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Examples of "manioru"
Francis Manioru (born September 17, 1981) is a sprinter from the Solomon Islands who specializes in the 100 metres.
Sprinter Francis Manioru represented the Solomon Islands at Beijing in the men's 100 meters dash as its only male track and field athlete. Born in September 1981, Manioru was 22 years old when he first competed in the men's 100 meters dash at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. He ranked seventh in his heat and did not advance past the qualification round. However, Manioru returned as a 26-year-old to participate in the 2008 Olympics. During the qualification round of the event, which took place on 14 August, Manioru was placed in the first heat against seven other athletes. He finished the race in 11.09 seconds, placing behind ni-Vanuatu sprinter Moses Kamut (10.81 seconds), who in turn placed behind Surinamese sprinter Jurgen Themen (10.61 seconds). The heat was led by Jamaica's Usain Bolt (10.20 seconds) and Antigua and Barbuda's Daniel Bailey (10.24 seconds). Manioru ranked 68th out of the 80 athletes participating in the qualification heats. Manioru did not advance to later rounds.
During the 2008 Summer Olympics, three athletes (one male and two female) participated across two sports in three distinct events. Pauline Kwalea, the year's female sprinter, was the youngest member of the delegation at 20 years old. Male sprinter Francis Manioru, at 26 years old, was the oldest. Weighlifter Wendy Hale bore the flag of the Solomon Islands at the ceremonies.
Kamut participated in the men's 100m sprint, and participated in the first round of the event on August 14. Kamut was placed in the first heat, and ran the event in 10.81 seconds. Within the first heat, Kamut placed 7th out of 8, beating Francis Manioru of the Solomon Islands by 0.28 seconds, but falling behind Jamaica's Usain Bolt by 0.61 seconds. Bolt ranked first in Kamut' heat. Overall, Moses Kamut ranked 61st out of 80 out of all the heats run on that day, and did not advance to the next round. Kamut received financial assistance through the Beijing Scholarship, which terminated after the Beijing Olympics ended.
The Solomon Islands send a team to compete at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. The country's delegation consisted of three athletes competing in two sports across three distinct events; Francis Manioru and Pauline Kwalea represented the Solomon Islands in track, while Wendy Hale competed in weightlifting. The arrival of the Solomon Islander delegation in Beijing marked its seventh appearance since its debut at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. The track athletes did not advance past the first rounds in their events. There were no medalists from the Solomon Islander athletes in these Games. Wendy Hale was the Solomon Islands' flagbearer during the Games' opening ceremony.