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Duda is the younger brother of Marcelinho Machado.
Marcelo dos Santos (born 17 May 1975 in Campina Grande, Brazil), better known as Marcelinho Paraíba or simply Marcelinho, is a Brazilian footballer currently playing for Treze as an attacking midfielder.
Marcelinho is the nickname of various Brazilian football players with first name "Marcelo", may refer to:
Team:Rogério Ceni Maurinho , Fabão , Alex , Léo Renato , Claudio Maldonado ; Marcelinho Carioca , Alex Luís Fabiano , Grafite
Team:Victor Jonathan , André Dias , Miranda , Kléber Pierre , Pablo Guiñazú ; Dejan Petković , Marcelinho Paraíba Diego Tardelli , Adriano
Marcelinho, André Heller, Giba, Murilo, André, Sérgio, Anderson, Samuel, Gustavo, Rodrigão, Ricardo, Dante
Marcelo Oliveira Silva known as Marcelinho (born 10 September 1984) is a Brazilian football player.
Marcelinho is also the nickname of Marcelo Garcia, a Brazilian jiu jitsu and submission wrestling champion.
On 19 December 2013, Marcelinho was named the Best foreign player in the Bulgarian league.
On 15 September 2015 Marcelinho was loaned to Figueirense, until the end of the year.
Team: Dida , Bruno , Roque Júnior , Caçapa , Leandro , Vampeta , Rincón , Belletti , Marcelinho Carioca , Marques and Guilherme
Marcelinho, André Heller, Giba, Murilo, André, Sérgio, Anderson, Samuel, Gustavo, Rodrigão, Ezinho, Ricardo
For all his club achievements, Marcelinho never succeeded in Brazil's national team and never played a FIFA World Cup.
In Brazil, he is also known as Marcelinho "Paraíba", which refers to the state in which he was born.
Marcelinho finished the season with a 20,6-point average, his lowest average since the begin of NBB.
Marcelo Santos Oliveira or simply Marcelinho (born March 9, 1981 in Aracaju), is a Brazilian attacking midfielder.
Marcelo "Marcelinho" Rodrigues (born 9 January 1987) is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a forward for São Luiz.
Team: Ronaldo , Pavão , Cléber , Jorge Luís , Roberto Carlos , Zé Elias , Zinho , Rivaldo , Amoroso , Marcelinho Carioca and Luizão
Marcelo José de Souza, nicknamed Marcelinho Paulista (born 13 September 1973 in Cotia) is a Brazilian football midfielder.
But soon in the first game, against Vila Velha, Marcelinho ruptured the ACL in the begin of the second quarter, which kept him out of the courts throughout the rest of the season. In January, 2013, Flamengo hired the Paraguayan Bruno Zanotti to replace Marcelinho, who saw his team win the NBB at the end of the season.