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annelie              bente              josefin              gitte              emelie              josefine              tonje              merete              kristiina              malene              hanne              birthe              kirsti              riikka              maiken              cathrine              karoliina              stina              ylva              ingvild              anette              pirjo              liina              dorthe              anneli              kerstin              maarit              nicoline              grethe              kathrine              turid              kjersti              rikke              elisabet              berit              rebekka              tiia              siiri              triin              sigrun              sinikka              andrine              liisi              valborg              dorte              hrafnhildur              kajsa              gunilla              tuija              eveliina             

Examples of "mariann"
The bottom three: Mariann Saar, Rivo Kingi, Mihkel Ratt
The bottom three: Nele Kirsipuu, Mariann Saar, Rivo Kingi
Litterer was married to the American organizational theorist Mariann Jelinek.
In 1987 they were supported by Mariann Grammofon in Skara.
Mariann Domonkos is a Canadian table tennis player.
"Äntligen" Emil Sigfridsson (2006 Mariann, SWE #27) Album
Mariann Mayberry is American television and stage actress.
Mariann Grammofon or Mariann Records, formed in 1972 was a record company run by Bert Karlsson in Skara, Sweden. Since May 2006 the label is owned by Warner Music Group which still, as of 2016, releases music using the label.
He lives in Middle Village, New York, with his wife, Mariann.
In 1991, the album was rerelased by the Mariann label to CD. and cassette tape.
Mariann Jelinek was married to the American organizational theorist Joseph A. Litterer (1926-1995).
Rear Admiral Mariann Stratton (born 1945) was the Director of the United States Navy Nurse Corps from 1991 to 1994.
Mariann Aalda (born May 7, 1948) is an American television, stage, film actress, performance artist and standup comic.
In 1984, Anders Berglund released music from the programme to LP and cassette on the Mariann label.
Mariann is a female given name derived from Maria, similar to Marianne, Mariana and Marian. It may refer to:
Titles: Roza, Sam, Marie, Luc, Martine, Cois, Femke, Frank, Ann, Werner, Sofie, Mo, Mariann, Waldek, Aisha, Eric, Simonne, Walter Frans
After a few years as an underground band, the band entered the mainstream in the early 1990s when they signed a record deal with Mariann Grammofon. Following media controversies, Mariann Grammofon quickly cancelled their record deal with Ultima Thule. After that, the band created their own record label, named Ultima Thule Records.
Neneh Mariann Karlsson (born 10 March 1964), better known as Neneh Cherry, is a Swedish singer-songwriter, rapper, and occasional DJ and broadcaster.
He was also joint head of the Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry division at the Medical Research Council's Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK, alongside Mariann Bienz.
A sculpture of Ella Fitzgerald is awarded a person who has developed the festival and the Oslo Jazz Scene, created by the artist Mariann Hazeland.