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Malika Akkaoui is a Moroccan middle-distance runner. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, she competed in the Women's 800 metres.
Jelimo had a promising start for the 2012 season finishing second behind Malika Akkaoui of Morocco in an indoor meeting at Lievin, France, running a Kenyan indoor record of 1:59.10 seconds. Her indoor season was crowned by gold medal at the 2012 World Indoor Championships in Istanbul, Turkey, improving her time to 1:58.83 seconds. She was almost a second ahead of the silver medallist Nataliia Lupu of Ukraine.
Morocco's Malika Akkaoui was the most successful athlete of the competition as she won a 400/800 metres double before winning a third gold in the relay. The women's short sprints were dominated by Dana Hussein Abdul-Razzaq and Gretta Taslakian, who were first and second in both events, and Abdul-Razzaq also won a bronze over 400 m. The men's 100 metres was a photo finish between the host nation's Femi Seun Ogunode and Barakat Al-Harthi of Oman – Al-Harthi was initially declared the winner but this was later revised in favour of Ogunode. Abubaker Ali Kamal completed a novel 5000 metres/steeplechase double for Qatar, but was later disqualified for failed a drugs test at the competition. The men's 1500 metres, won by Hassan Ayanleh, was of a high standard as all three medallists achieved the Olympic "A" qualifying mark and runner-up Hamza Driouch became the third fastest youth runner of all time.