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akira_emoto              kinya_kitaoji              ryohei_suzuki              tori_matsuzaka              takayuki_yamada              takashi_tsukamoto              sadao_abe              takaya_kamikawa              toshiyuki_nagashima              shingo_tsurumi              saki_aibu              tetsuji_tamayama              iseya              takumi_saito              yutaka_matsushige              kazuki_kitamura              ken_mitsuishi              ittoku_kishibe              masahiko_tsugawa              fumiyo_kohinata              yo_oizumi              yuriko_hoshi              asami_mizukawa              gaku_hamada              chizuru_ikewaki              shugo_oshinari              mirei_kiritani              kōichi_satō              hidetaka_yoshioka              jun_kunimura              masaya_kato              tomikawa              takao_osawa              norihei_miki              masahiro_higashide              ryunosuke_kamiki              shun_oguri              takashi_sasano              shinichi_tsutsumi              kento              miho_kanno              yoshino_kimura              mitsuki_takahata              hiroki_narimiya              mitsuki_tanimura              masaki_suda              katsuhisa_namase              masaki_okada              miyasako              tsutomu_yamazaki             

Examples of "masataka_kubota"
ROM-4 is a four-member J-pop group that consists of Masaki Kaji, Masataka Kubota, Ryo Kimura, and Gouta Watabe.
In the drama, Takumi (played by Masataka Kubota), Satoru (played by Gouta Watabe), Shingo (played by Masaki Kaji) and Sanpei (played by Ryo Kimura) form the group ROM-4.
In April 2015, it was announced that a live action television series based on "Death Note" manga would begin airing from July 2015 on NTV. Masataka Kubota stars as Light Yagami and Kento Yamazaki as L in the series.
In March 2007, Sano appeared in the Tokyo Broadcasting System Ai no Gekijō "Sand Chronicles" as Daigo Kitamura in his middle school years, and later in July he appeared in the drama "Katagoshi no Koibito" on the same channel. In January 2008 he opened his official blog "Kaizō Keikaku" with Masataka Kubota. In 2010 Sano's first lead film role was "Ongakubito".
A live-action film based on the manga was announced for the summer of 2017. Kentarō Hagiwara will direct the film. The cast will include Masataka Kubota for the role of protagonist Ken Kaneki and Fumika Shimizu for the role of Touka Kirishima. Yū Aoi was cast as Rize Kamishiro, Nobuyuki Suzuki plays Kotaro Amon and Yo Oizumi is set to play Kureo Mado.
Ishii has appeared in a number of commercials, the most notable ones being her appearance as a countryside girl alongside Nana Komatsu in NTT DoCoMo d-Video CM directed by Tetsuya Nakashima, a Japanese film director known for his award-winning film, Confessions, and appearance in Japan Post CM with Masataka Kubota and Yoshiyoshi Arakawa.
Tokyo Ghoul is an upcoming Japanese dark fantasy action horror film based on the manga series "Tokyo Ghoul" by Sui Ishida. The film is directed by Kentarō Hagiwara and stars Masataka Kubota as Ken Kaneki and Fumika Shimizu as Tōka Kirishima. It is scheduled for release in Japan by Shochiku in the summer of 2017.
Kaji has currently released a CD Single on June 21, 2006, called "Keep It Goin' ON" with fellow members, ROM-4. Besides Kaji, ROM-4 comprises Masataka Kubota, Ryo Kimura and Gouta Watabe, Kaji's coactors from the TV show called, "Seishun Energy: Check It Out, Yo! in Tokyo".
In the anime adaptation, he is voiced by Mamoru Miyano in Japanese and by Brad Swaile in the English version. In the live-action film series, he is portrayed by Tatsuya Fujiwara with Swaile reprising his role as his English dub voice; he is portrayed by both Kenji Urai and Hayato Kakizawa in the musical; in the TV drama, he is portrayed by Masataka Kubota; and his counterpart in the American film will be portrayed by Nat Wolff.
In 2016 NTV aired a new television drama adaption named Mars: Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru! (Mars: But, I Love You! Japanese: MARS〜ただ、君を愛してる〜 ) which premiered in January, starring Taisuke Fujigaya as Rei Kashino and Masataka Kubota as Makio Kirishima. Both actors are listed as "double stars" of the series. Marie Iitoyo plays Kira Aso. The series will conclude its story with a film which will open in theaters throughout Japan on June 18, 2016.
Mars: Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru is a 2016 Japanese youth romantic drama film directed by Saiji Yakumo, written by and starring Taisuke Fujigaya, Masataka Kubota, Marie Iitoyo, Hirona Yamazaki and Yu Inaba. The film is the finale for the Japanese television drama series of the same name and based on the manga series "Mars", written and illustrated by Fuyumi Soryo. It was released in Japan by Showgate on June 18, 2016.
Masataka Kubota plays the role of Light Yagami. A few changes made to this character. He is a fan of Misa Amane. He loves to go to Misa's concert with his friends. L confesses Light that he is Kira with a fake death note in a warehouse. But he is killed by Mikami before he tells everybody Light's secret. After L defeated, he meets Near. Light also faces Near's alter ego, Mello. Light kills Himura to kill Mello with her. But Mello survives. Then in order to defeat Mello, Light takes Japanese police's help. But confessed that he is Kira by Near in a warehouse. While light is captured in the warehouse, Mikami sets fire to the warehouse, unintentionally trapping Light in a circle of fire. Light, meanwhile, burns to death trying to reclaim the death note.
After his graduation from Tenimyu, Kaji starred in the first series of the TV drama, "Seishun Energy: Check It Out Yo! in Tokyo" ("青春★ENERGY ~ チェケラッチョ!! In Tokyo"), which premiered on Fuji TV April 12, 2006 and broadcast until June 15, 2006. The series was a spinoff from the movie, "Check It Out Yo!!" ("チェケラッチョ!!"), was 10 episode long and featured Kaji as Shingo Amida, one of the four main characters. The show was about four 3rd year high school students with no direction in their lives, until they found rap, which then inspired them to take charge of their lives and their dreams. In the show, his character, along with his three costars' (Masataka Kubota, Ryo Kimura, and Gota Watabe) characters formed ROM-4. Later, Kaji and his costars (under ROM-4) recorded and released the CD single called "Keep It Goin' On", which was used as the show's ending theme.
In one of the subplots in this film, Ayumi Nitta (Erika Toda)suffers from anthropophobia (extreme shyness & fear of people). She works as a janitor at a hospital. She had a one-night stand with Wataru Makino (Tori Matsuzaka) who is a sex addict and a womanizer getting his way with beautiful women by lying about being a very good surgeon and many other things. Ayumi later realizes that she is pregnant because of that one night stand. When she tells Wataru that she is pregnant, Wataru believes she is a making a bad April Fools joke. Wataru Makino then takes flight attendant Reiko (Nanao) out to an Italian restaurant. He doesn't know that Ayumi Nitta is going to the same restaurant, after he mentioned it when she called him, to confront him to take responsibility for getting her pregnant which escalated to a major incident. Other subplots involve a student (Seishuu Uragami) who thinks he is an alien after reading messages he received via internet, an old lady (Lily) who is being suspected by a police detective (Masanobu Takashima) of being a con offering some kind of shaman service, a middle aged couple (Kotaro Satomi, Sumiko Fuji) pretending to be Japanese royalties to fulfill the dying wife's wish, a 'kidnapped' school student (Minami Hamabe) and her family, and two friends (Masataka Kubota, Masato Yano) who stay together one being a homosexual. All the things that happened in these subplots occurred on April 1st which could be or is mistaken to be April fools prank.