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Examples of "marilena_marin"
Marilena Marin (born 24 July 1947) is an Italian Venetist politician.
Soon after the election, a power struggle for the leadership of the party took place and the winner was Rocchetta, disappointed for his missed election, who had been behind the scenes up to that moment. Tramarin was replaced as national secretary by Marilena Marin, future wife of Rocchetta.
In July 1994, after years of juxtaposition with federal secretary Bossi on several institutional, organisational, ethnic, ethic and economic issues, Rocchetta left the party before the end of a congress in which his wife and protégé Marilena Marin was replaced by Fabrizio Comencini as national secretary. After his exit from Lega Nord, he unsuccessfully launched Liga Nathion Veneta. He later joined the Federalists and Liberal Democrats and National Alliance, prior to leaving politics.
LNV was founded in 1994 by Franco Rocchetta and Marilena Marin, after they had left Liga Veneta–Lega Nord, a party they were instrumental to establish. Marin had been national secretary of Liga Veneta from 1983 to 1994 (when she was defeated by Fabrizio Comencini during a party congress), while Rocchetta had been federal president of Lega Nord from 1991 to 1994, after having conceived Liga Veneta in 1978–1980.
LFS was founded in 1984 by splinters from Liga Veneta (LV) led by Achille Tramarin. Tramarin was first elected national secretary of Liga Veneta in 1980 and in the 1983 regional election he was elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies. Soon after the election Franco Rocchetta, who was not elected, forced Tramarin to resign as party segretaty. When Tramarin refused to do so, Rocchetta organized a revolt and replaced him with Marilena Marin.
In 1989 the party's charismatic leader, Franco Rocchetta, and his wife Marilena Marin, secretary of the party, managed to forge an alliance with Umberto Bossi's Lega Lombarda for that year's European Parliament election, Alleanza Nord. In 1989–1990 the LV took part in the process of federating the northern regionalist parties, ahead of the regional elections. In the 1990 regional election the LV and the UPV scored 5.9% and 1.9%, respectively. In the 1991 local elections the UPV passed the LV. Some attempts to merge the two parties into one failed, but from that point, thanks to the alliance with Bossi, Liga Veneta's rise seemed unstoppable.
In July 1994 Marilena Marin was replaced by Fabrizio Comencini as national secretary of the party, while Gobbo was elected national president. Shortly after, in September, Rocchetta and Marin left the party in disagreement with Bossi and the new Venetian leadership. Rocchetta was replaced by Stefano Stefani, leading member of the LV, as federal president of Lega Nord in February 1995. The exit of Rocchetta and Marin made possible the comeback of Ettore Beggiato into the party. Thanks to this the LV did not suffer a major setback in the 1995 regional election: 17.4% and 9 regional councillors elected.
Following the decision of Umberto Bossi, leader of Lega Nord, to bring down the Berlusconi I Cabinet on 22 December, many "Leghisti" who wanted to continue that alliance joined the FLD. These included Franco Rocchetta (founder and long-standing leader of Liga Veneta), Marilena Marin (secretary of Liga Veneta from 1984 to 1994), Lucio Malan, Furio Gubetti and Gualberto Niccolini (president of Lega Nord Toscana from 1988). At the point of its maximum strength, after the merger of the Federalist Italian League (LIF) on 20 December, another splinter group of Lega Nord, the FLD had more than 50 MPs.
Having been a founding member of Lega Nord, along with Umberto Bossi, Franco Castellazzi, Giorgio Conca, Gipo Farassino, Riccardo Fragassi, Marilena Marin, Bruno Ravera, Francesco Speroni and Carla Uccelli, in 1989, Rocchetta led Liga Veneta into Lega Nord, which became a federation from a confederation, in 1991. During the party's founding federal congress, he was elected federal president, a role he would keep until 1994. In the 1992 general election he was first elected to the Chamber of Deputies and, after the 1994 general election, he joined Berlusconi I Cabinet as undersecretary of Foreign Affairs.
The party was founded in 1987 by splinters from Liga Veneta led by Ettore Beggiato and Gianni Butturini. In the 1990 regional election UPV won 1.9% of the vote (compared to the 5.9% of Liga Veneta) and Beggiato was re-elected to the Regional Council of Veneto. Occasionally the party surapassed Liga Veneta: in 1991 local elections UPV gained 3.5% of the vote against 2.6% of Liga Veneta. The party was merged into Liga Veneta in 1995, after that Franco Rocchetta and Marilena Marin, who expelled Beggiato from that party in 1987, had been expelled too.
In 1983 he was elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies and thus became the first deputy of his party's history. Soon after the election Franco Rocchetta, who had been behind the scenes up to that moment and was disappointed by his missed election, hinted that Tramarin should step down from the post of party leader. After a power struggle, Rocchetta won the battle for the party's leadership and Tramarin was replaced as national secretary by Marilena Marin, future wife of Rocchetta. Subsequently, Tramarin, while continuing to represent Liga Veneta in the Italian Parliament, was ousted from the party and formed Liga Veneta Serenissima, which proved to be a very unsuccessful political party, gaining only 0.2% of the vote in the 1985 regional election.