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ponnu              mogudu              pudhu              thaai              thedi              uravu              geetham              vendum              kalyanam              kizhakku              sneham              manithan              ennai              neeyum              vandha              kudumba              sangili              lathika              paravai              varai              koodu              raasa              yudham              thanga              swantham              sudharsanam              nalla              abhayam              thilakam              purushan              bandham              ithu              raktha              swapnam              manasu              paadum              unnai              puthiya              kavithai              kattalai              poocha              kaakkum              vanthachu              aadai              meendum              sundaran              kadha              samsaram              paasam              velai             

Examples of "mappillai"
Malayalam language and Journalism were the soul and spirit of Varghese Mappillai. Under his exuberant leadership and great vision Malayala Manorama progressed. He utilized the media to nourish and flourish Malayalam language and literature. O M Cherian, Kattakkayathil Cherian Mappillai, Kottarathil Shankunni, K C Keshava Pillai and C S Subramaniam Potti were his close associates. Varghese Mappillai became an established writer at his young age. The Malayalam Primer for Children written by Varghese Mappillai was not known to many.
Mappillai can refer to three Tamil language films.
Varghese Mappillai also made noteworthy contributions in reforming Malayalam alphabets.
Kandathil Varghese Mappillai was the founder of the newspaper Malayala Manorama and the magazine Bhashaposhini.
Kandathil Cheriyan Mappillai Mammen Mappillai was a noted journalist, who became editor of the Malayalam language daily called Malayala Manorama after his paternal uncle Kandathil Varghese Mappillai died. Besides being a noted journalist, he was a freedom-fighter. He was a member of the Sree Moolam Popular Assembly. He also went into development of plantations, and was the inspiration behind the various enterprises of his sons.
K. M. Mammen Mappillai (November 28, 1922 – March 3, 2003) was born in a Syrian Christian family in Kerala to K. C. Mammen Mappillai and Kunjandamma (Modisseril Family )as the youngest of the prosperous family of eight sons and a daughter.
In 1857 Varghese Mappillai was born as the fourth son of Karuthalil Eapen Mappillai. With the financial support of his father, Varghese Mappilai was fortunate to get access to English education and studied up to F.A. After studies Varghese Mappillai joined as Treasury Officer (Muthalpadikkaran). Later, he took up a job of ‘Munshi’ (Malayalam teacher) in CMS School for a short period. He was the editor of ‘Keralamithram’which was published in 1881 from Cochin. His journalistic mind and love for literature paved way for establishing Malayala Manorama Company. On 22 March 1890 (M.E 1065, Meenam 10th) the first issue of Malayala Manorama was published.
A new turn in her life came when her Father-in-law, K. C. Mammen Mappillai, asked her to prepare a recipe to be published in "Malayala Manorama".
K.M. Mammen Mappillai is in the list of 18 names of account-holders in LGT Bank. Prosecution is already launched against these.
Thedi Vandha Mappillai (In English: "I Came Looking for the Groom" ["Bridegroom Looks for the Bride"]) is a Tamil spy thriller film directed by B.R.Pandhulu released in 1970.
"Thedi Vandha Mappillai" is a tale of mistaken identity, with an innocent man, like the plot of Hitchcock's NORTH BY NORTHWEST.
C. Ranganathan is an Indian film director and screenwriter who has worked on Tamil films. He made his debut with the 1996 romantic drama film, "Coimbatore Mappillai" starring Vijay and Sanghavi.
A sequel to the film titled "Mappillai Vinayagar" was shot in 2012 with Lollu Sabha Jeeva portraying Bhagyaraj's son from "Mundhanai Mudichu", but the film failed to have a theatrical release.
Of the many biographies of Mar Dionysius V published till date, one of the most authoritative works is 'The Biography of Mar Dionysius V' written and published by Kandathil Varghese Mappillai.
Imamul Aroos (1816–1898) also known Mappillai Lebbai Alim was scholar, writer, poet, preacher and reformer. He was one notable contributor for Arwi (Arbic Tamil) literature. He also founder of Aroosiyatul Qadiriya tariqa (branch of qadiri Sufi order).
Veettoda Mappillai (English: "Son-in-law who lives in the house") is a 2001 Tamil language comedy film directed by V. Sekhar. The film features Napoleon and Roja in lead roles. The film had musical score by Deva and was released on 14 September 2001 to negative reviews.
Coimbatore Mappillai (; ) is a 1996 Tamil language romantic drama film directed by C.Ranganathan.It stars Vijay and Sanghavi in lead roles.The film's score and music was composed by Vidyasagar. It was released on 15 January,1996 coinciding Pongal release. This movie got positive reviews at the box office. It was dubbed in Hindi as "Rampuri Damaad".
‘Abrayakutty’, an independent drama, Malayalam translation of William Shaekspeare’s drama ‘Taming of the Shrew, ‘Keerthanamala were some of the contributions by him for Malayalam Literature. Varghese Mappillai pioneered in forming an association for Malayalam Writers, ‘Kavisamajam’. On the backdrop this he formed an association called ‘Bhashaposhini’and later on it turned into a magazine encouraging literature and language.
Murai Mappillai is a 1995 Tamil comedy film directed by Sundar C. The film features newcomers Arun Vijay and newcomer Kirthika in lead roles, with Rajashree, Manivannan, K. Prabakaran, Goundamani and Senthil playing supporting roles. The film, produced by K. Prabakaran, had musical score by Swararaj and was released on 15 December 1995.
Mappillai had worked for a year as editor of "Kerala Mitram", a Malayalam newspaper run by Gujarati businessman Devji Bhimji, in Cochin. The maharajah of Travancore Moolam Thirunal approved the logo of the newspaper which was a slight modification of the Travancore Coat of Arms, which is now used by the Government of Kerala with slight modifications.