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maike              svenja              wiebke              frauke              cordula              traute              birte              waltraud              roswitha              imke              kathrin              annerose              edeltraud              heidemarie              burgl              margrit              dorothee              almut              rebekka              zetzsche              antje              elfi              czerwenka              annelie              annelore              cathrin              misersky              elfgard              annegret              sylke              annelies              krahwinkel              hansruedi              gerhards              gerti              friedleben              lahme              gutensohn              leonhardtconny              pohla              hannelore              meike              lonneke              semjonow              anneliese              lieselotte              gerhild              hegenbarth              ildiko              trebesiner             

Examples of "mareike"
Altenglan’s mayor is Frieder Haag, and his deputies are Mareike Zimmer and Harry Schwarz.
Mareike Adermann was born on 3 August 1990, the daughter of Karl-Heinz and Kristin. She has a brother, Nils. She is nicknamed "MA". She is married to Desiree Miller, a member of the USA Women's Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball Team, and now goes by the name Mareike Miller.
The girlgroup "Pretty Girls" was founded by Mara Scherzinger, Mareike Xander, Joana Xander and Johanna Sandvoss in 2001. They had international success until 2005.
Mareike Carrière (26 July 1954 – 17 March 2014) was a German actress, spokesperson and translator. She was perhaps best known for her television show appearances. She was born in Hanover, Lower Saxony, West Germany.
In the copies that surfaced in America, Jozef, while trying to kill Carmen, was overpowered by Dalboni. He was sent to prison, where he spent two years of his life: ""Back to the depths – the end of a fool's paradise."" Mareike and his mother visited him in prison, and Jozef begged them for forgiveness. After his release, he returned to Mareike, who had decided to forgive him: ""Then the gold returned to the sun and every day was bright with the joy of living.""
Marie-Cathérine Arnold (born 7 November 1991) is a German rower. She competed in the 2015 European Rowing Championships in Poznan winning a gold medal. At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, she competed in the women's double sculls with teammate Mareike Adams. They finished in 7th place.
A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Yocum met his wife Mareike in Germany. He proposed marriage to her on the 100th mile of the hike, and they were married at mile 256. She walked over 4,000 miles with him during the course of the walk.
Mareike Adams (born 27 February 1990) is a German rower. She competed in the 2015 World Rowing Championships winning a bronze medal. At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, she competed in the women's double sculls with teammate Marie-Cathérine Arnold. They finished in 7th place.
Lindholm's local team, Hamburger SV, which also included national teammates Mareike Adermann and Edina Müller (and Australia's Bridie Kean) won the women's national championship for the eighth time in 2013. Lindholm was also part of the Hamburger SV team that had previously won it in 2010.
Hayali is lesbian; in 2008 she announced that since 2007 she had been in a relationship with Mareike Arning, the vocalist of the punk-pop band Uschi's Orchester. The couple separated in 2011. She is a supporter of the anti-right-wing-extremist group (Show Your Face!) and is an ambassador of the anti-racism initiative (Respect! No place for racism).
Mareike Miller (born 3 August 1990) is a 4.5 point wheelchair basketball player, who plays for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in the United States. She has also played for the German national team, with which she won two European titles, was runner-up at 2010 World Championships, and won a gold medal at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London. President Joachim Gauck awarded the team Germany's highest sporting honour, the "Silbernes Lorbeerblatt" (Silver Laurel Leaf).
Carrière grew up in Berlin and Lübeck; he attended the Jesuit boarding school in Vannes, France, a school which had previously been attended by the director of Carrière's first major film, Volker Schlöndorff. In 1969, Carrière moved to Paris to study philosophy and continue his acting. Carrière is also a director and a writer and is known to fight for the rights of fathers. His sister Mareike Carrière was also an actress.
Mareike Baumgarten Oroa (born July 15, 1989) is a pageant titleholder, who represented her country, Paraguay, in Miss Universe 2009 in Nassau, Bahamas on August 23, 2009. Baumgarten won the Miss Paraguay Universe 2009 title in a pageant held in Asunción, Paraguay on July 10, 2009. She was crowned by the outgoing titleholder, Giannina Rufinelli, Miss Paraguay Universe 2008. Baumgarten also won the "Best Smile" award.
Jozef (Adelqui Migliar) is a young farmer who has been ordered to leave his mother (Paula de Waart) and childhood sweetheart Mareike (Jeanne van der Pers), in order to join the army during the Great War. Carmen (Annie Bos) is a fatally attractive coquette living in the poor quarters, and working in a cigarette factory. One day, she plays a practical joke on one of her co-workers. The girl can't appreciate this and starts a fight; to which Carmen responds by stabbing her with a knife.
Glinicki was philosophical about the win, noting in December 2012 that there were many awards and ceremonies, but that the memory of London was fading over time. He returned to coaching his club team, Hamburger SV (now renamed BG Baskets Hamburg), which included national team members Mareike Adermann and Edina Müller (and Australia's Bridie Kean). It went on to win the national championship for the eighth time in 2013. The national team was not so fortunate, losing the European Championship to the Netherlands by a point, 56–57, before a home town crowd in Frankfurt in July 2013.
A Latin version was included by Hadrianus Lyraeus in his "Trisagion Marianum" (1648), and ended up in the Italian book "Sabati del Giesù di Roma" by P. Joannes Rho (1655), from which it traveled to the "Marianischer Gnaden- und Wunderschatz" (Augsburg 1737) and finally in Alphonsus Maria de Liguori's Italian "Glorie di Maria" (1750). Luise von Ploennies made a German Faust out of her (1853). Eugen d'Albert wrote an opera in 1923 (libretto by Herbert Alberti), "Mareike von Nymwegen", in 1923. The book was translated into German (1918 and 1950), English (1924), French (1929), and Norwegian (1975), and adapted for radio in Afrikaans.
Rebecca Mir's father Asam is an immigrant from Afghanistan, her mother Mareike is German. She has a two-year-old brother and a thirteen-year-old sister and lived until 2012 with her mother in Monschau-Imgenbroich near Aachen. She attended the St. Michael High School in Monschau. From December 2011 to April 2012, she was associated with the lead singer Sebastian Deyle. In August 2012 she announced that she is together with her "Let's-dance"-dance partner Massimo Sinató. In the fifth season of the show, they were second behind Magdalena Brzeska and Erich Klann. Mir and Sinató married on Sicily on June 27, 2015.
The Miss Paraguay 2009 was held on July 10, 2009. The pageant was won by Mareike Baumgarten of Asunción. It was broadcast live on Telefuturo from the "Sheraton Asunción". The winner represented Paraguay at the Miss Universe 2009 and Reina Hispanoamericana 2009. The winner of Miss Mundo Paraguay, Tamara Sosa will compete in the Miss World 2009. Romina Bogado was chosen as the Miss Internacional Paraguay and will go to the Miss International 2009 pageant. Tamara Sosa also competed at the Miss American Continent Pageant.
Meanwhile, Mareike has left her home to search for Jozef on the cold streets. She is satisfied to find him, but Jozef orders her to leave. He then returns to Carmen, and demands that she will never love another man. Carmen, aware that she can't live up to Jozef's expectations, finds refuge in a bar. Jozef follows her and blames her for having ruined his life. He then leaves, as he realizes that his love for Carmen is gone. The same night, Carmen falls for Dalboni (Jan van Dommelen), a celebrated baritone. She seduces him, and he in turn is impressed with her.
In 2012, German director Mareike Wegener released a documentary on Lombardi, entitled "Mark Lombardi: Death-Defying Acts Of Art And Conspiracy". The movie premiered in May 2012 in Germany and the Brooklyn Film Festival, and then opened in September at MoMA in New York. Reviewers of the movie suggested that, unlike Lombardi's own work, it relies too much on innuendo and too little on factual information, and that it focuses too much on testimonials from friends and does not adequately explain the impact of Lombardi's art.