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hrudaya              rahasyam              manushya              devaru              kutumbam              kaattu              makkalu              kapuram              puthu              varam              iniyum              kodalu              bhaktha              haalu              paattu              thayi              kanike              kudumba              anandha              devara              eradu              mitrulu              naanu              maduve              varavu              iddaru              nooru              putrudu              bagavathi              raktha              geetham              nattu              mazha              gandu              thaai              ponnu              kondu              kaathirunna              yudham              jeevana              kattu              bandham              poocha              adimakal              sambhavam              thedi              sukham              ulladakkam              gejje              sidha             

Examples of "mangalya"
Mangalya Charthu is a 1987 Indian Malayalam film directed by Gouthaman.
In their earlier life of Pananagttiri, they followed same Brahmin traditions. Their Mangalya Sutra and marriages were same as that of Tamil Brahmins and was changed subsequently. The Mangalya thread must be a yellow thread (not chain) during marriage ceremony as it is considered sacred and auspicious which is applicable for both rich and poor.
Thaali is the Malayalam name for a mangala sutra, a necklace that a Hindu groom ties around the bride's neck in a ceremony called Mangalya Dharanam.
The deity 'Cherthala Karthyayani Devi' is famous as 'Mangalya Dayini' in the sense she provides welfare and prosperity for her devotees and removes obstacles for the marriage of young girls.
The film was remade in Telugu and Tamil as "Mangalya Balam" and "Manjal Mahimai". The film was remade in Hindi as "Chhoti Si Mulaqat" with Uttam Kumar reprising his role.
After finishing his degree, he decided to act. He acted in popular television serials, including: Janani, Ardha Satya Rangoli, Kumkuma Baghya, Mangalya, Malebillu, Preetigaagi, and Rathasapthami which is based on a true incident.
The temple is also an important pilgrim center, especially for the eleven-day-long annual festival celebrated in March and April months of the Gregorian calendar. The "principle deity" of temple is supreme lord Shiva. But the famous deity is Sree Bhadrakali or Sree Parvathy, locally called as "Thirumandhamkunnilamma" and the elephant god Ganesha, for whom the famous Marriage Offering (Mangalya puja) is performed. Devotees believe marriage offering (Mangalya pooja) will remove obstacles for one's marriage. Actually Thirumandhamkunnilamma is the supreme mother, Shakthi devi (goddess of power) in Hinduism. Bhadrakali believed to be born from the third eye of lord Shiva to kill the demon king Daruka. Bhadra means good and Kali means goddess of time. Bhadrakali is worshipped for prosperity and salvation. Devi is considered as the creator, protector, destroyer, nature & kundalini. Mangalya Puja, Rigveda Laksharchana, Chandattam and Kalampattu are the important religious offerings of the Thirumanthamkunnu Temple.
A typical Iyengar wedding is made up of the following events: Vethalaipakku, Pandalkal, Janwaasam, Nischayathartham, Nandi or Vratham, Kashiyathrai, Oonjal, Piddishuttal, Kanyadaanam, Mangalya Dharanam, Akshathai, Homam, Saptapadi, Nagoli, Vasthra, Gruhapravesham, Sambandhi Virandhu, Reception, and Nalangu.
A mangala sutra () is a necklace that a Hindu or Indian and sub Indian countries' groom ties around the bride's neck in a ceremony called "Mangalya Dharanam" (), which identifies her as a married woman.
Mangalya Pallakku(Mal:മംഗല്യ പല്ലക്ക്, English Translation: "Wedding-Sedan") is a Malayalam language comedy film released in the year 1 January 1998 starring Sreenivasan, Jagadish and Kasthuri. The film was directed by Vinod Roshan on the story by himself. Sathyanath has written the dialogues for the film. M. G. Sreekumar has done partial discography for this film.
Thirumandhamkunnu Pooram() is an important temple festival of Central Malabar, Kerala, India. Thriumandhamkunnu Temple is said to be one among the three important Bhagavathi temples of Kerala, the others being Kodungallur and Panayannarkavu. Daily pooja attracts thousands of devotees. The famous Mangalya Pooja attracts thousands of young girls, who seeks fortune of a good wedlock.
Mangalya () is a 1991 Indian Kannada family drama film directed by B. Subba Rao and produced by D. Rama Naidu. The film is based on the novel "Jeevana Tarangalu" written by Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani which was originally made in Telugu with the same title name in 1973 and in Hindi as "Dil Aur Deewar" in 1978.
Jeevana Tarangalu is a 1973 Telugu drama film directed by Tatineni Rama Rao. It is based on the novel by Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani and this film won 3 Filmfare Awards South. It was remade into Hindi in 1978 entitled "Dil Aur Deewar". It was then remade in Kannada as "Mangalya" in 1991 with Malashri and Sridhar in lead roles.
Tamil Series have also been remade into Kannada versions such as Rangoli was a remake of the popular Serial Kolangal, Chikamma a remake of Chithi, Bangara a remake of Thangam, Thangaali a remake of Thendral, Mangalya a remake of Metti Oli and Chandra Chakori a remake of Deivamagal. The Udaya TV air Tamil Series remade in the Kannada language.
The series has been remade into in Kannada language as Mangalya on Udaya, Malayalam language as Minnukettu on Surya, Hindi language as Shubh Vivah on Sony tv and Telugu language as Akshantalu on Gemini TV. but the story lines change in all four language into different stories and all had a different climax.
The scheme is also known as "Sumungali scheme", "Sumungali Thittam", "Suba Mangala scheme", "Subha Mangala scheme", "Mangalya Thittam", "Thirumangalam thiruman thittam", the "marriage scheme", and the "camp coolie" system. The term "Sumangali" means "married woman" or "happily married woman" in Tamil. It refers to a "single girl becoming a respectable woman through marriage".
Furthermore, he has composed symphonies like "Muhuda", "Mage kale mavni" and "Sinhala Avurudda". His cantata named "Pirinivan Mangalya", probably the only Buddhist cantata ever composed, was based on the death of the Lord Buddha and it was played at his funeral by the students of the "Khemadasa Foundation".
Viyyat ia a rural area located near Kariyavattom in the capital city of Kerala, India. one of the faimous temple is located in viyyat called Sree Viyyat Devi Kshethram. In this temple is very faimous for 'Mangalya pooja', 'Sarvabhista sidhi pooja', 'Saraswathi pooja', Ayillya pooja, 'Santhana saubhagya ganapathi homam' etc..
Mangalya Bandhana () is a 1993 Indian Kannada romantic drama film directed and produced by S. K. Bhagavan and written by P. Vasu. The film stars Ananth Nag, Malashri and Moon Moon Sen in the lead roles along with Marthaanda, K. S. Ashwath and Ramesh Bhat in key supporting roles.
After the death of Dorairaj, Bhagavan has stayed away from silver-screen. The last film the duo directed was "Mangalya Bhandana" in 1993. He with Dorairaj has directed 30 films of Dr Rajkumar. This showed the mutual understanding between them and he was also close to Dr Raj's family.