Synonyms for marchwarden or Related words with marchwarden

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Examples of "marchwarden"
Túrin and his guides eventually reached Doriath, and were enmeshed in the Girdle of Melian. There they came near to death, but the marchwarden Beleg Strongbow found them and led them to the halls of Menegroth. King Thingol adopted Túrin, in memory of Húrin's heroism and because of his kinship with Beren. One of Túrin's friends there was an elven-lady Nellas, who watched over him at Queen Melian's bidding and taught elven-lore. Túrin became esteemed and renowned for his prowess and bravery, and Beleg became his teacher of warfare.
Eight years after the Change, Clan Mackenzie, led by Juniper Mackenzie, and the Bearkillers, led by Mike Havel, have carved sections out in the Willamette Valley for their groups. They have become bitter rivals with the predatory Portland Protective Association (PPA), led by the Armingers. The Barons of the PPA constantly violate ceasefires between the three warring factions. During one of their raids, Eddie Liu, Baron and Marchwarden of the PPA, is confronted by a small group of Mackenzies, led by Eilir Mackenzie and Astrid Larsson. After a short skirmish, Liu leaves, again swearing revenge against the Clan. In the meantime, a small group of British soldiers, led by Sir Nigel Loring, Alleyne Loring, and John Hordle, formerly of the Special Air Service, are on their way to Portland. They left England by sailing ship after freeing Sir Nigel from imprisonment imposed by King Charles III. On their arrival, Lord Arminger isolates them; he has them help him find and obtain nerve gas. They trick him into taking a test canister of nerve gas and other canisters that have been neutralized. The British then defeat their guards and escape to the south.