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Examples of "mashchenko"
Oleksandr Mashchenko (born 15 November 1985) is a paralympic swimmer from Ukraine who competes in category S11 events and specializes in the breaststroke.
The Men's 100 metre breaststroke SB11 swimming event at the 2004 Summer Paralympics was competed on 20 September. It was won by Oleksandr Mashchenko, representing .
The Gadfly () is a 1980 Soviet drama film directed by Nikolai Mashchenko based on the novel The Gadfly by Ethel Lilian Voynich. Its screenplay was written by Yuli Dunsky and Valeri Frid.
In his book called "Television de facto", theoretician Ivan Mashchenko wrote: “It was a break-through in space telecasting on the territory of the former USSR. The six-month broadcast (14.12.1994 – 15.05.1995) covered Europe, North America and Middle East: the territory populated by 550 ml people in total.”
Gorban won the silver medal in 4 x 400 metres relay at the 2001 World Indoor Championships, establishing a national record of 3:04.82 minutes together with teammates Aleksandr Ladeyshchikov, Ruslan Mashchenko and Andrey Semyonov. Gorban won another silver medal in relay at the 2004 World Indoor Championships, together with Dmitriy Forshev, Andrey Rudnitskiy and Aleksandr Usov.
In 1973 she met her future husband Nikolai Burlyayev () on the set of the Nikolai Mashchenko film "Kak zakalyalas stal" ("How the Steel Was Tempered") (). The two later withdrew from their participation in this film. In 1976 their son Ivan was born.
Ruslan Mikhailovich Mashchenko (; born November 11, 1971 in Voronezh) is a retired hurdler from Russia, who is best known for winning two silver medals at the European Championships during his career (1998 and 2002). He represented his native country in three consecutive Summer Olympics (1996, 2000 and 2004), and set his personal best (48.06s) in the men's 400 metres hurdles on 1998-06-13 in Helsinki, Finland.
Viktor has competed at two Paralympic games, winning ten medals, five of them gold. In the 2004 Summer Paralympics he won all of his five golds winning the backstroke, butterfly and freestyle, the individual medley and the freestyle, he also finished second behind countryman Oleksandr Mashchenko who broke the world record in the 100m breaststroke and picked up a bronze in the freestyle. The 2008 Summer Paralympics would not prove as profitable in terms of medals for Viktor as he picked up three bronzes, in the 100m backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. He was disqualified in the 100m freestyle final, finished fifth in the 50m freestyle and fourth in the 400m freestyle.
Mashchenko has won the 100m breaststroke at three consecutive Paralympics, first in three Paralympics firstly in 2000, then record time in 2004 and a third time in 2008. At the 2000 games he also competed in the 50m and 100m freestyle where he failed to make the finals, the 200m individual medley finishing sixth and was part of the 4 × 100 m medley team that finished fourth. For the 2004 games the medley team improved enough that Oleksandr was part of the team that broke the world record to win gold, Oleksandr also picked up a bronze in the 200m individual medley, finished eighth in the 50m freestyle, seventh in the 100m backstroke and qualified for the final of the 100m butterfly. As well as his 100m breaststroke gold in 2008 he also won a silver in the 100m butterfly behind Spaniard Enhamed Enhamed who set a new world record, finished eighth in the 50m freestyle and sixth in the 100m backstroke.
After the success of "Hamlet", Demidova started to receive numerous offers, but felt disappointed with the way directors tried to exploit the most obvious aspects of her stage persona. Still, lauded were her performances as Arkadina in Yuli Karasik's 1970 movie "Seagull" (based on Anton Chekhov's play "The Seagull"), where the actress, making her character going through unexpected metamorphoses, totally outplayed her colleagues, as well as Lesia Ukrainka in "I'm Going to You" (Idu k tebe, 1971, directed by Nikolai Mashchenko). Her Anne Stanton (in "All The King's Men", 1971) impressed Oleg Efremov, who reportedly remarked: "Of all our actresses, Demidova is the one who's got the liveliest eyes". Demidova played Lizaveta Pavlovna in Andrey Tarkovsky's "The Mirror" (1974), the Magic Woman in Irina Povolotskaya's "Scarlet Flower" (Alenky tsvetochek, 1977), a fairytale which she "single-handedly transformed into a fable," according to critic A.Smolyakov, and the Duchess of Marlborough in Yuli Karasik's "The Glass of Water" (1979), alongside Kirill Lavrov's Lord Bolingbroke.