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Examples of "mascha"
• Ivan Gantschev: "Mascha," Nord Süd Verlag, 1999, Italian edition 1999·
"Catalin", by Charles Long, Carrie Paterson, Karen Reitzel, Seth Hawkins, Emery Martin, Michael Mascha, US
In 2007, Mascha took the part of Vanessa Eichoff in the short-lived soap opera "Ahornallee".
Mascha Gonska is a German film actress. She was born in France to Polish parents.
Mascha Kaléko (born Golda Malka Aufen; June 7, 1907 – January 21, 1975) was a Jewish German language poet.
Currently, Gregor is married to Luise von Waldensteyck (Mascha Müller) and they have two children, twins Christian and Katharina.
He married in 1969 South-African Mona Johnson (from Cape Town) and they had two sons, Ish-maël (*1972) and Mascha (*1978).
As Vladimir's love for Mascha grows, he becomes more and more reluctant to continue seeking revenge against her father, and the two eventually flee the Troekouroff estate. Vladimir is captured by the Czarina's men, but the Czarina, once determined to have him executed, has a last-minute change of heart, and she allows Vladimir, given a new French name, and Mascha to leave Russia for Paris.
Luise Letizia Katharina von Waldensteyck is a fictional character from the German soap opera "Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love)", portrayed by actress Mascha Müller. She first appeared on January 21, 2009 and left the show on March 12, 2010.
Mascha Müller (born May 8, 1984 in Munich, Germany) is a German actress and best known for her role as Luise von Waldensteyck on the soap opera "Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love)".
On 21 February 1927, she created the role of Mascha in the world premiere of Der Zarewitsch by Franz Lehar at the Deutsche Künstler Theater in Berlin, alongside Rita Georg and Richard Tauber, with the composer conducting.
In 1959, she moved to Jerusalem, Israel, since her husband, who was conducting research on Hassidic singing, had better working conditions there. Mascha lacked knowledge of Hebrew and was thus somewhat isolated.
Twenty Girls and the Teachers (German title Zwanzig Mädchen und die Pauker: Heute steht die Penne kopf) is a 1971 West German comedy film directed by Werner Jacobs and starring Mascha Gonska, Heidi Kabel, Rudolf Schündler and Fritz Tillmann.
The main memorial is surrounded by broken gravestones representing all faiths, and includes a poem by the Jewish poet Mascha Kaléko (1912–1975), whose poetry was burned on the direct orders of Hitler in May 1933.
The character is first mentioned weeks before Luise appears on-screen. In the end of 2008, the production announced that actress Mascha Müller was cast for the role and will be introduced together with the character of Maria Galdi, played by Simone Ritscher. With the press release it was also announced that actor Hubertus Regout would portray Luise's fiancé Eduard von Tepp and that Mascha Müller and Andreas Jancke, who plays the role of Gregor Mann would become the new main couple. With her arrival it is also mentioned that Luise is a distant relative of the Lahnstein Family.
Massakroff appears, with a challenge to a duel from Alexius to Bumerli. Bumerli accepts without hesitation, much to Nadina's consternation. Alexius is also terrified – he would never have challenged his rival if he had not been sure he was too much of a coward to accept. It seems Alexius is coming round to the idea he would be happier with Mascha anyway.
While in the USA, Mascha lived at several places (New York City and a few months in California) until settling on Minetta Street in New York City's Greenwich Village in 1942. Her fifth floor walkup apartment Minetta Street was a safe haven she always remembered fondly.
Mascha became the family's breadwinner with odd jobs, including some writing copy for advertisements. The family's hope of a possible career for Chemjo in the film industry was crushed, and they returned to New York after a brief stint in Hollywood.
On 26 January 2015 the band released the official audio for the title track "The Day Is My Enemy" on their official YouTube channel and as a digital downloadable promotional single. The official music video for the third single, "Wild Frontier", was released on 23 February 2015. The music video was directed by the Dutch filmmaker Mascha Halberstad and animator Elmer Kaan.
The scene returns to Nadina's bedroom, where she is writing a letter to Bumerli. It is not friendly, as she is still jealous of Mascha. As she finishes the letter, Bumerli himself appears through the window. Nadina gives him his letter, but he does not take it seriously. If she did not love him she would not be so jealous.