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haselbachtal              ruppertshofen              oberharmersbach              oberweser              tabarz              lupstein              lofer              ellweiler              wulka              tannheim              namborn              heuthen              weitenhagen              nossendorf              eiterfeld              baltzenheim              schauerberg              oettern              haynrode              schmitshausen              oberneisen              breitenworbis              wahlhausen              dettighofen              ostritz              kuckau              cursdorf              steinmauern              burkau              schirgiswalde              leutersdorf              weilersbach              glasbach              lehrberg              oberdrauburg              wachtberg              palzem              niederhosenbach              adelmannsfelden              chernyshevskoye              wilhelmsdorf              merschbach              berzdorf              burladingen              altkirchen              schwobsheim              marktsteft              ottersheim              forggensee              lanzenkirchen             

Examples of "mamming"
Mamming is a municipality in the district of Dingolfing-Landau in Bavaria in Germany.
The Palais Mamming Museum is the city museum of Meran, South Tyrol.
Bartholomäus Kalb (born 13 July 1949 in Mamming) is a German politician of the Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU).
The neighbouring communities clockwise: Mamming, Landau an der Isar, Simbach (bei Landau), Falkenberg (Niederbayern), Rimbach (Niederbayern), Gangkofen, Marklkofen and Gottfrieding
In the village of Marklkofen is a railway station with the double-barrelled name of "Frontenhausen-Marklkofen" that forms the present-day northern terminus of the route, and is named after the neighbouring village of Markt Frontenhausen. West of the railway station the route crossed the Vils on three bridge sections until the closure of the section of the line from Frontenhausen-Marklkofen to Pilsting in 1969. Via the little villages of Poxau and Steinberg, where at one time there were wayside halts, the track runs finally uphill to the north. At the hamlet of Wunder the line crossed the watershed between the Vils and the Isar in a long cutting. Around here is also the intermediate station which lies about 1.5 km from the village of Griesbach, part of the town of Markt Reisbach. With steep inclines in places the route continues on to Mamming, where there is a railway station north of the Mamming brook which is crossed on a large bridge. The largest structure on the route is found on the next section where the river Isar is crossed on a steel truss bridge comprising five 36 m long section. Behind Goben the route finally reaches the railway station of Pilsting above two kilometres south of the market town which gives it its name. The following section from Pilsting–Plattling is today part of the Landshut–Plattling railway.
The equivalent to the Soviet Union. It occupies nearly all of the western part of Derlavai. Ethnic Unkerlanters are dark-haired and stocky, clean-shaven, and wear long tunics (the tendency to be clean-shaven being what distinguishes them from the Forthwegians), but Unkerlant is apparently home to ethnic minorities such as the people of the Mamming Hills in the south, who look "more like Kuusamans than anything else." Its people are brutally treated by the paranoid and ruthless King Swemmel, analogous to Joseph Stalin. Swemmel is a hard, suspicious man who is fond of boiling his enemies alive. Swemmel defeated his brother Kyot in the Twinking's War, the equivalent to the Russian Civil War, shortly after the Six Years' War. The capital of Unkerlant is Cottbus. Names in Unkerlant are of German or pseudo-German origin.
Algarve renews an assault in the south of Unkerlant toward the Mamming Hills, which is Unkerlant's source of cinnabar, leading to the mammoth Battle of Sulingen. Kaunian refugees begin showing up in Zuwayza, which takes them in; other Kaunians get away from a caravan in Valmiera and come to the attention of Skarnu and his friends (who had blown up the caravan to disrupt the Algarvians) or are set loose in a Lagoan raid on a camp in Valmiera. Leofsig is killed by Sidroc, who joins the Plegmund's Brigade. Istvan and his squad accidentally eat goat stew in a raid on a camp in Unkerlant's western forest and are purified by their captain. The Algarvians kill Kaunians in the Land of the Ice People in an attempt to use magic against the Lagoans, but the magic from the killed Kaunians slaughters the Algarvian army instead, and Algarve is forced to withdraw from the continent completely, leaving it to the Lagoans. The wear on the Algarvians is showing as they start to rely more on Sibians, Forthwegians, and the unreliable Yaninans to keep up the fight against Unkerlant. The Battle of Sulingen is won by the Unkerlanters that winter, with Trasone dying in the very last scene in the book. Algarve is on the way to losing the war. The Naantali Project starts, and the Kuusamans take Obuda.