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Examples of "maxscript"
After Kaleida Labs closed its doors in 1996, Wainwright went on to serve as the principal architect of MaxScript, the scripting language of Autodesk 3ds Max. This language has been used in game development as a part of the Maxis Sims animation processing pipeline. Compared to ScriptX, MaxScript has explicit syntax to support 3D animation.
Following the closure of Kaleida Labs, Wainwright went on to serve as the principal architect of MaxScript, a scripting language for 3D Studio Max that has been used to process content for gaming and 3D applications such as the Maxis Sims programs. Thus, ScriptX can be considered a progenitor of MaxScript, which closely resembles ScriptX.
John Wainwright is a computer scientist, born in Australia, who has pioneered the development of pure object-based computer languages. He is the principal architect of two computer languages, ScriptX (1992–1996) and MaxScript (1996).
Typically, a TD is a mix of an artist and a programmer, responsible for the more technical aspects of film production, such as programming shaders, developing character rigs and animation setups, performing complex simulation tasks and setting up the pipeline (how the data is passed from one stage in the film production to the next). In contrast to a programmer, a TD would normally not work on large programming projects but rather make heavy use of scripting languages such as Python, MEL, MAXScript, or shell scripting. Another responsibility of a TD is to look after any technical problems the regular artists encounter and to develop custom tools to improve the artists' workflow.