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Examples of "matteo_salvini"
W Matteo Salvini. Matteo Salvini Presidente del consiglio.
In February 2015, Kubitschek appeared in Italy as a guest of Matteo Salvini at a mass rally of his party, the right-wing populist, regionalist and xenophobic Lega Nord, where he was introduced as a PEGIDA representative.
The LL elected its new leadership at a congress on 1–2 June 2012. Matteo Salvini ran as candidate of the faction around Roberto Maroni, while Cesarino Monti was the candidate of the old guard and of Bossi's loyalists.
Soon after the European Parliament election held in May 2014, Matteo Salvini, federal secretary of Lega Nord (LN), proposed the creation of a sister party for the regions of Italy where the LN is not active.
Matteo Salvini (; born 9 March 1973) is an Italian politician and member of the European Parliament who has been the leader of the Lega Nord political party since December 2013 and of Us with Salvini since December 2014.
Us with Salvini (, NcS), is a populist political party in Italy, whose main campaign themes are Euroscepticism and a strong stance against illegal immigration. The party, founded by Matteo Salvini on 19 December 2014, is considered the sister party of Lega Nord (LN) for Lazio, southern Italy and Sardinia.
Matteo Salvini embraces a very critical view of the European Union (EU), especially of the Euro, which he once described a "crime against mankind". Salvini is also quite opposed to illegal immigration, which has emerged in 2012 as a serious problem for Italy.
In March 2015, after a long struggle with Zaia, backed by LN's federal secretary Matteo Salvini, was ejected from the party. Subsequently, in the 2015 regional election, he ran for President of Veneto, supported by the Tosi List for Veneto, coming fourth with 11.9% of the vote.
According to many observers, under Matteo Salvini the party has lurched to the right, but both Salvini, a former communist, and Luca Zaia insist the party is "neither right nor left", while Roberto Maroni, another former leftist, stated: "we are a big political movement which has in its platform issues and people of right and left".
Right-wing parties and politicians across Western Europe celebrated Hofer's first-place finish. Those parties and politicians included: Marine Le Pen of France's National Front; Frauke Petry of Alternative for Germany; Geert Wilders of the Dutch Party for Freedom; and Matteo Salvini of Italy's Lega Nord.
Matteo Salvini was born in Milan in 1973, the son of a business executive and a housewife. Salvini studied at the classical lyceum Alessandro Manzoni of Milan and later attended the University of Milan studying Historical Science; however, he never graduated.
In 2001 Matteo Salvini married Fabrizia Ieluzzi, a journalist who worked for a private radio station, by whom he had one child Federico in 2003. After his divorce he had another child, Mirta, by his domestic partner Giulia Martinelli in 2012.
Maurizio Crozza performed a political satire sketch about Matteo Renzi, Matteo Salvini and Virginia Raggi. Other guests of this first evening were: comedians Paola Cortellesi and Antonio Albanese; actress Rocio Muñoz Morales; basketball player Marco Cusin and volleyball player Valentina Diouf.
In February 2015 Vittorino Cenci left the group of the LV in the Council, citing disagreements with Tosi, the new federal leader Matteo Salvini and the latter's lurch to the right, and, while remaining loyal to the party and Zaia, decided to join Veneto First, which became a full-fledged group in the Council.
Lega Lombarda is one of the national sections of Lega Nord and, along with Liga Veneta, it constitutes the bulk of the federal party. Its main members include Matteo Salvini (federal secretary of Lega Nord), Roberto Maroni (President of Lombardy), Umberto Bossi, Roberto Calderoli, Giancarlo Giorgetti, Gian Marco Centinaio, Francesco Speroni and Roberto Castelli.
After Dear Jack's performance, actor Alessandro Siani was introduced by Carlo Conti. He performed a comic monologue in which he joked with Conti and the Sanremo Music Festival audience, and he talked about the economic crisis, citing politics including Matteo Salvini and Matteo Renzi. He concluded his performance with a tribute to Pino Daniele.
In Piedmont the Democratic Party was by far the largest party with 40.8% of the vote, largely distancing the Five Star Movement (21.6%) and Forza Italia (15.8%). The three most voted candidates in the region were Mercedes Bresso (Democratic Party, 55,616), Alberto Cirio (32,310) and Matteo Salvini (Lega Nord, 31,947).
NcS embraces a very critical view of the European Union (EU), especially of the Euro, which Matteo Salvini once described a "crime against mankind". The party is also quite opposed to illegal immigration, which has emerged in 2012 as a serious problem for Italy, especially for the South.
The current leaders of Lega Nord and Lega Lombarda, Matteo Salvini and Paolo Grimoldi, were previously leaders of the MGP. The Movement, which staunchly supports Salvini, is seen by some in the party as a "faction" and, as such, some party bigwigs (including people close to Roberto Maroni and Roberto Calderoli) have proposed to disband it.
Another Eurosceptic party is Lega Nord, a regionalist movement led by Matteo Salvini favouring Italy's exit from the Eurozone and the re-introduction of the lira. When in government, LN however approved the Treaty of Lisbon. The party won 6.2% of the vote in the 2014 European Parliament elections, but two of its leading members are presidents of Lombardy and Veneto (where LN gained 40.9% of the vote in 2015).