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Examples of "marginals"
row marginals (e.i. row sums) and formula_47 a vector of column marginals. We wish to compute a matrix formula_48 similar to "M" and consistent with the predefined marginals, meaning
For executing the classical IPFP, we first initialize the matrix with ones, leaving the marginals untouched:
2. The "x" and "p" probability distributions are given by the marginals:
of a random vector formula_1 can be expressed in terms of its marginals formula_2 and
Now, both row and column sums of the matrix match the given marginals again.
Substituting these marginals into the conditional equation (assuming "N" below formula_4) gives:
We can think of formula_1 and formula_4 as the "marginals" of the subsystems "A" and "B".
Plants which enjoy boggy soil or shallow water around their roots (marginals) include:-
Radula: "The median tooth has a very wide body, and supporting wings. The cusp narrowly reflects along the whole upper margin of the tooth. The laterals show prominent cusps, their bases are denticulate. The inner marginals are not enlarged, but rather narrow, with long simple cusps. The outer marginals show long serrate cusps. In the denticulate cusps of the lateral teeth, and the narrow inner marginals this form approaches more closely than any other to "Leptothyra". "
if the independent locations formula_24 are replaced with observations from a stationary ergodic process with uniform marginals.
From the knowledge of these marginals, we want to infer something about the "joint" formula_7 in formula_8.
These particles may only occur at the front of a sentence. Naish-Story term these "clause marginals".
Yoshikawa coined the term "dynamic in-betweenness", suggesting how the individual is able to move between different cultural traditions, acting appropriately and feeling at home in each, and in doing so simultaneously maintains an integrated, multi-cultural sense of self. Rather than the either/or identity of encapsulated marginals, constructive marginals experience their movement between cultures as both/and.
In the run-up to the Conservative Party conference, Flying Matters issued press releases titled "Voters in key marginals shun Conservative proposals for higher taxes on air travel", "'Green' holiday tax plan puts Conservatives 6 per cent behind Labour in 30 most important marginals in the Country" and "US, China and India bear most responsibility for climate change according to new poll"
"Astropecten articulatus" has large orangish yellow marginal plates. It has short paxillae that give the aboral surface a granular appearance. Its paxillar areas on the arms are about twice the width of the marginals and are very compact. Fresh specimens are usually bright blue, or purple with yellow, orange, or white marginals.
To calculate the expected agreement, sum marginals across annotators and divide by the total number of ratings to obtain joint proportions. Square and total these:
The following are prephrasal particles, i.e. they occur before the phrase that they modify. Naish and Story call these "pre-marginals".
Digestive system: The jaw has numerous ribs. Radula with tricuspid central tooth with square basal plate, as large as the bicuspid laterals, the marginals multicuspid.
cusp. From this point the marginals become wider, the inner cusp remains always the larger, and the outer cusp develops from five to seven small cusps or denticles.
The anal scutes vary to allow the male's tail more mobility and allows more protection for the female's hind end. The gap between the points of the anal scales and the marginals is wider and the anal scutes form a broader angle- almost a straight line across- in males to allow the tail to move laterally. The angle is more closed (to about a 90° angle) and the points are closer to the marginals in females.