bethesda to care for the site. The Owl House Foundation, which was formed in 1996, now manages the site. The house was declared a provisional national monument in 1989 and was opened as a museum in 1992.
The principal town and location of the municipal headquarters is Swellendam, which as of 2011 had a population of 17,537. Suurbraak (pop. 2,252) is situated east of Swellendam at the southern end of Tradouws Pass which cuts through the Langeberg, while Barrydale (pop. 4,156) is at the other end of the pass on the edge of the Little Karoo. Buffeljagsrivier (pop. 1,439) is situated southeast of Swellendam on the river of the same name. Malgas (pop. 44) is located at a pontoon ferry on the Breede River, the last crossing of the river before it reaches the ocean. Infanta (pop. 90) is situated at the mouth of the river on its southern bank.
In 1951, the Cape Garrison Artillery batteries were renamed "coast regiments". 5th Heavy Battery was disbanded, but "1 Coast Regiment (CGA)", "2 Coast Regiment (CGA)" and "8 Coast Regiment (CGA)" were transferred to the newly formed South African Corps of Marines, which was directed by the Navy. The SACM also controlled anti-aircraft units, and when the SACM disbanded in 1955, the anti-aircraft units were transferred to the Army, and the coast regiments were taken over by the Navy. The three CGA units were renamed SAS "Ubique", SAS "Diaz", and SAS "Malgas". They were disbanded in 1958.
The breeding range of Cape gannet is restricted to southern Africa in three islands off Namibia and three islands off South Africa. They normally nest in large and dense colonies on flat islands or on flat ledges of the steeply sloping Mercury Island off Namibia. The world population was estimated in 1996 to number about 340,000 birds, with 12% in Namibia and 88% in South Africa. The largest colony of this bird, with over 140,000 birds, is found on Malgas Island, South Africa. Several birds have occasionally been found breeding on offshore Australian islands, together with Australasian gannets, although the Cape species is never represented by more than a few pairs.