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Examples of "mansilla"
Lucio Mansilla was born in Buenos Aires on April 2, 1789, son of Andrés Ximénez de Mansilla and Eduarda María Bravo. Lucio Mansilla was the 7th generation of the Mansilla family living in the Americas.
Mansilla City Council promotes Leonese language courses.
Mansilla will turn professional in 2014 with the PinoRoad squad.
Mansilla+Tuñón Architects is a Spanish architecture firm founded in Madrid in 1992 by Luis Moreno Mansilla (Madrid, 1959–2012) and Emilio Tuñón (Madrid, 1958). In 2014, Mansilla + Tuñón Architects is awarded the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts (Spain) by the Ministry of Culture of Spain.
Gobernador Mansilla is a village and municipality in Entre Ríos Province in north-eastern Argentina.
Born in Alava, Zenzano was married to Agripina de Mansilla Ruiz, born in Cádiz, descendant of Gonzalo Fernández de Mansilla born 1432 in Mansilla. Agripina was aunt of the last Regidor Perpetuo of Buenos Aires, don Manuel Mansilla. In 1739 Joseph Zenzano, served as Minister of the Casa de la Contratación, being commissioned to ascertain the alleged excesses occurred at the entrance of the ships to port of Buenos Aires. He served as Royal Notary, public and of government during the Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata.
The title of Count of Mansilla (Conde de Mansilla) originates from the 17th century. First Count of Mansilla was Antonio Campuzano y Riva Herrera in 1689. Successive Counts have been involved in Spanish politics, especially during the 20th century. One member of the Campuzano family was in exile with the Count of Barcelona in Estoril, when the Count of Barcelona was forced to remain outside Spain after the Spanish Civil War. One of the Count´s of Mansilla brothers fought alongside the Nationalist forces in the civil war, dying in la Batalla del Ebro.
General Lucio V. Mansilla is a settlement in northern Argentina. It is located in Formosa Province.
Jesus Hernando Gutierrez Mansilla was a Bolivian lawyer, and alleged cocaine trafficker,
Manuel Cabral de Melo was twice married, 1st, to Inés Arias de Mansilla, daughter of Francisco Arias de Mansilla (regidor) and Lucía de Espinosa. And to 2dly, with Juana Delgado de Espinosa, daughter of Captain Francisco Delgado de Ledesma and Jerónima de Espinosa. He had two daughters Margarita and Gregoria, and a son, Juan Cabral de Alpoim y Arias de Mansilla, alcalde, regidor and landowner of Corrientes Province.
In the Battle of Mansilla or Battle of Mansilla de las Mulas on 30 December 1808 an Imperial French corps led by Nicolas Soult caught up with a Spanish corps commanded by Pedro Caro, 3rd Marquis of la Romana. Soult's cavalry under Jean Baptiste Marie Franceschi-Delonne overran la Romana's rear guard led by General Martinengo. Mansilla de las Mulas is a town located southeast of León, Spain. The combat occurred during the Peninsular War, part of the Napoleonic Wars.
Jurisdictionally, they guarded the manors of Mansilla, Medina de Rioseco, Melgar, Palenzuela, Peñafiel, Rueda, Torrelobatón and Tarifa.
In 1985, it moved to its current facility in 2668 Mansilla, Recoleta. It is acquired by Grupo Clarín in 1992.
Allan Leschhorn, Luis Mansilla, Ronnie Torres and Adam Ayan — "La Llave de mi Corazón" (Juan Luis Guerra)
Mansilla died in Buenos Aires on April 10, 1871, during an epidemic of Yellow Fever in the city.
Miguel Ángel Mansilla Acuña (25 April 1953 — 26 June 2013) was an Uruguayan footballer who played as a forward.
Mansilla is a youth exponent from Racing Club. He made his league debut on 19 October 2015 against Boca Juniors.
Alvarez graduated from the ETSAM School of Architecture in 1981, obtaining a PhD in 1998. He was with the Fine Arts Cultural Department (1982) and the Architecture Public Works and Urban Planning Department (1983). Until 1992, he worked in the office of Spanish architect Rafael Moneo. In 1992, Alvarez and Luis Moreno Mansilla established the architecture firm Mansilla + Tuñón Architects.
Eduarda Mansilla was formally trained to be a musician. Growing up in Buenos Aires she had learned to play the piano. This particular aspect of her up bringing was a result of the prevalent social norms of the times, which dictated that people of high social standing be well versed in music. Mansilla even composed music, and had published some of them.
On Thursday, 12 January 2012, Mr. José Luis Pérez, head of the Instituto Nacional Penitenciario (INPE), received a judicial order for the release of Mr. Mansilla issued by Juan Carlos Aranda Giraldo, who presides over the second penal court, revoking the detention order and Mr. Mansilla was liberated on Friday, 13 January 2012 at 10:50 A.M. EST.