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Examples of "maurage"
In 2009 the team also returned to British Formula 3 International Series completing a full campaign with Max Snegirev as well as part campaigns for Mathieu Maurage, Miky Faccin, Jay Bridger and Ma Qinghua.
La Louvière (, ) is a Walloon city and municipality located in the Belgian province of Hainaut. La Louvière's municipality includes the old communes of Haine-Saint-Paul, Haine-Saint-Pierre, Saint-Vaast, Trivières, Boussoit, Houdeng-Aimeries, Houdeng-Gœgnies, Maurage, and Strépy-Bracquegnies. La Louvière is the capital of the "Centre" region, a former coal mining area in the "sillon industriel", between the "Borinage" to the West and the "Pays Noir" to the East.
Born in Maurage, La Louvière, Belgium to Italian parents. Vanzo signed a 1+1 contract with A.F.C. Tubize ca 2011. He made his debut in 2011–12 Belgian Second Division. In summer 2012 Vanzo was signed by Italian club Parma F.C.. His transfer was documented to Lega Serie A on 4 July 2012, however completed on 18 January 2013. Vanzo made his debut for the reserve team on the next day. Vanzo had 1-year contract left when he joined Parma in summer 2012. An agreement between Tubize and Parma was formed in November 2012. Vanzo was one of the 32 players for the pre-season camp of Parma first team.