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Examples of "mappy"
is a short-haired girl with glasses attending Maijima High. Nicknamed "Mappy", she is a character from the manga "Holy Crystal Albatross", a previous work of Tamiki Wakaki. Her nickname is derived from Mappy.
The player guides Mappy the police mouse through the mansion of the cats called the Meowkies (Mewkies in Japan) to retrieve stolen goods. The player uses a left-right joystick to move Mappy and a single button to operate doors. The mansion has six floors, four or five in some other versions, of hallways in which the stolen items are stashed. Mappy and the cats move between floors by bouncing on trampolines at various places in the house. Both Mappy and the cats can land on a floor on the way up, but not on the way down. When they pass in the air, Mappy is unharmed by the cats, but if Mappy runs into a cat anywhere else, he will lose a life. The trampolines will break if Mappy bounces on them four times in a row. The trampolines change color depending on how many times Mappy has used them without a rest. In addition to the Meowkies, the boss cat Goro (Nyamco in Japanese) also roams around. He is faster, but less aggressive than the Meowkies. Throughout the levels, Goro hides behind the different recoverable objects. If Mappy recovers an item which Goro is hiding behind, the player receives 1000 points.
A Japan-only port of the game was initially released for the Famicom (Japanese version of the NES) and MSX in 1984, followed by a later port to the Sega Game Gear in 1991. This was followed by a video game console-only sequel called "Mappy-Land" in 1986 (released in the United States by Taxan). In 1998, it was re-released as part of "Microsoft Revenge of Arcade" for the PC. "Mappy" also had several Japan-only sequels, including "Hopping Mappy" in 1986 for the arcades and "Mappy Kids" in 1989 for the Famicom. There is also a version called "Mappy Arrangement" which was released in 1995 as part of "Namco Classic Collection Vol. 1" in 1995 for the arcades. The Famicom version of the original "Mappy" was re-released in Japan as part of the "Famicom Mini Series" in 2004. "Mappy" is included on the "Ms. Pac-Man" collection manufactured by Jakks Pacific. It is also featured in the 1996 Game Boy compilation "Namco Gallery Vol. 1" and on the later "Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Collection", released on the Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, PC, and PlayStation 2 in 2005 (it did not appear in the Game Boy Advance version), and also appears on "Namco Museum DS". Mappy was also re-released as part of the "Pac-Man's Arcade Party" arcade machine in 2010. Mappy is playable in the PlayStation Portable version of "Namco Museum Battle Collection". "Mappy" was included as a Dot-S set. It is also one of the first arcade titles to have been released on the Virtual Console. In 2002, it was released in Japan as a pachinko under the title of "Mappy Park". In 2003, two mobile games were released in Japan with the titles and , in 2009 titled , the September 2011, the new mobile game titled , and Bandai Namco Games was bringing back to series titled for iOS on 2015 in Japan.
In 2014, Brown was the voice of Mappy in Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
In some areas a bonus subarea can be found. These bonus subareas can reward you with additional distraction items and extra lives. In order to access these, Mappy must be carrying no distraction items and must jump on a particular trampoline without any controller input; if successful, Mappy will then be sent upwards to the bonus subarea.
Cagle collaborated with Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub in 2012 in order to create an animated cartoon for the "Mappy" franchise titled "Mappy: The Beat", produced by Shiftylook. Cagle did the coloring work for Amy T. Falcone's 2014 webcomic "Clique Refresh".
"Mappy Arrangement" was the most similar to its original game, though it featured a split-screen display. 2 player is optional, with player two having an orange Mappy instead of the original blue one. The orange one is also wearing black sunglasses. This game was never ported outside of the arcades.
The gameplay is similar to the original Mappy, where you must collect items and avoid enemies with the assistance of trampolines that will break if jumped on too many times before landing (Jungle World being the one exception to this). Unlike the original, the doors and Microwave Doors are not present, and instead stage specific counterattack items can be used. Mappy can perform a short jump to trigger these items as well as collect the target items; he can also jump over the Meowkies if timed well. In addition, Mappy can carry a number of distraction items (up to 15) to temporarily stop enemies from pursuing:
It has been renamed as "Mapply", and then again as "Recce" (slang term for reconnaissance) after a dispute with a French company named 'Mappy'.
In the Ghost Town, Mappy will use a flashlight to ward off the ghosts, and can travel the stage with a balloon.
The player controls the son of Mappy in a platformer game. He wants to find a wife but she won't marry him until Mappy can become a provider for his family. At the end of each level, there is a slot machine. Pulling the lever to the slot machine may allow the player to earn extra lives. After the mini-games, players access a shop, where they can buy various things with the money that they find during the game.
In 2012, ShiftyLook announced the release of an animated retelling of the series, which places Mappy as a security cop for Goro's company "NYAMCO". The show premiered in the summer of 2013 and ran for 13 episodes.
A notable feature, distinguishing this tool from the approach of similar programs like Mappy and Tiled which define their own general map file format, is export of assets to arbitrary files through a comprehensive and sophisticated scripting language.
A sequel titled "Bakutotsu Kijūtei" was released in 1988, but only in Japan. It was the second game from the company to allow scores not ending in "0" (the first was "Hopping Mappy", which was released in 1986).
Mappy must travel through various themed areas, collecting six target items in each one, while attempting to avoid Goro and his gang of Meowkies. The target items differ depending on the story:
On March 25, 2009, simultaneously with Nintendo's Keynote Speech at Game Developers Conference, Nintendo launched 'Virtual Console Arcade', launching with four titles, "Mappy", "The Tower of Druaga", "Star Force" and "Gaplus".
A round is completed when all the loot is retrieved. If Mappy tarries too long, a "Hurry" message appears after which the music and the cats speed up, and more Meowkies are added (two will appear ready to drop as the Meowkies normally do immediately following the "hurry" message, and more Meowkies can arrive later on). If the player waits too long after this, the "Gosenzo" coin (a green disk shape with Goro's face on it) will drop onto the top-middle platform and chase Mappy in a manner similar to the Meowkies, but more effectively. The "Gosenzo" coin can kill Mappy even if he is in the air. The third round and every fourth round after that is a bonus round. Mappy, unbothered by the cats, must bounce across a series of trampolines, popping fifteen different suspended red balloons, with a "Goro" along the way. A bonus is awarded if all the balloons are popped before the music ends. After every bonus round, a new feature is added to the gameplay, such as bells that freeze cats. The "Hurry" message will also appear sooner. There are 256 levels.
"Technicbeat" contains seventy-three unique songs. The music selection covers a wide range of electronic music, including trance, techno, and drum 'n bass. The game also contains remixes of songs from classic Namco games, including "Mappy", "Dig Dug", "Galaxian 3", "Burning Force" and "Street Fighter EX".
This unit contains all of the games from the Ms. Pac-Man unit, "Ms. Pac-Man", "Galaga", "Mappy", "Xevious" and "Pole Position" plus "New Rally-X", and "Bosconian". It consists of a wireless controller and an infrared receiver base which connects to the television. This model was the first to save high scores.
In 2012, ShiftyLook produced two animated cartoons, titled "Bravoman: Cartoon Of Unequalled Excellence" and "Mappy: The Beat". The former was a direct adaption of the webtoon and directed by Jim Zub and Matt Moylan. The latter was created by Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub and Mary Cagle in the style of their "Blamimations" cartoons.