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varavu              sookshikkuka              iniyum              kudumba              kodalu              vilikkunnu              sukham              rahasyam              cheppu              snehamulla              tharattu              pillalu              virunnukari              theerpu              paravaigal              snehicha              bhoomiyile              swapnangal              thumbolarcha              kannukal              pareeksha              rajavu              poocha              bandhangal              puthri              adimakal              muthassi              nanmakal              kalikkalam              chukkan              veettile              aagneyam              sambhavam              puthu              sphodanam              iruvattam              illada              chamayam              pambaram              chathurangam              appunni              kallan              nyayavidhi              haalu              raavukal              kadathanadan              iddaru              pennu              priyappetta              illatha             

Examples of "manathe"
Manathe Vellitheru is the story of Shobhana, who plays a pop star, gets stalked by an obsessive fan (Vineeth).
Manathe Vellitheru is a 1994 Malayalam-language Indian feature film directed by Fazil, starring Vineeth, Shobana, Mukesh, Lakshmi, Sanup Kumar and Sreenivasan.
He made his debut in cinema through `Kalli Chellamma' with the popular song, `Manathe kayalin... ' in 1969 under the baton of K. Raghavan. Before that, he had sung a few songs for All-India Radio, Thiruvananthapuram.
It was Sathyan Anthikkad who first cast Philomina in a comic role. The film "Madanmaar Londonil", gave this talented actress a new image. Her roles in films like "Malayogam", "Kireedam", "Uncle Bun", "Manathe Kottaram", "Vrudhanmaare Sookshikkuka" and "In Harihar Nagar".
Manathe Kottaram is a 1995 Malayalam film written and directed by Sunil. The film was produced by Hameed under the banner of Gemi Movies and distributed by Star Plus Release. It stars Dileep, Nadirsha, Indrans, Harisree Ashokan and Kushboo in the lead roles.
Dileep began his film career in 1991 by assisting director Kamal. He attained popularity through his impressionist acts in stage shows and "Comicola", a television comedy series aired on Asianet. His role as Dileep in "Manathe Kottaram" (1994) paved way to his acting career. Films such as "Sallapam" (1996), "Ee Puzhayum Kadannu" (1997), "Punjabi House" (1998), "Udayapuram Sulthan" (1999), and "Chandranudikkunna Dikhil" (1999) established his status as a prominent actor during the late-1990s.
Shankar had fewer Malayalam releases in late '80s as he tried different genre of films, "Ajantha", a Jungle movie, "Viswasichalum Illenkilum", a horror movie, "Amme Bhagavathi", a devotional film and an animal movie "Ithente Neethi" as an actor, but his comeback to Tamil films, "Kadhal Enum Nadhiyinile" (1989) was a success, but his much awaited action film "Panthaya Kuthiraigal" never got released. Meantime Shankar tried the anti hero roles in Malayalam with "Kizhakkunarum Pakshi" and "Abhimanyu", but as some other projects like "Aththi Poothirukku" and "Oru Pidi Mayilthandum Kurae Valapottukalum" was stalled, as well as his attempt to become director with Suresh Gopi starrer "Rakshakan" also did n't materialize as its story was found similar to a new Suresh Gopi starrer, he decided take a break from films to concentrate on business, even though he done guest roles in films like "Manathe Kottaram", "Gandharvam" and "Guru".
The first music video from the film "Kaadaniyum Kalchilambe" sung by Yesudas and Chithra was released via YouTube on 14 September 2016 in the Thiruvonam day. The song features Mohanlal and Mukherji enjoying their country life. Nivedita Mishra of "Hindustan Times" said, "It is a paean to marriage...Kaadaniyum Kalchilambe is a beautiful celebration of Kerala so lush and so soothing to the eye and so lovingly captured by cinematographer Shaji Kumar". Anjana George of "The Times of India", also gave a positive review highlighting its visuals, saying "while beautifully showcasing the chemistry between Lal [Mohanlal] and Kamalini, the director has also tried to capture the magical splendour of forest. The lovely shades of green, yellow, orange and blue are being magnificently used in the visuals". On 11 October 2016, in response to the audience demand, Sundar released the theme song attached with a making video of the film. The second music video "Manathe Marikurumbe" sung by Jairam was released on 27 October 2016.
Dileep started his career at Kalabhavan, working as a mimicry artist. He also performed in Asianet's comedy show "Comicola". Later he got a chance to be the assistant director to Kamal. While being an assistant director, Dileep did some small roles, debuting with just a small scene in Kamal's "Ennodu Ishtam Koodamo" (1992). He recommended his name to many directors. The film "Manathe Kottaram" (1994), directed by Sunil, gave him the first break and his screen name "Dileep" came into place through the character of the same name that he played. Other minor roles during this time included Joshi's "Sainyam" (1993), Sibi Malayil's "Sindoora Rekha" (1995), Viji Thampi's "Pidakozhi Koovunna Nootand" (1994), Kamal's "Ulladakkam" (1993) and "Sudhinam" (1994),"Thooval Kottaram" (1996), "Swapna Lokathe Balabhaskaran" (1996), "Ee Puzhayum Kadannu" in 1996. "Sallapam" (1996) gave him the much needed break and he became a recognisable figure in the movie industry.. He played a supporting role in I. V. Sasi's "Varnapakittu" in 1997."Punjabi House" (1998) was a major success for the actor and it saw the beginning of the popular Dileep-Harishri Asokan combo. His other films "Meenathil Thalikettu" (1998) and "Chandranudikkunna Dikhil" (1999) also fared well.