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Buchanan arranges to buy the statue from an unsuspecting Manleder. Blackie learns about it, and sees a way to unravel the mystery. He follows the movers back to their lair. Sneaking inside, he overpowers Caulder (Kenneth MacDonald), one of Buchanan's henchmen. However, Buchanan returns, with Diane as his prisoner, resulting a Mexican standoff. Meanwhile, both Manleder and the Runt are picked up by the police. Farraday has them released, hoping they will lead him to their friend. The Runt is too experienced to be taken in, but Manleder does return to the crooks' secret underground workshop, where they copy artworks. In the ensuing gunfight, Buchanan is killed, but the shots destroy the electrical circuits controlling the only way in, trapping them all in the soundproof chamber. Fortunately, Blackie comes up with the idea to start a fire in the ventilation shaft, and firemen arrive to let them out.
Boston Blackie (Chester Morris) helps get prisoners with needed skills released on parole to help in the machine and tool plant of his friend, Arthur Manleder (Lloyd Corrigan). Those chosen want to support America's war effort. All of the parolees have to stay in Blackie's apartment, all except robber Dooley Watson. Blackie allows him to see his wife and son.
Boston Blackie (Chester Morris) and his sidekick The Runt (George E. Stone) are called, first to a Manhattan apartment where there's $60,000 waiting in a safe, then to Hollywood, by Boston's old friend Arthur Manleder (Lloyd Corrigan) to bail him out of gangster trouble. Naturally the police are suspicious and trail him every step of the way.
Boston Blackie's wealthy friend, Arthur Manleder (Lloyd Corrigan), purchases an upscale bookstore from aged Wilfred Kittredge (George M. Carleton), but retains his services as a book expert. However, when Kittredge becomes ill just before an important auction he was to conduct, Blackie proves that he can impersonate him, fooling everyone, including Police Inspector Farraday (Richard Lane).
Blackie and Runt were often assisted in their endeavors by their friends: the cheerful but easily flustered millionaire Arthur Manleder (almost always played by Lloyd Corrigan; Harry Hayden and Harrison Greene each played the role once), and the streetwise pawnbroker Jumbo Madigan (played by Cy Kendall or Joseph Crehan). A variety of actresses including Rochelle Hudson, Harriet Hilliard, Adele Mara and Ann Savage took turns playing various gal-Friday characters.
When Police Inspector Farraday (Richard Lane) arrives, he automatically assumes that Blackie is guilty and takes him into custody. Buchanan hides in the hollow fake statue. Then when the coast is clear, he puts Allison's body (and the incriminating bullet) inside and makes his escape. The replica is purchased by Blackie's wealthy friend, Arthur Manleder (Lloyd Corrigan). Despite lacking a corpse, Farraday keeps Blackie in jail, but not for long. Blackie switches places with an unfortunate ice cream man (William Benedict) and escapes.
Born in San Francisco, California, Corrigan studied drama at the University of California, Berkeley, from which he graduated in 1922. Corrigan played both romantic leads and villains throughout his career. He also appeared in a number of Boston Blackie films as millionaire Arthur Manleder. He starred with Roy Acuff and William Frawley in the 1949 film, "My Home in San Antone". In the 1950 film, "Cyrano de Bergerac", he played Ragueneau, the lovable pastry cook, though in this version the role is partially combined with that of Ligniere, the drunken poet, who is omitted from the film.
He goes to see Diane in the hospital to obtain information. To get in undetected, he once again appropriates the unlucky ice cream man's uniform and pretends to be Diane's doctor. When he learns why she needs the money so badly, he arranges for his assistant, the "Runt" (George E. Stone), to masquerade as an insurance adjuster to give her $6000 he borrowed from Manleder. The money had initially been intended to pay off a blackmailing Mona (Joan Woodbury), who claims she is Blackie's wife. When Mona shows up and demands the money, Diane realizes that Blackie is her benefactor.
When "Diamond" Ed Barnaby (an uncredited Walter Baldwin) is paroled, he sets out to give $100,000 worth of diamonds to his daughter, Betty (Ann Savage). Aware that several shady characters know he has the jewels, he stashes them in a safe deposit box in the Arcade Building. Betty later receives a call asking her to meet him there, but he never shows up. She contacts her father's only real friend: Horatio Black, better known as Boston Blackie. He agrees to help and drops Betty off at the apartment of his wealthy friend, Arthur Manleder (Lloyd Corrigan), for safekeeping. His sidekick, "the Runt" (George E. Stone), has to postpone his wedding to statuesque bubble dancer Dixy Rose Blossom.