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charalampos              dionysis              vasileiou              christoforos              vasileios              papantoniou              konstantaras              thodoros              dimitriadis              lambrou              papathanasiou              panagiotopoulos              diamantis              charalambos              vagelis              michailidis              vaios              panagiotidis              fotis              oikonomou              tsaganeas              stamatis              periklis              efthimios              tasos              alkis              aggelos              kalogeropoulos              gerakarakis              vourtzoumis              panayiotis              konstantinou              stefanidis              romanidis              sampanis              lavrentis              valtinos              axiotis              theofilos              nikolaou              kokorogiannis              kokolakis              alekos              vasiliadis              hadjikyriakos              zafeiris              kazakos              dimosthenis              kastrinakis              alexandris             

Examples of "manthos"
At 1817 Manthos became member of Filiki Eteria, and supported financially with huge amounts of money the Greek Revolution: a total donation of over 50.000 Russian rubles was offered for the Revolution’s objectives. Manthos, died at 1824 in Russia.
Mathaios "Manthos" Katsoulis (; born July 20, 1956) is a retired Greek professional basketball player.
Manthos Rizaris (, 1764–1824) and Georgios Rizaris (, 1769–1842) were Greek benefactors, merchants and members of the organization Filiki Eteria.
Lambis Manthos (born 30 January 1934) is a Greek former sports shooter. He competed at four Olympic Games.
A challenge for digital culture, Fournos Centre for the digital culture, Editor Manthos Santorineos, Mediaterra Festival, Athens, Greece, 2006
Manthos Kaloudis (1911–1990) was a Greek cyclist. He competed in three events at the 1948 Summer Olympics.
A travers les aventures de l'enregistrement de la recherche, de la pensée et de l'Art, Manthos Santorineos, Collection Ouverture philosophique, Edition L’Harmattan, 2007
Kostas Petropoulos, Giorgos Kastrinakis, Vasilis Paramandis, Dimitris Karatzoulidis, Manthos Katsoulis, Sotiris Sakellariou, Takis Koroneos, Minas Gekos, Liveris Andritsos, Panagiotis Giannakis, Dimitris Kokolakis, (Coach: Dick Dukeshire)
According to the official report, Howard Wing from China broke his collar bone after finishing his first round race. Manthos Kaloudis from Greece took his place.
Conspiracy plans to overthrow Ottoman rule in the northern region of Epirus were organized in the 1570s by local Greek nobles, Manthos Papagiannis and Panos Stolikos, Nevertheless revolutionary actions began after Papagiannis' death in 1596.
Manthos Santorineos, since 1984, has been active in promoting art and technology, having established the Department of Art and Technology at the Ileana Tounda Centre (1987), the Fournos Center for Digital Culture (1991) and the Mediaterra Festival (1998).
Fourth: Aris Thessaloniki (Greece) Nikos Galis, Panagiotis Giannakis, Mike Jones, Stojko Vranković, Slobodan-Lefteris Subotić, Michalis Romanidis, Nikos Filippou, Vassilis Lipiridis, Manthos Katsoulis, Georgios Doxakis, Kostas Baltatzis, Nikos Tsirakidis, Michail Misunov, Vangelis Vourtzoumis (Coach: Ioannis Ioannidis)
Manthos Economou (; 1754 – 22 August 1820) was a Greek member of the Filiki Eteria, private secretary and advisor of Ali Pasha of Ioannina. He was executed by the Ottoman troops.
Matthaios "Manthos" Voulgarakis (, born 14 March 1980 in Chania) is a Greek water polo player. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, he competed for the Greece men's national water polo team in the men's event. He is tall.
Third: Aris Thessaloniki (Greece) Nikos Galis, Panagiotis Giannakis, Slobodan-Lefteris Subotić, Greg Wiltjer, Michalis Romanidis, Nikos Filippou, Vassilis Lipiridis, Georgios Doxakis, Manthos Katsoulis, Michail Misunov, Vangelis Vourtzoumis, Petros Stamatis, Dimitris Avdalas, Larry Kapcik (Coach: Ioannis Ioannidis)
Monodendri was the birthplace of the merchants and national benefactors Manthos and Georgios Rizaris, and of Angelos Kitsos (former president of the Rizarios Foundation). There were three schools in Monodendri in the 19th century, a primary school (“Ellinikon” or "Common School of Greek Studies " (Greek: Κοινή Σχολή Ελληνικών Μαθημάτων) founded by the brothers Manthos and Georgios Rizaris in 1835) and housed in their original home, an Allelodidaktikon (high school) and a school for girls, the Parthenagogeion, also founded by the Rizaris brothers in 1841.
Rizari brothers were born in the village of Monodendri of Zagori region (Epirus). They lost both parents at an early age. Manthos Rizaris, the elder brother, moved to Moscow, in order to work in his uncle’s trading business. At 1806 Georgios followed. They got involved in trade and made a fortune.
For the next season, 1978–79, Ergotelis, led by head coach Manthos Stathakis, was once again crowned Cretan Champion, and thus participated in the Provincial Championship held in August 1979. The club tied at the top of the final standings table with Panachaiki, but secured promotion to the B League as it had won the head-to-head match during the championship.
Born in Thessaloniki, Matthaiou began playing professional basketball, as well as many other sports, with Aris BC in 1945. His father was Manthos Matthaiou, president of Aris Thessaloniki, who was killed in 1941 during Italian airbombings of Thessaloniki during the Greco-Italian War. In 1949, he transferred to Panathinaikos BC. He also played with Panionios, the Italian League club Pallacanestro Varese, and Sporting.
Deus Ex Machina is a popular Greek hardcore punk band from Athens formed in 1989 by Dimitris Spyropoulos and Dimitris Manthos, with Spyropoulos and Yiannis Venardis (the group's drummer) having already been early Greek Punk scene's 'veterans' (they were members of Adiexodo).