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Examples of "manouane"
Manouane River quenches including several large bodies of water, such as lakes Châteauvert, Manouane and Kempt.
The White River (La Tuque) (flowing north-east and north-south at the end of his course) is the main tributary of the Manouane River; it discharges on the left bank at 1.6 km from the mouth of the Manouane river. The watershed of the White River (La Tuque) covers the area north of the Manouane river basin.
Coming from Wemotaci, a forest road crosses the Manouane River (La Tuque) at the top of the dam Manouane-C, and then moves to the west by the north shore of Lake Châteauvert.
Manouane was the former name of Manawan, Quebec, a First Nations reserve.
The main roads to reach the lake Manouane pass through Saint-Micihel-des-Saints (Lanaudière) or Rivière-aux-Rats (Mauricie).
Lake Manouane is a lake in central Quebec, Canada. It is just north-east of Kempt Lake, mostly within the boundaries of the City of La Tuque. (Its extreme southern tip lies in Baie-Obaoca, in Matawinie Regional County Municipality.) It should not be confused with more northerly Lake Manouane in the Peribonka River watershed.
The Lac Kempt, located southwest of Lake Manouane is the main tributary of the latter. A strait of about 1.9 km connects the Lac Kempt and Manouane lake. The main road from the south passes between these two lakes, to serve their respective territories to the north.
Manouane River is one of the five major tributaries of the Saint-Maurice River, where it discharges opposite to the village of Wemotaci, located about 115 km north of La Tuque in Upper Mauricie. The mouth of Manouane River is located between Chute Allard dam and Gouin reservoir dam (at the head of Saint-Maurice River).
Sanmaur is located along Forest Road 25, which goes to the west along the south shore of Manouane River (La Tuque). At one kilometer west of Sanmaur, the road linking Parent and Wemotaci crosses a bridge over the Manouane River and joins Route 25.
Québec: QC1 Val d'Or (small isolated local population), QC2 Charlevoix (small isolated local population), QC3 Pipmuacan, QC4 Manouane, QC5 Manicouagan, QC6 Quebec (very large range).
The Manouane River, a tributary of the Peribonka River, flows in the administrative region of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, in Quebec, Canada.
Sanmaur is located on the banks of the Saint-Maurice River in front of Wemotaci and near the mouth of the Manouane River.
Located southeast of Lake Manouane, Kempt Lake is deformed and has many peninsulas and bays. It includes dozens of islands, the most important are the islands "Aux érables" (maple), cedar island and Arikici island.
The territory of Lake Manouane is entirely in forested area. On the economic front, the tourist activities take special development under the aegis of First Nations communities in the region.
A 6.1 km long strait separates lakes Manouane and Kempt. The distance by road is 173 km from the center of the town of Saint-Michel-des-Saints and Kempt Lake. The road skirts Kempt lake by the East.
Matawin River is the main tributary of the Saint-Maurice River. Other major tributaries are the rivers Vermillion and Manouane, for which their respective mouth is located North of La Tuque.
A dam was built at the mouth (northeast) of Manouane lake, at the bottom of a long strait of 7 km long, allowing the road to cross the river by the east side and serve in territories more north.
The Lake Châteauvert is located on the path of the Manouane River (La Tuque), at the west of Saint-Maurice River in the territory of La Tuque, in Mauricie, in Quebec, in Canada.
The name "Manouane" (La Tuque) is of Native American origin was officially registered on December 5, 1968 at the Bank of place names of the Commission de toponymie du Québec (Geographical Names Board of Québec)
Manouane lake is 18 km long, including the long bay in the northeast, forming the bulge of the Manouane River. This lake 8.2 km in width measured between the bay near of the airport (north-west) and the "Baie au calumet", located east of the lake. The lake drains into the river, which runs 4.2 kilometers from the dam to the mouth of the lake empties into the lake Châteauvert, located to the east. Manouane River is one of the five main tributaries of the Saint-Maurice River, where it discharges at the opposite side of the village of Wemotaci, located about 115 km northeast of the city of La Tuque in Haute-Mauricie.