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Examples of "marchal"
Joe Marchal is a former US National Champion and a US Olympian in Judo. Marchal competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics. Marchal is currently a professional poker player. Joe is a native of Wisconsin.
Playtesting: Brad Hessel, Redmond Simonsen, Justin Leites, Philip Marchal
Its name was derived from a former owner, René Marchal.
Written by: Olivier Marchal, Christophe Gavat, Laurent Guillaume
France: L. Lamel (LIMSI, Paris); A. Marchal (CNRS)
He played as Le Turc in the French movie Paris Countdown (2013) by Edgar MARIE, as Aslan in Borderline by Olivier MARCHAL (2014) and as Milo in French TV Show BRAQUO by O. MARCHAL & Frédéric Schoendoerffer (2009).
Divorced from Dany Robin since 1969, Marchal married Michele Heyberger in 1983. He had two children, Robin and Frédérique. Marchal retired in 1989 and died, age 77, on 28 November 1997 in Maurens, Dordogne, France.
Morvan Marchal (31 July 1900, Vitré, Ille-et-Vilaine – 13 August 1963, Paris), is the Breton name of Maurice Marchal, an architect and a militant Breton nationalist. He is best known for having designed the national flag of Brittany.
Marchal is a French surname. Notable people with the surname include:
She was commemorated in the genus "Bommerella" created by Élie Marchal (1839-1923).
Gilles Marchal retired from show business in 1985. He died on 11 April 2013.
84th Fortress Infantry Regiment ("84e Régiment d'Infanterie de Forteresse (RIF)"), Lt. Colonel Marchal
Champs-sur-Tarentaine-Marchal is a commune in the Cantal department in south-central France.
A Gang Story () is a 2011 France drama film directed by Olivier Marchal.
In 1919 Henri Marchal was appointed permanent member of EFEO and "Curator of Angkor".
• 2011 named Manager of the Creation Atelier under the supervision of Gilles Marchal
Georges Marchal (10 January 1920 – 28 November 1997) was a French actor.
That story inspired Olivier Marchal for his film "36 Quai des Orfèvres".
On 27 July 2012, Marchal signed a two-year contract with the Corsican club Bastia.
Sylvain Marchal (born 10 February 1980) is a French retired professional footballer who played as a defender.