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jackfruit              tectorius              gugal              jambul              chikoo              murungai              lanzones              methi              breadnut              pisang              camote              pangium              bilimbi              lechosa              mashua              bakuchi              buah              jeera              khejri              betelnut              keluak              rambutan              palaw              calamansi              rambutans              jocote              bael              alicastrum              pedalai              kaayi              pohon              lychee              chinaberry              mamey              katakuri              jagung              pulasan              chayote              sapodilla              flabellifer              egusi              olluco              kencur              emblic              saging              culantro              bilva              penghou              badam              espasol             

Examples of "malunggay"
Sting Energy Drink is a carbonated energy drink from PepsiCo International. Sting is available in three flavours, such as original Gold Rush, Gold (with Ginseng), Power Pacq (Gold Rush with Malunggay), Power Lime (Kiwifruit/Lime) and Berry Blast (Strawberry).
Several objects and events in relation the First Gulf War were used by the cartoonist as "material" for this story arc. Aside from the obvious (such as Ka Kwate, Ka Damuseyn, and Tiyuhing Samuel), here are the other parallelisms between the Malunggay Conflict and the First Gulf War:
The major products of the province include: hand-woven blankets ("Inabel"), softbrooms, baskets, pottery, rice wine ("tapuey"), sugarcane wine ("basi"), sugarcane vinegar, wood craft, bamboo craft, native rice cakes, antique-finish furniture, dried fish, coconuts, sea urchins, "malunggay", and pebble stones.
The town is rich in rice, corn, sugarcane, malunggay, katuday & fruit-bearing trees such as star apple, chico, mango, camachile & atis. Its main product is "basi," a wine made from fermented sugarcane juice; as well as cane vinegar. They also make nutritious ice cream made up of vegetables in Barangay Bungro, and is being popularized by the town's local government.
The Malunggay Conflict is an adventure story arc of the Philippine comic strip series "Pugad Baboy", created by Pol Medina Jr. and originally published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. This particular story arc lasts 30 strips long. In 1992, the story arc was reprinted in "Pugad Baboy 4", the fourth book compilation of the comic strip series.
Sauropus androgynus, also known as katuk, star gooseberry, or sweet leaf, is a shrub grown in some tropical regions as a leaf vegetable. In Chinese it is called "mani cai" (马尼菜); in Japan it is called "amame shiba" (アマメシバ); in Malay it is called "cekur manis", "sayur manis", or "asin-asin"; in Thai it is called "pak waan"; in Vietnamese, it is called "rau ngót";in Philippines,it is called Chinese Malunggay and in Kerala, India it is called "madhura cheera".
For vegetarians, there is "dinengdeng", a dish consisting of moringa leaves ("malunggay") and slices of bittermelon. There is also "pinakbet", stewed vegetables heavily flavored with "bagoong". A type of seafood salad known as "kinilaw" is made up of raw seafood such as fish or shrimp cooked only by steeping in local vinegar, sometimes with coconut milk, onions, spices and other local ingredients. It is comparable to the Peruvian ceviche.
Its economy is based on agriculture, with root crops such as gabi, palaw, sweet potato, ube and apale. It has plantation of coconuts, lanzones, mangosteen, rambotan, marang, hibi (June plume), guyabano, santol, durian and native bananas. Herbal plants such as Salingkapao (tawa-tawa), buyo, dalapot (sambong) grows in each household plot. Vegetables such as string beans, squash, malunggay, likway, bago and sikwa can be found. Sea foods such as bongcawel, saang, bacase, king crabs, nukos (squid), lato (seaweeds), kitong, dangget, lapu-lapu, pasayan (prawn) can be bought every Friday (market day).
Traditionally, this dish is cooked with chicken, wedges of green papaya, and leaves of the siling labuyo chili pepper in broth flavored with ginger, onions and fish sauce. A common variant substitutes fish or pork for chicken, chayote instead of papaya, or with tomatoes and moringa leaves known as "marungay" or "malunggay" or "kamunggay" (in Cebuano), instead of pepper leaves. However, an all-vegetable broth in Cebu with "kamunggay" in prominence is called "utan" "kamunggay" or "utan" "bisayâ", while it is called "law-oy" in Mindanao and "laswa" in Hiligaynon. Another variation is "Tinolang Tahong", a soup made with mussels, ginger, onion, garlic and bird's eye chili.
It consists of leaves of "Moringa oleifera" known in the Philippines as "kamunggay", "marunggay", "balunggay" and "malunggay", "okra", a Philippines pumpkin or squash called "kalabasa" or "calabasa", leaves of "Basella alba" known in Philippines as "alugbati", the long slender oriental variety of "eggplant" known as "talong" or "tawong", "ginger" root known as "luya" or "luy-a", "tomatoes" known as "kamatis", "yard long beans" known as "pole sitaw" or "batong" or "balatong", "taro root" known in Philippines as "gabi", "green onions" and additionally may contain Chinese or head "cabbage", "lemon grass" known as "tanglad", "bitter melon" known as "ampalaya", young "luffa" known as "patola", green "papaya", and "chayote" known as "sayote".
The Filipino version of polvorón, or pulvuron in the local vernacular, uses a large amount of powdered milk which is left dry, as well as toasted flour, and butter or margarine instead of lard. A number of local variants on the traditional "polvorón" recipe have been made. Well-known variants include "polvorón" with "kasuy" (cashew nut), with "pinipig" (pounded and toasted young green rice, similar to crisped rice) and with "malunggay" leaves. Strawberry, chocolate-coated, "ube" (purple yam), peanut, and cookies and cream flavoured "polvorón" also exist.
One day Ka Kwate discovers that a malunggay tree he owns has been annexed into his neighbor Ka Damuseyn's (a spoof of Saddam Hussein) territory. Ka Kwate complains to the UN (United Neighbors of Bangui) and the council approves the use of force against Ka Damuseyn. Ka Noli enlists the help of his "Tiyuhing Samuel" (Uncle Sam, modeled on George H. W. Bush), famed witch doctor of Bangui, and his assistant, Swarskop (a spoof of H. Norman Schwarzkopf). Samuel uses a "mystical jar" to summon winged insects that eat plants to devastate Ka Damuseyn's vegetable garden; an airstrike of sorts. Ka Damuseyn retaliates by using his own "mystical jar", which he calls the "Mother of all Bottles", summoning insects to attack Ka Kwate's own garden. Samuel, however, calls upon ducks and geese to intercept Ka Damuseyn's insect forces, and deploys snails in a land assault. The damage to his gardens is more than Ka Damuseyn can take; he surrenders and the malunggay tree is returned to the ownership of Ka Kwate.
Ilokanos boast of a somewhat healthy diet heavy in boiled or steamed vegetables and freshwater fish, but are particularly fond of dishes flavored with "bagoong", fermented fish that is often used instead of salt. Ilokanos often season boiled vegetables with "bagoong monamon" (fermented anchovy paste) to produce "pinakbet". Local specialties include the "abuos," soft white larvae of ants, and "jumping salad" or tiny, live shrimp with "kalamansi" juice. Another food that is popular for many Ilokanos is the Moringa or "Malunggay". It is a good condiment for meat soup(e.g. tinola) or it can be mixed with the famous "dinengdeng", a soup made of mainly vegetables with prawns "alamang". Most households grow this tree in their backyards and usually offered free for all the neighbors who may want them. Many Ilokanos from Hawai'i are fond of eating them.
There are many cities in Saudi Arabia where Filipinos have made businesses. For example, in Al-Khobar, in the eastern province, Filipinos are the majority of the visitors in Al-Ramaniyah Mall where one will find the only Jollibee Restaurant in Eastern Province. There are several Philippine eateries or restaurants in the city. There are also Filipino stores named "Kadiwa" where they sell Philippine products and vegetables such as kangkong and malunggay. In the city of Jeddah, there is a place called Balad along Jeddah City Center and Jeddah International Market along Madinah Road where Filipinos gather the most during weekends. Surrounded with shopping malls which caters to mainly Filipino customers, you will find everything Filipino from restaurants, groceries and goods from the Philippines. There are three Jollibee Restaurants in Jeddah alone which makes it for Filipinos in Jeddah less likely to miss their comfort Filipino cuisines from home.
His investigation reveal that a certain Doña Fe Bagamundo had bought the Gothom City lot. He also discovered that the same Doña Fe had bought all the lots formerly occupied by the Gothom City residents. Babman stakes out the residents at the new relocation site they called "Malunggay Uno" (Moringa One). Goons again harass the squatters, but instead of confronting them, Babman begins tailing the bad guys. As he suspected, the goons make their way to Doña Fe's mansion. Eavesdropping on the group, Babman learns their modus operandi: Doña Fe's goons pretend to be the lot owner's bad guys; they would encourage violence until public sympathy fell in favor of the squatters and the lot owner was forced to sell the land. Babman learns the awful truth - the people he had been defending are professional squatters. He tries determine who the legitimate squatters were and also interviews the lots' former owners, before getting into a showdown with Doña Fe and her goons.