Synonyms for matthias_wunner or Related words with matthias_wunner

tom_schonenberg              mats_moraing              oscar_otte              bastian_trinker              florian_fallert              alexandre_folie              marvin_netuschil              constant_lestienne              patrik_rosenholm              jan_choinski              markus_eriksson              julien_dubail              hugo_nys              romain_arneodo              marc_sieber              sandro_ehrat              nicolas_reissig              yannick_jankovits              moritz_baumann              tristan_samuel_weissborn              rémi_boutillier              laurent_lokoli              nils_langer              milos_sekulic              maxime_chazal              pirmin_hänle              marek_michalička              benjamin_bonzi              sander_arends              daniel_altmaier              yannick_maden              julien_cagnina              corentin_denolly              miliaan_niesten              adam_majchrowicz              maximilian_neuchrist              tim_nekic              clément_geens              alexey_vatutin              tak_khunn_wang              germain_gigounon              steven_moneke              gleb_sakharov              adrian_sikora              viktor_durasovic              julien_obry              dmitry_popko              adrien_bossel              isak_arvidsson              michal_schmid             

Examples of "matthias_wunner"
The first round witnessed Dimitri Bretting and Dennis Novak the fifth seeds and seventh seeds Luis Patiño and Filip Peliwo exit at the first hurdle. All the remaining seeds made it to the quarterfinals, where the number one seeds George Morgan and Mate Pavić who exited to the eighth seeds Mitchell Krueger and Karue Sell in a match tiebreak while second seeds Filip Horanský and Jiří Veselý knocked out sixth seeds Dominic Thiem and Matthias Wunner. Horansky and Vesely reached the final after defeating the fourth seeds Joris de Loore and Mate Delić who received a bye in the previous round in straight sets. While third seeds Ben Wagland and Andrew Whittington took care of Krueger and Sell in a match tiebreak. Horansky and Vesely triumphed in straight sets in the final over Wagland and Whttington.