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Examples of "masip"
Vicente Masip (also "Vicente Macip") (Andilla, 1475 - Valencia, 1545) was a Spanish painter of the Renaissance period. His son was Juan Vicente Masip, and his grandson was named Vicente Masip Comes, also known as Vicent de Joanes.
Jordi Masip López (born 3 January 1989) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for FC Barcelona.
His father was Vicente Masip (Andilla 1475 – Valencia 1545), and his son was Vicente Masip Comes (c. 1555–1623), known as Vicent de Joanes, who imitated his style. His two daughters, Dorotea Joanes (d. 1609) and Margarita Joanes (d. 1613), were also painters. His most prominent pupil was Nicolas Borras.
Enric Masip is one of the best Catalan players ever, with 6 EHF Champions Leagues, 2 EHF Cup Winner's Cups and 7 ASOBAL leagues.
Also in Paris in April Cochet failed to capture the International Championships title dropping it to Marcel Bernard. In the 1948–49 International Christmas Tournament of Barcelona Cochet met Masip in the doubles final, where the Spanish team of Masip-Carles granted a walkover to Cochet and Australian Jack Harper. In April Cochet knocked out Masip from the Paris International Tournament. in the quarterfinals. They joined forces for the doubles contest, which they subsequently won. In May he faced Masip again in the championships match of the British Hard Court Championships, and lost to him in four sets. In August he was a singles and doubles finalist in the International Championships of Istanbul. In singles he was vanquished by Gottfried von Cramm and in doubles by von Cramm and Harper. In December he finally acquired the Barcelona title by beating Harper in five sets.
Enric Masip Borràs (born September 1, 1969 in Barcelona, Spain) is a retired Spanish handball player. He is considered, one of the best Spanish handball players ever.
Lo que va de ayer a hoy is a 1945 Mexican fantasy comedy film directed by Juan Bustillo Oro and Paulino Masip. It stars
Paulino Masip Roca (May 11, 1899, in La Granadella – September 21, 1963) a member of the Generation of '27, was a Spanish playwright, screenwriter and novelist. Driven into exile in Mexico in 1939 by the events of the Spanish Civil War, he became involved with the nascent Golden age of Mexican cinema and was the author of over 50 screenplays. Masip is best known for his novel ¨El Diario de Hamlet Garcia¨ which takes place during the Spanish Civil War.
Vicente Juan Masip (also known as Joan de Joanes (La Font de la Figuera 1507 – Bocairent 1579) was a Spanish painter of the Renaissance period. He is commonly considered the foremost member of the Valencian school of painters.
artists included Vicente Juan Masip (1475–1550) and his son Juan de Juanes (1510–1579), the painter and architect Pedro Machuca (1490–1550), and Juan Correa de Vivar (1510–1566).
The presbytery was renewed in Renaissance style during the 16th century; the high altar was also added in 1530, under design by Vicente Juan Masip. The church is decorated by frescoes of Luis Planes.
Post-war tennis life resumed at the 1945–46 International Christmas Tournament of Barcelona where Yvon Petra dismissed Cochet in four sets. They reunited for the doubles title, which went to the home favorite duo of Jaime Bartroli and Pedro Masip. At the time Cochet was the coach of Petra. In January the following year he reached the doubles final of the Estoril International Tournament partnering Robert Abdesselam. They met in singles competition in March at the Egypt International Championships where Cochet outplayed Abdesselam in straight sets. In July he celebrated his first Dutch championships title at Noordwijk with an overwhelming victory over Eustace Fannin. In 1948 a rivalry emerged between him and Spaniard Masip. They met at the French Covered Court Championship final where it took five sets to decide the outcome, the final set and thus the Championships was taken by Masip.
Famous handball players who have played in the league include Jackson Richardson, Talant Dujshebaev, Staffan Olsson, Mikhail Yakimovich, Ólafur Stefánsson, Oleg Kisselev, Alberto Urdiales, Mateo Garralda, Enric Masip, Iñaki Urdangarin, David Barrufet, Kristian Kjelling, Mikkel Hansen, Petar Metličić, Ivano Balić, Juanin García, Mats Olsson, David Davis, Raul Entrerrios, Alberto Entrerrios, and many others.
Between the collection of fine arts project the painting of the teacher of the Bishop Sancho de Rojas representing to the Virgin with the Boy together with two donors presented by Santa Catalina and the Adoration of the shepherds of Vicente Masip.
Subsequently Masip returned to FC Barcelona B, serving as backup or third-choice during his first years. In the 2014–15 campaign he was promoted to the first team and given the #25 jersey, playing understudy to both Claudio Bravo and Marc-André ter Stegen.
Antonio Masip Hidalgo (born May 3, 1946 in Oviedo) is a Spanish politician, lawyer and a Member of the European Parliament for the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, part of the Socialist Group. He sits on the European Parliament's Committee on Legal Affairs.
He was mayor of his hometown from 1983 to 1991, and regional congressman in Asturias from 1983 to 1987. Masip was first involved in Spanish politics during Franco's dictatorship (being a member of the opposition "Frente de Liberación Popular"—"Felipe"), and then being a member of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party since 1979.
Born in Sabadell, Barcelona, Catalonia, Masip moved to FC Barcelona's "La Masia" in 2004, at the age of 15. He made his senior debuts in the 2008–09 season, playing with UE Vilajuïga – also in his native region – in the fourth division, on loan.
The Cathedral museum houses several artworks by local and foreign artists, belonging to the International Gothic, the 15th-century Flemish painting, the 16th-century Valencian school and more recent ones. Artists represented include Jaume Mateu ("St. Jerome Altarpiece", c. 1450), Vicente Juan Masip and his son Juan (two 16th-century altarpieces), as well as the Italian Donatello, with an attributed work.
The current altarpiece is Neoclassical work as traces of Manuel Blasco and executed by Cristóbal Sales in 1800. The previous altarpiece consisted primarily of tables by the painter Vicente Juan Masip and had to be sold to get funds to repair the church. The buyer was the king of Spain Charles IV by mediation of Archbishop Juan Francisco Ximenez del Río (1796-1800), so now the tables that composed are in the Museo del Prado. The paintings were works of Vicente Juan Masip and represent scenes of the life of St. Stephen. These are: Management of St. Stephen by Onofre Falcó Torrent (active between 1536-1560), St. Stephen accused of blasphemy, St. Stephen in the synagogue, St. Stephen led to the martyrdom, The funeral of St. Stephen and The Stoning of Saint Stephen, these last five of the painter Vicente Juan Masip. Completed the altarpiece, three canvases as a predella, with the titles: Agony in the Garden by Onofre Falcó (left), The Last Supper Joan of Joanes (center) and The Crowning of Thorns Onofre Falcó (right). The Last Supper is in the Museo del Prado and the other two paintings in the sacristy of this church. The attribution of the paintings to Onofre Falcó is discussed as some authors attribute these canvases to Vicente Requena the Elder.