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Examples of "matzen"
Matzen is a town in the commune of Matzen-Raggendorf, in the Gänserndorf District of the state of Lower Austria, Austria
Dyer, a well known Cleveland, Ohio architect had previously collaborated with Cleveland sculptor Herman Matzen on the Summit County Courthouse (Ohio), located in Akron, Ohio, in 1906. For the Lake County Courthouse Matzen produced evocative figures of Cain and Abel.
Johannes Matzen (born February 13, 1925) is a German former footballer.
Tuchband, I. & Matzen, V. "Atelier Cité – Paixões Declaradas/Professed Passions". São Paulo : Luste, 2011. ISBN 856191405X.
Herman Matzen (July 15, 1861 – April 22, 1938) American sculptor and educator, born in Denmark.
Gene Glenn, Dan Caldwell, Todd Burton, Joe Leonard, Steve Matzen, Rob Visser, Ray Orange,
Dickesbach’s mayor is Knut Wichter, and his deputies are Sigrid Ballat and Heinz Matzen.
Matzen-Raggendorf is a municipality in the district of Gänserndorf in the Austrian state of Lower Austria.
Matthias Pock, who held Matzen from 1658 to 1684, rebuilt the Gothic chapel adding a Baroque altarpiece.
A deed of 1263 records a visit by Meinhard of Tyrol, the then sovereign, to Matzen ("Acta sunt nec (sic) Burgo Matcii") in which a Rupert von Matzen is one of the witnesses for an act confirming gifts to the monastery of St Benedict in Bavaria.
The Matzen oil field is an oil field located in Vienna Basin. It was discovered in 1949 and developed by OMV. It began production in 1949 and produces oil. The total proven reserves of the Matzen oil field are around 510 million barrels (68.5×10tonnes), and production is centered on .
Matzen-Raggendorf lies on the edge of the Weinviertl hills and the Marchfeld in Lower Austria, about 35 km northeast of Vienna.
He returned to art school in Cleveland but did not study sculpture there because "his personality (was) incompatible with that of Herman Matzen, who headed the department."
Matzen was parted of the East German team in their first ever international in September 1952 against Poland. He won another cap in 1954.
Originally a steep covered passageway led up from the valley floor to the courtyard, where part of the lower "Gut Matzen" block now stands.
Dyer, a well known Cleveland, Ohio architect also worked with Cleveland sculptor Matzen again on the Lake County Courthouse, located in Painesville, Ohio, 1909.
Matzen studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin before immigrating to the United States. After moving first to Detroit he ultimately settled in Cleveland.
A document by Martin Bitschnau in 1282 in the Fiecht/St. Georgenberg archives mentions "Grifo, miles de Matzen". Grifo von Sonnenburg was a knight in the service of the Lord of Frundsberg at Schwaz.
In the first half of extra time, neither team was able to get an advantage. As the game progressed, the players began to struggle with stamina. With eight minutes of the game remaining, Dynamo's Holze made the difference. After a one-two pass between Günther Usemann and Kurt Fischer, the ball was played to Johannes Matzen. Matzen crossed the ball right in front of goal, which Holze powerfully shot into the back of the net. This meant game was ultimately decided by the two errors of Wismut keeper Schmalfuß.
Pull-apart basins represent an important exploration target for oil and gas, porphyry copper mineralisation, and geothermal fields. The Matzen fault system in the Matzen Oil field has been recast as extensional grabens produced by pull-apart basins. The Dead Sea has been studied extensively and thinning of the crust in pull-aparts may generate differential loading and instigate salt-diapirs to rise, a popular trap for hydrocarbons. Likewise intense deformation and rapid subsidence and deposition in pull-aparts creates numerous structural and stratigraphic traps, enhancing their viability as hydrocarbon reservoirs.