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Examples of "marban"
Actor-director Samuel West revived the play in 2006 at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, starring Tom Mannion as Julius Caesar and Dan Stevens as Marban the Druid.
Minor league prospects include Kyle Bluestein, Tyler Hollstegge, Zach Isler, Ian Kadish, Jorge Marban, Steve Matre, Dave Middendorf, Joseph O'Gara, Jake Proctor, Danny Rosenbaum, , Nate Smith, and Seth Willoughby.
Kalaiyarkoil was the seat of the kings from very early days. King Vengai Marban ruled over this area during Sangam period. It was the stronghold of rulers of Sivangangai. It was also the seat of the freedom fighters like Muthu Vaduga Natha Thevar and Maruthu brothers.
As per Hindu legend, Saptarishis, the seven sages of Hindu Mythology are believed to have worshipped Vishnu at this place. Vishnu was pleased by their devotion and appeared at this place. As per another legend, king Kulasekara, who would go on to become Kulashekhara Alwar came to this place after a conquest. His horse was lost and he was in search of the horse. He found that the horse was grazing peacefully on the banks of Soma Theertham, the temple tank. After taking bath in the tank, he felt rejuvanted worshipping the Vishnu temple in the banks. He is believed to have constructed the temple and named the place as Thiruvanparisaram ("pari" in Tamil indicates horse). "Thiru" indicates respect, "vazh" means live and "marban" indicates the heart of the person. Since Vishnu held his consort in his heart in this place, he is commonly referred Thiruvazhmarban.