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Examples of "massicotte"
From 1977 onwards, Massicotte was successively appointed to senior executive positions with real estate development firms in Western Canada, before moving to Montreal in 1985 to join the Alexis Nihon Group. The Alexis Nihon Group was converted into Alexis Nihon REIT in December 2002. Massicotte was President of Alexis Nihon from 1985 to 2006. Massicotte was the proprietor of Attractions Hippiques, the operator of Québec’s Horse Tracks, from 2006 to 2009.
Stephen Massicotte (born April 18, 1969 in Trenton, Ontario) is a Canadian playwright, screenwriter and actor from Calgary, Alberta.
Massicotte sits on the Senate Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce and the Standing Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources.
Massicotte obtained his Bachelor of Commerce (Dean’s Honour List) in 1974 from the University of Manitoba. In 1976, he received the designation of Chartered Accountant with the Manitoba Institute of Chartered Accountants while at the firm Coopers & Lybrand. The following year, he became a member of the Ordre des comptables agréés du Québec. In February 2005, Massicotte was granted the title of Fellow from the Ordre des comptables agréés du Québec, the profession’s highest honorific designation in recognition of his career accomplishments.
3. ""Chez nous en Nouvelle-France - 1608-1787"" ("At Home in New France - 1608-1787")", Vol. 3 - Foundation of Saint-Stanislas, Janine Trépanier-Massicotte, 1977, 153 pages, Editions du Bien Public, Collection "Saint-Stanislas", no. 3.
4. ""Les sports à Saint-Stanislas, Cent ans de sport rural"" ("Sports in Saint-Stanislas, One Hundred Years of rural sports"), Janine Trépanier-Massicotte, 1981, 90 photos, Éditions du Bien Public, Collection "Saint-Stanislas", no. 4.
Massicotte sits on the Board of Directors of the Ste-Anne’s Hospital Foundation, and the Greater Montreal YMCA Foundation. He is also active with several other social and charitable institutions.
Lt. Flowerdew is a character in the award-winning and internationally produced play, "Mary's Wedding", by Canadian playwright Stephen Massicotte. The climax of the play takes place during the charge at Moreuil Wood.
8. ""Saint-Stanislas à l'époque de l'érection canonique, 1808-1833"" ("Saint-Stanislas at the time of the canonical, 1808-1833"), Janine Trépanier-Massicotte, Éditions du Bien Public, 1983, 100 pages, Collection Saint-Stanislas.
In 2014 the group returned to the studio to record two new songs, "Sugar" and "Mama Needs a New Dress", written by Luciantonio with Yves Desrosiers, and produced by keyboardist Jean Massicotte.
7. ""Saint-Stanislas, au temps des pionniers - 1787-1808"" ("Saint-Stanislas, at the time of Pioneers - 1787-1808"), After the founding, Vol. 9, Janine Trépanier-Massicotte, 1981, 84 pages, Editions du Bien Public, Collection "Saint-Stanislas", no. 9.
The cast also includes Ron Burrage as Hitchcock, Kristin Scott Thomas as his assistant, and Jean-Louis Millette as Raymond Massicotte, Marc's lover who also holds the key to unlocking the Lamontagne family's secrets.
Philippe Brault,not to be confused with Philippe B., was co-arranger of the album with Jean Massicotte. The two had won the Félix in 2006, for their arrangement and musical direction of the "La Forêt des Mal-Aimés" show.
Massicotte is the founding Director, past Chairman and past President of the Urban Development Institute of Quebec (UDI). He was also a Board Member of UDI Canada. Massicotte sat on the Board of La Solidarité, an insurance company. In 1997-98, he volunteered as mentor to the Quebec prize-winner of the Business Development Bank of Canada Award. He also acted as Honorary Co-Chair of the 2002-2003 Fundraising Campaign for the George Stephen House Trust Fund and Honorary Patron of the 2002-2003 and 2003-2004 Financial Campaigns of Le Chaînon.
Paul J. Massicotte (born September 10, 1951) is a Canadian Senator representing the Senate division of De Lanaudière, Québec. He was appointed to the Senate on June 26, 2003 on the advice of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and sits as a Liberal.
As part of the Enbridge playRites Festival, ATP has produced work by over 70 Canadian playwrights, including Linda Griffiths, Colleen Murphy, Mieko Ouchi, Conni Massing, Eugene Stickland, Stephen Massicotte, Joan MacLeod, Sally Clark, Wendy Lill, Brad Fraser, Guillermo Verdecchia, Janet Munsil, Sean Dixon, Michael O'Brien, Amiel Gladstone, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard and Sky Gilbert.
The varied remix shows the diversity of its participants, like Jean-Philippe Goncalves remixing the title track from "La Forêt des Mal-Aimés" album, Kid Koala in his instrumental, the rhythms of Ghislain Poirier and Jérôme Minière in two separate mixes of "Deux par deux rassemblés". Jean Massicotte made the remix of "Au nom des cieux galvanisés".
1. ""Saint-Stanislas - Comté de Champlain"" (Champlain County), Historical Register - Vol. 1 (1760-1937 chronology and Authorities 1757-1977), Janine Trépanier-Massicotte, 67 pages, 1977, Éditions du Bien Public, Collection Saint-Stanislas. Note: This volume includes an appendix ""Chronologie - Faits nouveaux et corrections"" ("Timeline - Developments and corrections"), featuring 8 pages.
On 24 September 1999 Canada Post issued a stamp,'Frontier College, 1899-1999, Education for all,' based on a design by Renata Chubb, Glenda Rissman, and Peter D.K. Scott, based on an illustration by Alain Massicotte. The 46¢ stamps are perforated 13 x 13.5 and were printed by Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited.
6. ""Complément des répertoires de naissances, mariages, décès, Saint-Stanislas, comté de Champlain: 1986-1996-97"" ("Additional directories of births, marriages, deaths, Saint-Stanislas, Champlain County: 1986-1996-97"), contening 210 years of parish statistics and historical notes, Janine Trépanier-Massicotte, Historical Committee of Saint-Stanislas, 1997, 78 pages, Saint-Stanislas collection - Vol. 22.